Wednesday, 26 October 2016

When mafia Nyikayaramba talks of "security threat", he is threatening you. By P Guramatunhu

"It (corruption) is now a security threat because it is causing people to create mafias or alliances where if one is accused of being corrupt, he quickly asks for the help of other big names to protect him or her,” Chief of Staff Administration Major General Douglas Nyikayaramba told a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence and Security.

"The ordinary citizens expect authorities to address these issues, but then if they see nothing happening to the alleged criminals, they will end up being ungovernable and creating problems for the defence forces.

"Development is being derailed so that individuals can benefit at the expense of the whole nation."

Yes, it is the same Major General Nyikayaramba who swore just before the 2008 elections that he would never “salute anyone with no liberation war credentials!” A serious treasonous act in its own right.

As for his condemnation of corruption, Nyikayamba could only fool the fools because the Zimbabwe’s security sector involvement in the looting of Marange diamonds is an open secret. Professor Jonathan Moyo, whose $400 000 fraud case is the hot news at present and one of the “big names” Nyikayaramba was talking about, knows only too well of the Army’s looting and was quick to remind the errand Major General.

“Nyikayaramba said corruption is a major security threat. Unravel and uncover missing $15 billion,” challenged the “nutty” Professor.

The truth is the nutty Professor, the treasonous Major General and all the other corrupt cronies up and down the country are all extremely nervous about even some truth on corruption coming out in the public domain for two reasons:

1)   they all know that if the whole truth about Professor Moyo’s looting was to come out, for example, they would have opened the flood gates for details in other cases of corruption to come out. You throw someone like Professor Moyo to the wolves and you can be sure of one thing they will not want to go down alone, they have collected a lot of detailed information of other people’s corrupt activities and will sing like a canary to save their skin or just for the hell of it.

2)   Once people know the truth on some corrupt activity then, as day follows night, they will be demanding that the corruption be stopped immediately and that no stone should be left unturned to recover the loot and punish the guilt. So those who had benefited from the corrupt activity will not just have their source of easy wealth turned off but, worst of all, facing tough payback time.

For the last 36 years President Mugabe has steadfastly denied that corruption was a problem in the country. He attributed the country’s poor economic performance on the drought, the targeted sanctions imposed by the West, etc.; corruption was never ever mention. By pretending corrupt was not a problem the regime has allowed it the space and time to grow and spread to the deadly killer cancer it is today.

Zimbabwe is facing serious economic meltdown, unemployment has soared to 90% plus, public health and education have all but collapsed due to poor funding, government is failing to pay civil servants, etc. And yet the nation continues to lose billions of dollars every month through the now institutionalized looting spree.

Not even a wealthy nation like the USA with a GDP of $18 trillion can sustain the massive hemorrhaging of $15 billion through corruption what more Zimbabwe’s a GPD of $14 billion!

Zimbabwe has no chance of ever ending the serious economic meltdown it is facing today without first ending the rampant corruption!

It is great that people like Major General Nyikayaramba now publicly acknowledge that where corruption has been allowed to grow and spread unchecked for decades those involved often gang up into mafia syndicates because that is exactly what has happened in Zimbabwe. We have mafia thugs in the Police, Army, ZEC, parastatals like ZESA and Air Zimbabwe, etc. and with the Godfather housed in State House.

Nyikayaramba is also right in saying corruption in now a serious security threat to the nation. Since the state security is in the hands of the Mafia gangsters like him who are sworn to maintain the corrupt status quo at all cost, on the one hand. On the other hand, the corruption has produced the serious economic meltdown which is socially and politically unsustainable.

The nation is already walking on the knife edge of economic collapse and social upheaval because of the economic meltdown brought on by the decades of corruption. To do nothing about ending the corruption will tip the nation over the edge. The only reason why the nation has done nothing about ending the corruption all these last 36 years is because the mafia Zanu PF regime has always threatened the nation with carefully Zanu PF orchestrated security problems.

