Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Only a sick minded Bernard Bwoni would call Mugabe "Africa's finest son!" Wilbert Mukori

“It is the battle of the mind however, that is the most difficult to emerge victorious. It takes time and endurance. It is the hardest, especially so in Africa, a continent that bears the still-fresh physical and mental scars of slavery, colonialism, segregation and apartheid. The work of freeing the mind from these disabling mental shackles is arduous, frustrating and an ongoing process. The scars of slavery and colonialism are difficult to erase,” wrote Bernard Bwoni in New Zimbabwe.

This is just nonsense coming from a sick mind that is failing to distinguish cause from effect and thus ends up wasting time and treasure treating the opportunist flu instead the killer HIV. 

If one accepted the argument that the mental scars of slavery, colonialism, etc. have left Africa weak and feeble mentally. One has only to go to the time before slavery and ask why were the Africans mentally weak and thus venerable to exploitation and enslavement? After all it was the Africans themselves who hunted down their fellow Africans and sold them to the white slave traders for a piece of calico cloth and a handful of beads!

So, the mental blockage was there before the slave trade started and it is still there today. And the dirty habit of Africans selling their kith and kin cheaply is still very much alive today.

Zimbabweans have just learned that they are now the poorest people in Africa; we suspected as much but now we have official confirmation. The late Julius Nyerere, first President of Tanzania, told Mugabe in 1980, in Zimbabwe, he had “inherited the jewel of Africa!” The country produced enough to feed its own people with plenty left over for export, Zimbabwe was the breadbasket of Southern Africa. Today the country is failing to produce even enough to feed its own people let alone have any left over. Zimbabwe is for all intent and purpose the Garden of Eden and, thanks to the gross mismanagement and corrupt greed of the ruling elite, we are starving in the Garden of Eden! 

After decades of denying there was no corruption in Zimbabwe, last year Mugabe admitted the country was “swindled” out of $15 billions in diamond revenue. To put this in the right context; this would have paid for 1 600 MW Batoka Gorge Hydro Power Project ($3 billion total, just 20% of the loot) increasing the electricity supply to the nation three-fold on the 800 MW Kariba Dam South output. The country would have been spare the ills of all the power cuts that have caused so much economic disruption and added to the country’s many other economic hardships. 

Mugabe has pointedly refused to admit his failed leadership is the root cause of Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown. He prefers to blame others especially “the British imperialist and their Western allies” for all the country’s ills. What nation on earth can sustain such an onslaught of $15 billions lost through corruption especial one with a GDP of $10 billions as Zimbabwe? 

“The colonial mind-set presents symptoms indicative of this syndrome. There are often indications of a low self-esteem and an inferiority complex. This is what forms the hard shell that makes it nearly impossible to dismantle the manacles of this mind-set. It makes victims reject any intervention to reverse the process and they even fight against those attempting to help them break those mental chains,” writes our sick philosopher, Bwoni.

“The colonial mind-set puts limits on the African victims and their potential. The manacles of the colonial past induce doubt and self-pity. It fosters a dependency syndrome, it makes those afflicted develop self-hate. The victims will fight against any efforts to deconstruct that disastrous and debilitating mind-set. That low confidence and low self-esteem will forever keep the African overly dependent on those who displaced and subjugated them.”

Bwoni and Mugabe are peas out of the same pod; they will never accept that we are all masters of our own destinies and preferring to attribute their failures to others. What could be a greater show of their own inferiority complex than they are incapable of breaking away from this mythical and yet totally debilitating “colonial mind-set”. 

“The battle has always been to change that mind-set to enable Africa and the African to thrive,” was the diagnoses of our sick philosopher Bwoni and went on to give Robert Mugabe as the best Pan-Africanist who has found the cure! 

“Where every other Pan-Africanist has fallen short, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has succeeded and lived to tell the tale. President Robert Mugabe did what no other African country could ever do, that is make Zimbabwe the only country in Africa where the indigenous people's own the country's means of production entirely. This is a country that is owned by Zimbabweans not by some offshore owners who sit on yachts smoking cigars and draining the country of its resources,” wrote Bwoni.

The ordinary people do not own any land because Mugabe dispossessed the white only to take possession of the farms for himself and his cronies. They did not even have the good sense to put the farms into productive use resulting in the collapse of food production. 

No one owns the industries, not even the ruling elite; the country’s once huge industry base has completely collapsed and disappeared. Zimbabwe has high unemployment because there are industries to employ these people.

Robert Mugabe is “definitely Africa’s finest sons!” concluded Bwoni. Sure, tell that to the 90% Zimbabweans who are unemployed, the 70% living in abject poverty, over 30 000 the tyrant have murdered in cold blood to create and retain his de facto one-party cum one-man dictatorship, etc.! 

Bernard Bwoni is just one those black Africans who will praise tyrants like Robert Mugabe to the high heavens and yet have themselves sort refugee in other countries because they could not cope with the daily economic hardships and the intellectually died environment in Zimbabwe. To be fair to Bwoni, Mugabe and his cronies have too sort to escape Zimbabwe whenever they can. The regime likes to praise its successful education system, for example, and yet the chefs are all sending their children outside the country for all their University education. Mugabe himself, the great Pan-Africanist of all time, he flies to Singapore even for an eye check up; there is confidence in African’s ability and expertise.

Zimbabwe has become the basket case of what the white supremacists “Africans are incapable of self-rule!” And this seen most in those whose inferiority complex has paralysed their think they will never admit to making a mistake and so they blunder from pillar to post and making the same mistake over and over again. 

Zimbabwe’s economic and political recovery will only start in earnest the day the nation gets rid of Mugabe and his oppressive Zanu PF totalitarian autocracy and his brainwashed apologists. Zimbabwe is not the only nation to be colonized and it we can have a prosperous Zimbabwe by trading with the British and the rest of the world freely and not be frightened of a neo-colonialist in every foreigner.

The true measure of Zimbabwe and Africa’s great day is when every Zimbabwean and African is enjoying the same freedoms and human rights many others round the globe take for granted. And the country and continent it living to its true and full economic potential and all its people have a fair share of its success and prosperity. Only sick people like Mugabe and Bwoni would celebrate a system that has robbed millions of people their basic freedoms and human rights, human dignity and hope as a great success. Their obsession with blaming and punishing whites has blinded them of the collateral damaged they are inflicting on millions of others.

In the Case of Robert Mugabe, one cannot rule out the satanic streak in him in which he has exploited the narrow mindedness of black racists like Bwoni for his own selfish gain. Mugabe has portrayed himself as an uncompromising pan-Africanists to gain the support of people like Bwoni who will then blindly defend as their hero regardless of all his other injustices against black Africans. 

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  1. How anyone will still call President Mugabe "Africa's finest son" knowing how he has destroyed Zimbabwe and murdered so many people goes to show how some Africans still do not value the suffering and lives of others! What a moron!