Friday, 21 October 2016

"Corruption and lies" destroyed the country, says Mujuru - her puppy eyes saw nothing. By N Garikai

“Zvauraya nyika ino kunyepa, kuba, corruption, zvese. … (What has destroyed this country is lies, thievery, corruption, everything, ….),” said Joice Mujuru. She was speaking at the funeral of the late retired colonel Kudzai Mbudzi.
She is right there and for the first 34 years of our independence she was at the heart of the lying, fraud and corruption regime. In these 34 years she and her late husband have amassed a great fortune from taking their lion’s share of the corrupt activities.
In 2014, Mujuru and many of her supporters were booted out of Zanu PF kicking and screaming. She has since launched a new political party that is Zanu PF in all but name with the view of winning power so they can continue where they left off with the lying, fraud and corruption.
Mai Mujuru and her former Zanu PF colleagues have stopped the corruption but only because they do not have the opportunities to loot as when they were in government. As for the lying she has acknowledged there was corruption in Zanu PF but has continued to lie that she herself was involved.
“Mugabe must take measures as the president that should expose, combat and eradicate all forms of corruption and abuse of power by those holding political and public offices. That alone will demonstrate his sincerity to fight and curb corruption,” she said.
That is rich coming from someone who in February 2014 tried to cover up the salary scandal of the likes of Cuthbert Dube and George Charamba who being paid $400 000 per month and $100 000 per annum by PSMAS when the members were being forced to pay cash to the service providers because the society was failing to pay the latter’s bills. Mai Mujuru dismissed the reports as the work of those bend on “regime change”!    
She tells us that she never said or did anything to stop the corruption and tyranny for 34 years because “a puppy does not open its eyes the day it is born”! What an insult to all thinking Zimbabweans whose lives is a living hell today because of what President Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies including Joice Mujuru have done! 


  1. Zimbabwe is in a real big economic and political mess and to get out the country desperately needs competent leaders with some common sense at the very least. It is therefore a sick joke that corrupt and incompetent individuals like Mujuru, Tsvangirai, Mnangagwa and Biti are even on the long list of possible leaders to lead the country past 2018.

  2. “When you are a child, under the roof of your parents how possible is it for you to change things in the house (African perspective).”

    This is the kind of stupid arguments that have got us into this mess.
    1) Mai Mujuru was not a child when she joined government in 1980 and even if she was a child then it is nonsense to argue that she has remained a child for 34 years.
    2) It is nonsense to talk of what has happened in Zimbabwe as if it was all Mugabe’s fault and everyone else were helpless to stop him. Was it only Mugabe who benefited from the corruption; where did the Mujurus get their billions of dollars fortune if it was not from corruption. Mujuru enjoyed her 34 years in power thanks to the regime’s tyrannical and vote rigging exploits.
    3) When the Zanu PF regime started destroying the nation’s economy and denying the people their freedoms and rights it was clear the regime was a corrupt and tyrannical one with no regard for the suffering masses and even human life. Everyone in the regime, much more so senior members of the regime like cabinet ministers, is accountable for the serious crimes committed by the regime.
    4) Margret Dongo was right to call Zanu PF cabinet ministers and MPs “vakadzi vaMugabe” (Mugabe’s concubines) who all do his bidding no questions asked. Only the most subservient cabinet would accept the absurdity of not even one cabinet meeting in 36 years unless Mugabe is there to chair it!
    5) African culture and custom is there to serve the people and not to be used as the excuse allowing the nation into a harem and then doing nothing about it!
    6) Mugabe has ran Zimbabwe for 34 years as if it was his harem and Mai Mujuru has played her role as just one of the subservient concubines forever grateful for her privileged life until Mugabe booted her out of Zanu PF. She is so corrupt and incompetent she changed nothing in all her 34 years in power. She is fighting to get back into power not to change anything but to establish her own harem.
    7) Only lunatics would not see Mai Mujuru for the corrupt and incompetent person she is and would freely elect her back into office. It is one with for such a person to rig election to stay in power and quite another to vote for such an idiot!

  3. @Jerry

    If Chamisa was so competent then why did he fail to get even one reform implemented during the GNU? 

    I agree with you the likes of Tsvangirai, Mujuru and Mnangagwa are all devils but that is all we have in the basket. The point is if we want to competent individuals added to the basket then we must change the political system. This is why we must implement the democratic reforms and open up the political system to real democratic competition.

  4. This is sad, you are one of the many Zimbabweans who have complete misunderstood the thrust of Jean Gasho's argument. Jean was not saying you lot should stop crying about how the regime is corrupt and robbing the nation blind per se; her criticism was a lot more subtle than that. What she is saying is that your crying is not doing anything to stop the looting.

    Indeed many of those cry-babies are doing little else convinced that their crying is doing something to get us out of this mess. It is for this reason that Jean is right to tell them in no uncertain terms to shut up!

    We are in serious trouble and we are not going to get out of this hell by indulging in this shallow social media chattering; we need to up the game and have an in depth discussion. Those incapable of in depth thinking must shut up and listen. It is impossible to hear oneself think through all this twittering and whatsapps!