Friday, 28 October 2016

Zimbabwe is dying for change but not until we have MPs and not thugs and clowns By W Mukori

Zimbabwe is facing a serious economic meltdown; with unemployment soaring to nauseating heights of 90% plus, no clean running water in most cities and town, government failing to pay civil servants, rampant corruption with $15 billion being looted and no one arrested, etc. The people of Budiriro voted for MDC-T politician Costa Machingauta, like millions of other Zimbabweans up and down the country, to save them from the nightmare of the economic meltdown.

The economic meltdown is getting worse and worse, not better. There is no doubt that MDC-T, for all their claim that they will improve the people’s lives, have no idea what to do.

The key to Zimbabwe’s economic recovery is making sure the nation has competent and democratically accountable leaders which is only possible if the nation has free, fair and credible elections. The nation has to implement a raft of democratic reforms designed to dismantle the Zanu PF vote rigging machinery if there are going to be free and fair elections.

Nothing of any substance or meaning can ever be achieved until we cure ourselves of this intractable political system that has allowed incompetent, corrupt and tyrannical politicians to stay in power by denying the people their basic freedoms and rights including the right to a meaningful vote!

Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends had the golden opportunity to implement the democratic reforms during the GNU. After five years, they failed to get even one reform implemented. Not one!

Even since the July 2013 elections MDC-T has vowed the party will not take part in any future elections until reforms are implemented. Sadly, three years later, they have failed to get even one reform implemented and it is clear they have given up hope of getting any reforms implemented. And, as noted above, the economic meltdown is getting worse and not better.

No doubt MP Machingauta would want to be re-elected in 2018 but, like everyone else in MDC-T, has precious little to show for all his years in parliament. MDC-T politicians know they are corrupt and/or incompetent and since they cannot dazzle the electorate with brilliance they have decided to baffle the people with bull! MP Machingauta decided to amuse us by turning up in parliament dressed as a clown!

Quick, send in the MP …… don’t bother the clown are here!

Zanu PF is party of corrupt and murderous thugs and it took the nation nearly 20 years to realize this. For the last 17 years the people of Zimbabwe have risked life and limb to elect MDC members into power in the hope that they will bring about meaningful democratic change. It has turned out that MDC is a party of incompetent and corrupt clowns. The question is how long will it take the people of Zimbabwe to finally admit the MDC clowns will never get them out of the economic mess Zanu PF landed the nation into?

The Zimbabwe electorate elected corrupt and murderous Zanu PF thugs in 1980 and for the last 17 years the people have put their trust in incompetent and corrupt clowns to end the Zanu PF dictatorship. If the people are serious about getting out of the hell-hole Mugabe has landed the nation into then it is clear that they must take the task of electing competent and quality leaders with the seriousness the matter demands.

It was downright foolish to have entrusted the destiny of the nation in a corrupt and murderous thug like Mugabe but only a fool will then go on to elect a corrupt and incompetent clown like Tsvangirai to get the nation out of the hell-hole. Zimbabwe is desperate for meaningful change, is dying for economic recovery; we would not be in this hell-hole if we had not elected thugs in 1980 and clowns will never lead us out of the hellhole.

People get the government they deserve and we after 36 years we cannot say we do not deserve this corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe dictatorship complete with the coterie of completely useless opposition clowns! 


  1. Here is someone who sees what they want to see and not what is there!

    The truth is Zanu PF managed to "win" a landslide victory in the 2013 elections because MDC failed to implement any reforms allowing President Mugabe to rig the elections.

    MDC have promised to get the reforms finally implemented before the 2018 elections but so far have failed to get even one reform implemented. It is now clear MDC has given up all hope of implementing even one reform. The coast is clear for Zanu PF to once again rig the next elections just as they did in the 2013 elections.

    Zanu PF will rig the 2018 elections just as easily as they rigged the 2013 elections and only naive and gullible village idiots would believe that with absolutely nothing to stop them rigging elections Zanu PF will, out of the generosity of their hearts, not rig the elections.

    Zanu PF has never rolled out its vote rigging machinery unless it absolutely has to. The party has a very comfortable majority in parliament right now it would be downright stupid for President Mugabe to show his vote rigging hand now just to win Norton by-election. The fact that the naïve and gullible village idiots take this as proof he cannot rig elections is going to work to his advantage!

  2. This is stupid, she was at the very heart of this Zanu PF regime for 34 years and she expects us to believe that she was not aware of any of the corruption and murders that were taking place. She is either lying or she is breathtakingly incompetent. I think she is both lying and breathtakingly incompetent!

  3. MDC took part in the 2013 election on the basis of what you want them to do again now; Elections even with no reform. The result was Zanu PF blatantly rig the elections. So why are you so keen to see them make the same stupid mistake again - unless you are CIO pretending to be a frustrated MDC supporter!

  4. No reforms are going to be implemented in the street! Why are you lot still following MDC when you should have known by now that MDC will never implement any reforms?

    The first step Zimbabweans should have taken soon after the rigged 2013 elections is accept that MDC leaders are corrupt and incompetent and will never ever deliver democratic reforms. People still need to take this step today. By doing this, the people will be demonstrating that for the first time ever they are now thinking for themselves and stopped following leaders blindly like sheep.

    If people would think for themselves then they would see the futility of taking part in an election process they know they will be used as pawns by both Zanu PF and the opposition! No thinking people would take part is elections they know will be rigged, have their backsides kicked and still be landed in the same economic mess or worse!

  5. I cannot remember one single thing that MDC has brought up in parliament for the last three years. Zimbabwe is burning and Nero is playing the fiddle!

    Zanu PF is imploding and one would think that MDC are having a field day and yet the opposite is true! We really need competent politicians and not these thugs and clowns!