Thursday, 7 June 2018

"There will alway be corrupt leaders," argue Maphosa - compare bruise to severed head, detail matters W Mukori

There are many, many reasons why Zimbabwe is in this economic and political mess. One of those reasons has to be our, we the people, failure to pay attention to detail!

“Corruption is everywhere baba, its only a question of time before you uncover it. The MDC guys are corrupt. I know it for a fact. No one is clean when it comes to money matters. We are just looking for a better leader whose approach is better than the previous one. Meaning some things will be done in a better manner than before as a result, improving the work situation, food situation possibly a better future with more freedoms,” argued Max Maphosa.

“Corruption is not new, it will always be there. In this campaigning I have noticed a lot of corruption from the MDC for instance going in the same bed with Mugabe. That is the mother of all corruption. Ask why, because they want power.”

MDC leaders are corrupt so corrupt in fact that they sold-out on even the most important issue of our generation – the need to implement the democratic reforms to stop Zanu PF rigging elections. They had the golden opportunity to implement the reforms during the GNU but failed to get even one reform in five years!

MDC leaders are selling out even today! SADC leaders have said Zimbabwe should not hold elections without first implementing the democratic reforms. The rigged 2013 elections proved their advice was spot on. The only reason MDC leaders went into these 2013 elections was greed; they were after the few gravy train seats Zanu PF gave away as bait and did not care the ordinary people were being denied their right to free and fair elections or the consequences of rigged elections. Chamisa and company are going into this year’s flawed elections for the same reason – greed.

There is corruption is like injury; in the same accident one may have a few scratches and bruises, another has a broken leg and the third his head severed clean off. Of course, it would be very foolish to attend and treat the three victims the same. It is equally foolish to treat corrupt in the same cavalier “all politicians are corrupt and so what” fashion. It is this failure to pay attention to detail, failure to separate the good, the bad and the ugly, that has landed Zimbabwe in this mess. Worst still, until we realise that detail matters, we are never going to get out of this mess.

By failing to get even one democratic reform implemented even when they had the golden opportunity to do so, MDC leaders has proven beyond all doubt that they are breathtakingly incompetent and corrupt and irredeemably so, they are beyond the pale. If they so heartless sold-out during the GNU and have never ever shown any sign of remorse or repentance, it is naïve to believe they will not sell-out again and pure madness to grand them another chance to sell-out.

There are those who have accepted the foolish notion that the nation’s choice of leaders is limited to the corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF thugs and the corrupt and incompetent MDC village idiots. Of course, it is a foolish notion because this in no different from being asked whether one wants a broken leg or broken hand. Only a fool would see this as being given a choice! If the present political system limits our choice of leaders to the grime of who is less corrupt, incompetent, etc. than the other then we must change the system.

By implementing the democratic reforms to create a free and democratic society; we will free the nation of the stifling Zanu PF imposed monolithic culture that has allowed a tiny few to be heard and silenced the rest. By have the total control of the public print and electronic media and harassed the few independent newspapers from pillar to post, Zanu PF has systematically brainwashed the people and deprived them of the ability to think for themselves – the very quality that distinguishes us, humans, from all the other creatures.

Policies were imposed on the nation without being thoroughly reviewed and cross-examined. The competition of ideas was actively crashed by the autocrats and tyrants under the pretext of unity. Those tasked to see where we are going have become so obsessed in corralling and coercing us they have completely neglected their primary task of defining where we are going. It is no surprise therefore that Zimbabwe has drop like a stone from being one of the five rich nations in Africa in 1980 to the poorest today.

Mnangagwa is less of a control freak as Mugabe, true; but his 37 years in government has shown that he is a corrupt, vote rigging and murderous tyrant. By refusing to implement even one reform, Mnangagwa was already show that he is a dictator who will not take advantage of all the tyrannical dictatorial powers but will not give them up either. To therefore elect Mnangagwa because he is “better than Mugabe” is the manic hope of one jumping off the cliff – hoping you will survive and not have too many broken bones. But why do it?

Just because MDC sold-out and failed to implement the raft of democratic reforms designed to dismantle the Zanu PF dictatorship and replace is with a healthy and functional democratic system of government, does not mean it cannot be done. We are not stuck with the vote-rigging Mnangagwa and his junta and Chamisa and his MDC who are forever day-dreaming of winning rigged elections. We can and must reject elections until all the reforms are implemented first.

Implement the reforms and we open the door and let the refresh air in, we open the door to open debate and democratic competition. Allow the people to think for themselves and you will be surprised that they are not as naïve and gullible as the decades of Zanu PF brainwashing has forced them to be. A free press and a vigilant electorate is good at separating the good, the bad and the ugly; many of the corrupt and incompetent politicians now crowding our political stage will fall by the way in the first year of Zimbabwe having a functional democratic system of government. The same free press and vigilant electorate will keep the elected leaders on the narrow and straight path!

