Sunday, 30 April 2017

"I am in politics for money (not reforms)," confess MDC-T VP Khupe and blissful ignorant applauded W Mukori

“The MDC-T VP Thokozani Khupe has come clean and said she is in politics because of money,” reported Ray Nkosa in Zimeye.

“Addressing MDC supporters in Slough in the UK she declared that everyone is here because they want money. “We are in politics because of money and we use politics as a stepping stone to create a conducive environment for those who want to do business. The truth is ersonally I love a better life, and life is good when you have money,” she said to an applause from the crowd.”

Well there is someone finally being honest for a change. What she should have gone on to say but did not is that Mugabe bribed her and her fellow MDC friends with all the trappings of power to kick the reforms into the tall grass during the GNU. Even when it was self-evident that Zanu PF was going to rig the 2013 elections MDC leaders still contested the flawed elections for a chance to be back on the gravy train, David Coltart admitted as much.

“The worst aspect for me about the failure to agree a coalition was that both MDCs couldn’t now do the obvious – withdraw from the elections,” explained Senator Coltart.

“The electoral process was so flawed, so illegal, that the only logical step was to withdraw, which would compel SADC to hold Zanu PF to account. But such was the distrust between the MDC-T and MDC-N that neither could withdraw for fear that the other would remain in the elections, winning seats and giving the process credibility.”

What did the MDC MPS and Senators accomplish in the last four years since the 2013 elections, other than giving the Zanu PF regime the legitimacy and enjoy the gravy train perks? Nothing. They have not managed to get even one reform implemented?

Ms Khupe knows with not even one reform in place next year's elections will be rig just as readily as the 2013 elections. Yet she and her fellow politicians are as keen as ever to contest the flawed elections for the same reason the contested the 2013 elections - she loves money and is in politics for money. 

There is no doubt that Tsvangirai, Khupe and the rest of the MDC leaders sold-out during the GNU because Mugabe bribed them generous salaries, allowances, ministerial limos, $4 million Highland mansion for Tsvangirai, former white owned farms for others, etc. So instead of them implementing the democratic reforms the nation has been dying for all these years they forgot.

MDC leaders “were busy enjoying themselves during the GNU they forgot why they were there!” remarked the SADC leaders after the rigged 2013 elections in sheer exasperation. SADC, as the guarantor of the agreement that led to the creation of the GNU, had spent the five years trying to get MDC leaders to implement reforms to no avail.

No doubt SADC leaders were disappointed by the ordinary Zimbabweans themselves’ failure to put pressure on Tsvangirai & co. to implement reforms during the GNU. It is tragic that many Zimbabweans still have no clue what the reforms are and why we need them much less that primary task of opposition politicians like Ms Khupe’s primary task is to implement the reforms, not to enrich themselves. Even now with the benefit of GNU hindsight these Zimbabweans still have no clue; they would have never applauded Khupe’s admission she is in politics to enrich herself!

SADC washed their hand of Zimbabwe after the rigged 2013 elections. If Zimbabweans allow the 2018 elections to go ahead with no reforms then the rest of the world will follow SADC and wash their hands of Zimbabwe and accept the Zanu PF regime as fait accompli!

In President Donald Trump we have the most inward looking, “America First!”, American administration in history. If America lifts all the target sanctions on Mugabe and his cronies, to hell with the human rights and free and fair elections, the rest of the Western countries will follow suit. America has lost a lot of political and economic ground to the Chinese and Russian, especially in Africa, in the past because it allowed its high morals affect their foreign policy, President Trump is putting America first, second and last in all his decisions.

Besides, Zimbabwe has had many golden opportunities to end the Zanu PF dictatorship since the targeted sanctions were imposed in 2002 but have wasted them because the Zimbabwean people themselves could not be bothered to get the job done. If the cheering Slough crowd are happy with the status quo in Zimbabwe, why should the rest of the world be the one calling for democratic reforms!

Ignorance is a curse. Still ignorant MDC supporters are blessed in that whilst they, like the rest of us, continue to suffer the consequence of the continued corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship they are blissfully unaware that it is their own party leaders who, because of their insatiable greed money, are keeping Zanu PF in power.


  1. @ Vincent Chingwaru
    Stopping the 2018 election going ahead until reform are implemented may well be our last chance to save this nation from the chaos of decades of corrupt and tyrannical future regimes.

    Ignorance is a curse. Still ignorant MDC supporters are blessed in that whilst they, like the rest of us, continue to suffer the consequence of the continued corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship they are blissfully unaware that it is their own party leaders who, because of their insatiable greed money, are keeping Zanu PF in power.

  2. MDC supporters' failure to understand what the democratic reforms were all about, even now with all the benefit of hindsight, is one of Zimbabwe’s recurring nightmares. People elect politicians for a job of work to do and MDC were elected to implement democratic reforms and end the Zanu PF dictatorship. They failed to get even one reform implemented in five years. How can anyone with any brain ever think that it is ok for politicians to betray the very things they were elected to do for their selfish economic gain.

