Wednesday, 25 January 2017

If the vulture opposition will not boycott flawed elections, we must boycott the vultures. By N Garikai

“Already this is under threat with Mujuru declaring that reforms or no reforms her party will contest in the 2018 polls. She has a willing compatriot in Madhuku and other obscure political parties. This is self defeating and only plays into Zanu PF hands because as long as opposition parties participate in these flawed elections Zanu PF will not change the electoral playing field. Mujuru's stance on elections all but confirms that she still serves that she is still Zanu PF and will always serve their interests,” wrote Muzvondiwa Mago.

“My last plea to all political analysts is please call a spade a spade, Zanu PF has a huge unfair advantage which can't be used as a measure of its support. The fact is Zimbabwe's electoral space needs overhauling and its sad that political analysts chose to ignore this fact and rather dwell in awe at Zanu PF's flawed victory margin.

A breath of fresh air after a life-time of choking tear gas fumes!

Of course, Mai Mujuru, Lovemore Madhuku, Morgan Tsvangirai (the MDC factions have been boycotting by-elections but they have already said they will contest the national elections) and all the other opposition minions all know that, with no reforms in place, Zanu PF will rig the next elections. They also know that by participating they are giving the flawed elections some modicum of democratic legitimacy, this is something Zanu PF needs desperately.

So why is the opposition camp is crowded to full capacity and more if they know the elections will be rigged, a stranger might ask? Zanu PF has since learnt that a clean sweep of all the seats will damage its claim that the elections were free, fair and credible and so the party has always allowed the opposition to win some seats. It is these throw away seats that the opposition parties are after!

Winning the few opposition seats has become more important to the opposition than ending the Zanu PF dictatorship and the economic misery and death the regime has brought to this nation. The opposition parties will all swear that they care about democracy and free and fair elections and will talk about the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA) as proof of their democratic credentials. Didymus Mutasa is a senior NERA official, yet he, like everyone else in the opposition, cannot give details of even one reform.

We have as much chance of stopping Mujuru, Madhuku, Tsvangirai, etc., etc. contesting next year’s elections than stopping circling vultures from landing on a kill! We, the people, must tell these vultures, we now KNOW what dirty game they are playing and that the game is up. They can contest the flawed elections but not in our name! If the vulture opposition will not boycott the elections then we, the people, must boycott the vultures! 


  1. The pompous Emperor was walking naked and it too the little boy, Julius Malema, to tell him he was naked by giving the world a detailed description of his shrivelled body and nakedness! And whilst still in town Malema told off the equally pompous and stupid Zanu PF buffoons for their cowardice in failing to tell Mugabe to go all these years. The tyrant was digging the hole when he was supposed to fill it to plant a tree.

    Malema is not the first one to tell just how stupid Zanu PF leaders are, Margaret Dongo told them to their faces “muri vakadzi vaMugabe” (you are Mugabe’s subservient concubines).

    A number of the subservient concubines were booted out of Zanu PF in 2014 and for the first time ever they started to criticize Mugabe’s corrupt and tyrannical rule. “Mwana wembwa hasvinuri zuva raazvarwa!” (A puppy does not open its eyes the day it is born!) explained Joice Mujuru. Yeah right! Dogs live for 25 years or so and we are to believe Dotito (Mujuru’s rural home) dogs take 34 years just to open their eyes!

    The Zanu PF thugs, in their usual foolishness, have been queuing up to shoot down the messenger, Julius Malema, but could not touch the message! “Chirimumusakasaka chinozvinzwira!” (Those with ears let them hear!) as you rightly said. The truth, once spoken and heard it cannot be unspoken and unheard!

  2. I understand Morgan Tsvangirai is finding it tough to sell the idea of uniting the opposition into his big-tent coalition; ordinary MDC members who normally follow like sheep are saying no. MDC would not need to bother with forming coalitions if the elections were going to be free and fair. But now that he has failed to get even one reform implemented since the party's 2014 resolution not to contest any elections with no reforms he needs the coalition as the excuse to contest the next elections! 

    Those MDC members in areas where the opposition is strong such as urban area and parts of Matebeleland and Midlands will rest the call to form coalition because they know they will be forced to give up these winnable seats, everyone will want them. Many disgruntled opposition members will end up standing as independents!

    Not that Zanu PF will be as generous this time as last time as to the number of seats they will allow the opposition to have. The fight to get on the gravy train in Zanu PF is as fierce as ever, there are many, many very hungry Zanu PF thugs. 

    The 2018 elections will be a fierce contest; never before has there been so many hungry hyenas and a sea of hungry vultures all eyeing the skin and bone carcass of a dead cow! Many of our vulture-opposition politicians will contest the 2018 elections but many will get nothing more than a good beating like Chivasa in Bikita West. Next time, he may not be so lucky to live to tell the tale! People will spit on the graves of sell-outs like him!