Thursday, 25 May 2017

More Zims expect "better" next year than otherwise - just foolish eternal optimism W Mukori

More Zimbabweans expect life to be better in the next 12 months than those who think it will be worse, according to a survey by African think-tank, Afrobarometer.
Afrobarometer is a Zanu PF funded outfit there to rebrand the corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe and Zanu PF regime as a popular and well love regime. One of the common tricks in the propagandists manual is to make sure in there somewhere are some basic truths and then blend that with the generous portions of half-truths, lies and damned lies. Only the smart will separate the truth from the propaganda, the uninitiated will swallow the lot.
Zimbabweans have a panache for believing that no matter how bad things are tomorrow is bound to be better. So, there is the truth in Afrobarometers finding but it will require a qualitative analysis on their finding to uncover the sinister propaganda message behind the report.
Afrobarometer has come out with all sorts of nonsensical findings such as claiming Mugabe has a 64% approval rating amongst Zimbabweans. The finds are pure propaganda lies designed to create the impression that Mugabe and his corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF regime are popular with the people. The regime has destroyed the countrys economy forcing millions into poverty and has murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans in its 37 years in power. Many Zimbabweans are simple minded and gullible but they are not that stupid to love a corrupt and murderous tyrant who has made their lives a hell-on-earth!
If Afrobarometer believed their own propaganda lies for even one minute, then they must explain the glaring contradiction of the Zanu PF regime rigging elections. A regime that is so popular not need to rig election, and yet Zanu PF is yet to hold its first free, fair and credible elections. The regimes vote rigging and use of wanton political violence in 2008 elections were so outrageous that not even SADC and AU election observers, known for giving their thumbs up to dodgy election processes, were compelled to condemn Zimbabwes election.
The reason why some Zimbabweans would think their lives will be better a year from now, regardless of who is ruling the country then, has more to do with their eternal optimism. They do not just take the run of the mill optimist's view of seeing the half full glass of milk; their glass is empty and their view is it cannot get worse and so it must only get better, the glass will fill up again.
Time and time again when bad things have happened be it the pot-hole in the road, the power cuts, local hospital running out of basic drugs, the corrupt in high places, etc.; Zimbabweans have greeted it all with a stony silence and even joked about it all. They have tolerated all these things with bewildering humour confident the nation has hit rock bottom, things will not get worse.
 President Mugabe has even praised the Zimbabwean people for grit tolerance of hardships and resilience.
What has generally happened is that things have got worse; what the people had thought was the rock bottom has turned out to be a false bottom. The pot-holes have become larger, deeper and more numerous, the power cuts have increased from a few hours a month to months on end with no electricity, whole hospital wards have been closed, $15 billions of diamonds are now being swindled, etc.
Zimbabweans are now the poorest people in Africa with an average income of $200 per person per year. The irony is the country is one of the wealthiest countries on earth in terms of natural resources and potential and thus it is not surprising then that we have some of the richest and most wasteful ruling elite in the world.
The ruling elite's greed for absolute political power and material wealth is insatiable. They are always scheming ways of creaming off even more power and wealth for themselves at the expense of the populous. President Mugabe and his growing family are making regular trips the Far East for their shopping, education, health needs, etc. that costs money and so they will be seriously looking at cutting povos $200 annual income. As far as the tyrant is concerned povo are simple people with simple and cheap needs, they will not know what to do with such a generous income of $200 per year!
Afrobarometers propaganda message is taping on the Zimbabwean peoples eternal optimism that the country has hit rock bottom and so they must get better and they do not need to lift a finger removing this failed Zanu PF dictatorship. Another rig election next year will not make any difference to their lot.
If the people of Zimbabwe want to arrest the economic meltdown that has left 90% unemployed and millions living in abject poverty then they must get off their backsides and work for meaningful economic recovery. The starting point of the recovery will be with getting a competent and democratically accountable government which means making sure there are free and fair elections.
Zimbabweans have yet to learn that their eternal optimism based on the simple logic that once one hits rock bottom then things must get better is tomfoolery. There is no such thing as rock bottom in human misery; if one does not do something to improve his or her lot then things will get worse not better and very quickly too.
Zimbabwes descend into the economic and political hell-hole we now find ourselves, one of the fastest in human history, was our failure to take corrective action because we expected things to get better of their own accord. Our eternal optimism is nothing more than wishful thinking, no amount of wishful thinking will ever fill an empty glass. Our resilience is but folly dressed in royal robes and we have paid dearly for our foolishness!


