Tuesday, 31 January 2017

SA xenophobia attacks - there but for the grace of God Almighty goes me. Patrick Guramatunhu


There, but for the grace of God Almighty, goes me!

What makes the tragedy of Zimbabweans suffering from all these xenophobia attacks is they left Zimbabwe because their very lives had become intolerable because of economic hardships and/or political repression! We must redouble our efforts and make Zimbabwe a free and prosperous nation it can be given good governance!

Zimbabwe's problems are man-made and therefore it is in our human power to solve them if we so choose. We owe this to ourselves, to our children and to posterity to make Zimbabwe a healthy and functional democracy!


  1. The bond notes were supposed to easy the cash squeeze, that has not happened because government is creating an artificial shortage of bond notes by imposing a low limit on the amount in bond notes that is in circulation. If government increase the amount in bond notes in circulation then the value of bond notes will fall relative to the US$ and other foreign currency as those with surplus bond notes convert the surplus into US$.

    Introducing a local currency is all very well if the local economy was there to prop up the local currency; as you have rightly said, we have no local economy!

  2. @ Mikis 4 sure

    I agree with all you have said but if you were to trace the real origins of problem with Zanu PF and now with MDC and you will find, at the heart of all, that they all too advantage of our ignorance, fear and naivety.

    A healthy and functional democracy demands a well informed, diligent and assertive electorate who know the big issues of the day and will vote for those who will deliver of the big issues and hold them to account every step of the way. Zimbabweans have been totally useless on all three basic requirements.

    Politicians are like oxpeckers, they will always make a fuss picking off the odd tick to convince their victim they are there to provide a five-star groom service. As soon as the victim is distracted they will be opening old wounds and feed off the the fresh blood!

    MDC are still regarded as oxpeckers by most Zimbabweans although their track record during the GNU shows they are not to be trusted.

    With time the victim learns not to trust the oxpeckers just Zimbabweans have learnt not to trust President Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies in the late 1990s.  Zanu PF turned from oxpeckers to vampire bats attacking their victims at night when they are least likely to be seen.

    Joice Mujuru was a vampire bat during her Zanu PF years but as soon as she was kicked out of the party, she changed her plumage and relearned the oxpecker routine!

    If we are really serious about ending the Zanu PF dictatorship and replacing it with a healthy and functional democracy then our first task has to be to ensure we have an informed, diligent and assertive electorate! There is no short here!

  3. @ Doc

    Do you know that Tsvangirai sold-out during the GNU by failing to implement even one reform? If you DID NOT KNOW that, then I am doing you and the nation a great service by making sure that you this very important information so you do not vote for a sell-out ever again.

    If you knew Tsvangirai sold-out and you still follow him and will vote for him next time; then I am here to tell you that you are an idiot and it is because of idiots like you that we are in this mess. Only a first class idiot will vote for a sell-out!

    Someone has to carry out this important and unpleasant task of kicking idiots who have their heads buries in the backsides of sell-outs like Tsvangirai, it is the only way one can force them to pull out their heads and take a breath of fresh air! No doubt you do not like your back side kicked but I am in fact doing you and the nation a great service.

    So, you see, I have some very important work to do and I am not going to rest until the job is done! As long as you have your head in Tsvangirai's backside you will have backside kicked guaranteed! You will thank me later, that I know!