For 36 years we have allowed people like the corrupt Professor Moyo, treasonous Major General Nyikayaramba, the corrupt and murderous Mugabe and the rest of the Zanu PF mafia thugs hold the nation to ransom; we were to allow them to loot the nation blind or they will instigate nationwide lawlessness. They have looted the nation blind alright, they are robbing us of our human dignity and even the bear necessities of life, and yet they still demand more! The question is how much longer are we going to allow this madness to continue?


  1. It is interesting to note that Nyikayaramba was spot on the how the mafia operate; corruption he told us "is now a security threat because it is causing people to create mafias or alliances where if one is accused of being corrupt, he quickly asks for the help of other big names to protect him or her". He talked of how corruption would lead to the creation of the mafia as if there is no corruption. The truth is we have corruption already and have had corruption for the last 36 years. It is therefore not surprising that we also have the mafia and it is well established.

    Professor Jonathan Moyo has never denied of misusing the $400 000 he is accused of stealing what he has said again and again ever since the story first broke out is that he is not the only one who is corrupt. He has said some of the money was used in bankrolling Grace Mugabe's meet the people rallies, some of it was used in votes in his own Tsholotsho by-election last year, etc. all illegally of course but as common as weed in Zimbabwe's corrupt political systems.

    By asking Major General Nyikayaramba to explain the billions of dollars the Army top brass has been pocketing from Marange and Chiazwa Professor Moyo is reminding the hypocritical nit wit the mafia is here and has been ruling Zimbabwe for donkey years now and the pretentious idiot not only knows it but, as one of the corrupt top brass chefs, is an integral part of the mafia.

    For the last 36 years we have allowed the Zanu PF mafia led by the Godfather in State House rid roughshod over our freedoms, human rights, hopes and dreams because peace and national security went straight out of the window each time we objected to this corrupt and tyrannical rule. We thought we were buying peace and security by letting Mugabe do as he pleased. Now we know without a shadow of doubt that we were foolish to do this.

    In the 36 years of corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe rule he completely destroyed the nation's economy and thus our future and that of our children. In his 36 years in power the tyrant has murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans, to say nothing of the millions beaten and/or raped, to impose and retain his mafia regime.

    Mugabe and his mafia thugs' greed for absolute power and wealth is insatiable they more the took the more they wanted and after enjoying unadulterated power for so long the thought of giving it up is simply unthinkable. Whilst Mugabe has given up the hope of reviving the national economy his desire to hold on to power at all cost has not diminished one bit. Indeed, if anything it has hardened. Those who think that the economic mess will somehow force Mugabe and his Zanu PF mafia to give up power are naive. 

    Yes, indeed the most important question of our time is "For how much longer are we going to let these mafia Zanu PF thugs ruin our lives?"

  2. At the beginning the sheep and the other simple minded animals in Animal Farm "agreed with whoever happened to be talking". But with time even the sheep wising up and would not be so easily fooled, they were learning from their past experience and, more significantly, were learning to think for themselves. Sadly the same cannot be said about Zimbabweans that is why we are stuck in this hell-hole.

    Mujuru and Mliswa are Zanu PF in all but name but denouncing Mugabe is enough for the Zimbabwean to turn these corrupt and incompetent individuals into the competent democratic leaders the nation has been dying for! Mujuru told the people she had done nothing to stop the corruption and oppression for 34 years because "a puppy does not open its eyes the day it is born"! And guess what, many people believed it! What breed of dog's puppies take 34 days to open their eyes, let alone 34 BLOODY YEARS!

    Patton Dzamara's support of Temba Mliswa is not surprising given the former's superficial understand of the country's political and economic problems. Anyone who still believes that Zimbabwe's political problems will be solved by Mugabe firing corrupt ministers if a dangerous simpleton. After 36 years it should surely be clear that the tyrant is himself the course of the corruption and the only way to fire him is by demanding free, fair and credible election.

    People get the government they deserve and, after 36 years, we certainly deserve this Mugabe mafia completely with its coterie of corrupt and incompetent opposition parties.