  1. @ ZIPP

    "While young voters in the past have been comfortable in apathy neglecting the importance of voting, they should realise that  their voice is an important one because democracy doesn’t work without citizen participation. Their vote does matter, so much so because history has shown that a collective youth vote could actually sway an election." 

    This is just nonsense based on nothing else other than guess work!

    Everyone with any common sense will telling you Zanu PF has been rigging elections and one of the ways it has done this is by denying the vote to those most likely to vote for change. Young people and those in the urban centres are certainly more likely to vote for the opposition and therefore would have been the targeted. To then say young people and urban dwellers have not been voting because of voter apathy is nonsense. 

    We need to implement the democratic reforms and ensure free, fair and credible elections and not waste time on trivial matter such as voter mobilisation, building coalitions, etc. out of cowardice of not wanting to deal with Zanu PF!

  2. Grace Mugabe has two demons who have destroyed her chances of holding high office - her greed and her stupidity.

    G40 faction could have done a lot better if it had a better leader than Grace, every time she has opened her mouth she has left no one in any doubt that she would be one of the worst candidates to talk over after Mugabe. She is just a empty drum making a lot of noise!

    Grace's greed has made her extremely unpopular in the country. The more she has the more she has demanded. By being so greedy, she has drawn attention to herself and her loot; she will never hang on to all of it when there is regime change!

  3. When Zimbabwe attained her independence few people, if any at all, understood that they had the freedoms and human rights of citizens they had all dreamt of but, more significantly, they also had the duty to themselves and posterity to defend those freedoms and rights if they should be threatened. As soon as President Mugabe walked into office in 1980 he started to systematically erode the people’s freedoms and human rights to lay the foundation of his de facto one party dictatorship. No one protested! It was like taking wagon full of gold, diamonds and slaves in exchange for calico cloth and shiny beads!

    Even when it was clear that Zanu PF was dragging the whole nation into the gutter, people still did nothing to stop the madness for the stupid reason that they expected things to get better of their own accord!

    Even with the nation now in deep, deep trouble we still have people like Oliver Mtukudzi pretending he does not know what he gone wrong. “I am not a politician!” he said.

    After 37 years of this Zanu PF dictatorship we cannot say we did not have the chance to end the corrupt and tyrannical rule; we had many chance but wasted them all for many reasons. People get the government they deserve and we cannot say we do not deserve this one!

    Unless we wake up to our responsibility as citizen to reclaim our freedoms and human rights then we are not going to get out of this hell-hole we find ourselves in. That is a fact!

  4. In the last 37 years, we have had many, many golden opportunities to end this Zanu PF dictatorship but have wasted them all. The best chance to end the dictatorship, by a long mile, was during the GNU when all Tsvangirai and his MDC friends had to do was implement the democratic reforms already discussed and agreed in the 2008. MDC failed to implement even one reform in five years.

    Worse still, we the people failed to get MDC to do the only logical and critical task. Even now, with the benefit of hindsight, many Zimbabweans still continue to follow MDC blindly like sheep to the slaughter. Zimbabwe needs the democratic reforms implemented and we continue to put our trust to have this important task done on the same corrupt and incompetent MDC politicians.

    Instead of MDC finally making amends and push for democratic reforms they have once again sold-out. They have settled for the few seats Zanu PF is giving away, the bribes, to the opposition in return for giving the vote rigging democratic credibility by contesting flawed elections.

    We need free, fair and credible elections to get out of the economic and political mess we are in and it is none other than the corrupt and incompetent opposition who are stopping us getting there. It is ironic that the likes of Tsvangirai should continue to pretend they are fighting in the people’s corner when they are nothing more than double agents, fighting hard to keep the Zanu PF dictatorship.