    President Mugabe and his cronies were elected to deliver on the pre-independence promise of delivering freedom, human rights and economic prosperity for us all and not to deny us all these things for their love of money.

    If these MDC supporters think it is ok for Ms Khupe to betray the nation for the love of money then one has to ask what these supporters are seeking: is it political change or replace Zanu PF thugs with MDC ones?

  3. @Mutero

    Yes we all want a freedom, human rights and decent living. People risked life and limp to elect Ms Khupe and the others to implement the democratic reforms so we can all have our freedoms, human rights and a decent life. These MDC people betrayed the people and forgot about the reforms because they were only interested in enriching themselves.

    There is no employer in this world who will pay you because “we all want money” even if you fail to do what you were employed to do. Are you saying it is ok in this case because you are an MDC supporter and you think it is ok for MDC leaders to betray the nation? So, it is ok for Zanu PF supporters to support corruption by Zanu PF leaders, they too want money! It is that myopic and narrow mindedness that landed us in this mess in the first place and, worse still, this country will never escape from the hell hole as long as we remain this myopic!

  4. "It's quite a difficult one given that we have too many political parties, with some mere creations and decoys of Zanu-PF. While I would want to see a coalition, conditions on the ground do not permit for a genuine coalition," said Maxwell Saungweme.

    "You have opposition parties with power-hungry leaders, without clear manifestos or positions, without clear political ideologies.”

    The trouble with some of our analyst is they say one thing one minute and the exact opposite the next. If Saungweme was serious about opposition parties having power-hungry leaders then he would have admitted straight away that MDC-T and NPP the two main opposition parties round whom the rest are supposed to gather round are themselves led by corrupt and incompetent leaders. What political party in there in Zimbabwe that is not led by power hungry leaders? I challenge Saungweme to name one!

    It is not the coalition we want but democratic reforms to open up our political system to allow quality leaders and quality political parties to emerge. You cannot make a silk purse with sower’s ear! There is no quality political leaders (sadly no quality political analysts too) and that is the reality we are dealing with here!

  5. Ms Khupe's admission that she is in politics for money is not as innocent as some one saying they go to work everyday to earn money because of what we already know about her and her MDC colleagues. The people of Zimbabwe risked life and limp to elect these MDC leaders to implement the democratic reforms designed to end Zanu PF's corrupt and autocratic rule. We know they had their best chance to implement the reforms during the GNU but failed to get even one reform implemented because Mugabe bribed them with money and the trappings of high office. MDC leaders accepted the money and the trappings  of high office and in return kicked the reforms into the tall grass. 

    It was the love of money that drove MDC leaders into contesting the 2013 elections even when it was clear to them the elections would be rigged, as David Coltart has since admitted. It is the love of money that is driving Ms Khupe and friends to disregard their own "No reform, no election!" party resolution. 

    Let us be perfectly clear here, the people of Zimbabwe did not risk life and limp electing Ms Khupe and company into power so that they will sell-out by putting their love of money first and foremost to the extend of doing nothing about the reforms people elected them to carry out. 

    MDC leaders did not just fail to carry out the work the people elected them to do but worse still they were paid and paid well not to do the work. Of course, their actions were treasonous and betrayal, they sold out.

    These woolly-minded people defending Ms Khupe's treasonous admission would no doubt be asking for Judas Iscariot to be canonised after all he too betraying Jesus for same reason Ms Khupe &co. betrayed the people of Zimbabwe – love of money. Judas was paid a princely sum of thirty pieces of silver and Ms Khupe was paid a very generous salary and allowances plus all the other goods that went with her position as Deputy Prime Minister! The fact that millions of the people are still stuck with the corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship, we are now the poorest people in Africa and this is the poverty that is killing people, but this reality is of no consequence to these woolly-minded nincompoops!

  6. @ 003Tico

    Well to follow your argument to its extreme conclusion you are therefore arguing that we must continue to participate in elections regardless how blatantly flawed the process happens to be! 

    Tsvangirai contested the 2008 presidential run-off and Zanu PF went to town on the harassment, intimidation, beatings, rape and over 500 innocent people were murdered. You are saying Tsvangirai should not have withdrawn and soldered on. You are saying SADC, AU and everybody who refused to accept the results of that barbaric process should have declared the process free, fair and credible regardless? 

    If MDC had implemented the reforms during the GNU then Zanu PF will not still be in power today because even they admit they would lose the elections. If MDC had boycotted the 2013 elections Zanu PF would have been forced to implement the reforms, the very thing the regime had fought tooth and nail to make sure it did not happen. 

    So, for you or anyone to say "Me thinks people canvassing for election boycott are on Zanu PF pay role" only goes to show you are not thinking, you are incapable of one coherent thought. 

    If the truth be told, you are not the only seemingly incapable of thinking; Zimbabwe has more than its fair share of people like you, especially in MDC. It is no accident the country is in this political and economic mess; it is the result of hundreds of thousands of brainless morons like you blundering from pillar to post! 

    "ME THINKS!" You are brain-dead and therefore incapable of such a novelty!!!!