Monday, 30 January 2017

Mugabe call off G40 demo for fear of a show down - events, the tail wags the dog. By W Mukori

Mugabe called off the G40 airport demo against Mnangagwa to avoid a show down with the latter’s supporters. So, it has now come to this where the great Mugabe is now being controlled by lesser mortals and even events; the tail is wagging the dog!  
“The way he (Mugabe) decided to deal with the warring factions by changing his travel arrangements on his return and choosing, correctly, to dispense with the usual airport rally was a classic Gushungo (Mugabe) move,” was the spin from one Mugabe loyalist quoted in Daily News on Sunday.
“Firstly, this meant that there was no drama at the airport as had been threatened by both the Generation 40 (G40) and Team Lacoste camps.”
It is no secret that G40 is Mugabe’s baby and therefore he was the one who had planned on embarrassing Mnangagwa at the airport.
Mugabe fired Mutsvangwa and his war veteran friends from the party and yet they are still active and are even calling the shots on party matters! They are the ones who got wind of the plan to embarrass VP Mnangagwa and made it clear that they will at the airport to punish the culprits.
Mugabe called off his G40 activists and, to be absolutely certain nothing happened, he ended up having to sneak back in the country without the usual pomp of hundreds of people bussed in to cheer him along and government officials forced to dropping everything to welcome him back at the airport and listen to the longwinded vanity speech of “we did this, we met so and so, etc.”

Everyone used to listen to every word Mugabe said and now it is him who is having to listen to even upstarts like Julius Malema. Malema dominated the media both sides of the Limpopo River for a whole week last week when he told the whole world Mugabe was "so old he cannot even control the spade" and must now go. Malema’s parting shot for the Zanu PF officials too, he called the cowards for allowing Mugabe’s “lead to the death” carryon!
Even Mugabe’s great spin doctors and propagandists were dumfounded by Malema’s no-holds-barred attacked. Mugabe and Zanu PF have showed Julius Malema with honour and praise in the past and, to be fair to Malema, he has returned the favour by mobilised his supporters to give Mugabe a hero’s welcome, notably at the late Nelson Mandela’s funeral.
Journalists sensed the confusion in the Zanu PF camp and they pressed the officials for comment. Malema a “western agent send to destroy the revolutionary party”, one Mugabe apologist said. Of all people, Malema a western agent; how pathetic!
“Many of us are worried sick about what will happen to Zanu PF and Zim when Gushungo is no longer around or at the helm to steer things,” continued the loyalist.
The whole nation is worried sick too about what will happen after Mugabe finally leaves office and for good reason. After 37 years of corrupt and tyrannical autocratic rule in which all power has been in the hands one individual, a control freak megalomania; with the country in economic ruins; etc. the whole country is sitting on the edge of the abyss. Everyone is worried because Mugabe’s departure, anything; can push us over the edge!
All talk of Mugabe being in control is nonsense; Mugabe created this Zanu PF monster and now it controls him. The tragedy is the nation is now caught up in this nightmare. How and when the nightmare will end is anyone’s guess.  

We should have implemented the democratic reforms during the GNU, when we had the best opportunity ever, and thus dismantle the dictatorship. Whatever happens now, we must make sure we dismantle the dictatorship at the next opportune moment without failure.


  1. President Mugabe criticize African leaders who extend their stay in power by extending their fixed maximum terms by hook and by crook.

    For someone who declared war on the nation to impose himself, is he really the right person to be criticizing others who over stay. Mugabe is just a big mouth who says one thing whilst doing the exact opposite under the cover of darkness, holds the olive branch in one hand whilst hiding the dagger under the cloak! 

  2. Tsvangirai and Mujuru has proven in the past that they are corrupt and incompetent and they are doing so again now. The main reason Zanu PF won the Bikita West by-election last week is that the people there were threatened, bought and otherwise forced to vote for the Zanu PF candidate. Zanu PF rigged the vote just as it rigged the 2013 elections and is set to rig the coming 2018 elections. Tsvangirai and Mujuru have failed to come up with a solution to stop vote rigging and so they are burying their heads in the sand and pretend there is no vote rigging.

    In 2013 President Mugabe secured for himself a 62% vote by hook and by crook; he will do the same in 2018. What difference will it make the winner whether the opposition's coalition candidate gets the 38% or it is shared by three or four others?

    When the vote is going to be rigged it is nonsense to talk of forming a coalition whilst doing nothing to stop the vote rigging! Vote rigging is the elephant in the room we cannot talking about rats just because we had a rat problem in the past and we can deal rats!

  3. President Mugabe has been criticizing African leaders who seek to extend their fix maximum terms by hook and by crook. What a hypocrite! He has extended his own stay in power by shedding the blood of over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans to create and retain his one-man dictatorship these last 37 years! President Mugabe has never won a free, fair and credible election in his whole political career!

    I agree, President Mugabe has created a monster in the form of the Zanu PF dictatorship; people like Mutsvangwa and his fellow war veterans have only recently woken up to the reality that the tyrant used them to do his dirty work, kept the absolute power to himself and the select few and for the rest feed them the promise they will get their share tomorrow. They have waiting for tomorrow to arrive for 37 years and still it has not arrive; they have finally realized that Mugabe's tomorrow is a mirage!

    The disgruntled war veterans are not the only ones President Mugabe has used and then kicked in the teeth; Mai Mujuru and her friends can tell you their story, even the likes of Mnangagwa have too been kicked in the teeth. As Zanu PF implodes many in the party are baying for Mugabe's blood. He has stayed in power all those years out of greed but in the last few years he been more like a man trapped in a tree to escape the hungry hyenas. He has breeding hyenas now they have turned on him!

    He called of the airport demo because he knew if his supporters were routed his rule was finished. He has lost control of the party and will have to handover power or be kicked out, there are no other options!

  4. @ Mandeya

    True but that is because the Germany people managed the transition from Nazi to a healthy and function democracy very well. There are many other countries like Iraq, Libya and many others who descended into chaos worse than that of the dictator's rule as soon as the tyrant's rule was over.

    Zimbabwe is awash with weapons, for example, and the treat of those guns being used to kill fellow Zimbabweans is real. There are some Zanu PF clowns who are doing very well from all the corruption and others who have too many hidden skeletons they will not want the world to know about; these are the ones who would start a war to maintain the status quo.

  5. It never rains but pours in Mugabe's fast imploding world. So the war veterans he fired from the party are the ones now forcing him to abandon his G40 dirty tricks. Even the up start Julius Malema now thinks Mugabe is fair game for abuse and earn himself some brownie points!

    The biggest shock to the tyrant is Pastor Evan Mawarire coming back to Zimbabwe. The tyrant had the Pastor arrested but now he has to come up with a serious charge and make it stick. The traditional charge of attempt to assassinate the State President, would have done nicely but Mugabe failed to make it stick on Joice Mujuru and will, I am sure, find it even tougher to make it stick on Mawarire!