Zanu PF and MDC politicians are not just corrupt and incompetent what they have done these last 38 years is unforgivable, there are beyond redemption! They have proven themselves unfit to ever be trusted to hold public office and entrusted chart the destiny of this nation.

The only sure way for the nation to get refresh leaders going forward is for us to bite the bullet, wipe the slate clean by implementing the democratic reforms designed to transform the corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship into an open and dynamic democracy.

In the last 38 years, both Zanu PF and MDC politicians have proven not only that they are breathtakingly incompetent and corrupt; but, worst of all, that they are irredeemably so by stubbornly refusing to acknowledge their failures and betrayals much less show remorse.

These flawed elections should not be taking place because, with no reforms in place, they will never be free, fair and credible. The need to implement the reforms BEFORE the elections is a lot subtler than just to ensure free and fair elections; the democratic system will allow quality political leaders to emerge to replace the deadwood thriving in the present system.  

Both Zanu PF and MDC politicians know that they would find it very difficult to hold on to power if the country’s political system allowed political leaders to be questioned and scrutinized. Hence the reason neither of the two parties can ever be trusted to fully implement the democratic reforms. It is exactly for this reason that we, the people, must insist on having all reforms implemented BEFORE elections.

Yes, there will always be corruption but that is a feeble excuse for allowing the ruling elite to have Blue Roof mansions, 13 farms, 12 trips a year at $3 million @ for a routine eye check-up and luxurious lifestyles all at public expense when ¾ of the population are forced to live on US$1.00 or less per day!  Accidents resulting in severed heads must never ever be treated in the same cavalier manner as those resulting in bruises; detail matters, it is everything.


  1. "As we launch this document, we pledge to create a modern functional, responsive, inclusive and innovative state in respect of which opportunities for citizens abound. We will transform our rural areas, people shall have access to world class infrastructure, clean and fresh water, best schools and health facilities, and renewable and green sources of energy in the context of a green economy," said MDC Alliance.

    This is all very well but you are clearly forgetting that MDC has enjoyed the popular support of the people but has failed to turn that into electoral victory because Zanu PF rigged the elections. MDC has had many golden opportunities to stop Zanu PF rigging elections but has wasted them all. Now the party is flip-flopping between pretending the elections are free and fair; believing it can still force Zanu PF, even now with the voting date name, to implement reforms to ensure free and fair elections and, the third extreme, MDC can win rigged elections.

    Zimbabwe would be a healthy and functional democratic country right now was it not for MDC leaders' breath-taking blundering incompetence and their being corrupt to the core. They have failed to implement even one democratic reform during the GNU because they are corrupt, they sold-out. Mugabe offered Tsvangirai and the other MDC leaders ministerial limos, generous salaries and allowances, a $4 million mansion for Tsvangirai himself, etc. and they forgot about the reforms.

    The only reasons MDC leaders still continue to enjoy a political following is because the Zimbabwe electorate remain a very naïve, ill-informed and desperate lot. They have completely failed to understand what the GNU was about and how MDC leaders sold-out; all attempts to explain to them has been a waste of time, one might as well be explaining Einstein's theory of relativity to a grade one child! With such a dopey electorate it is easy to see why Mugabe and his cronies have had no problems dragging the nation this deep into this hell-on-earth.

    Even if the country was to wrestle power and end the Zanu PF dictatorship it will inconceivable that the country will ever have a competent government. One cannot expect Dopey and company to ever elect anyone with common sense and it will not be long before another corrupt and vote rigging gang of thugs impose themselves again on the nation!

  2. US Acting Assistant Secretary Bureau for African Affairs, Ambassador Harrington said, "Zimbabweans have not in the past been able to express their views or cast their votes freely due to intimidation and the economic environment has frightened away many potential investors with a predictable impact on the economy. So, the election on 30 July will be one important benchmark on whether the economic and political environment of the past has changed for the better."

    President Mnangagwa has promised free, fair and credible elections and; after 38 years of rigging elections to keep Mugabe and Zanu PF in power and, for good measure, boot out the tyrant himself in last November's coup; the nation and the world wants to see him keep his word. Signs are he cannot do it!

    President Mnangagwa and his junta have stubbornly refuse to implement even one of the raft of democratic reforms agreed at the onset of the 2008 GNU of which he has a senior member of Mugabe's team. As Minister of Justice until October last year, President Mnangagwa has known all along that ZEC's voter registration exercise was started very late it was impossible for the commission to register all the 7 million targeted voters, produce a verified voters' roll, etc. in time even with the best political will in the world.

    If he really wanted ZEC to do its job properly, give everyone a chance to register, produce a verified voters' roll, etc; then President Mnangagwa should have given ZEC more time to do its work. Delaying the election date by six months so that there is a verified voters' roll and elections are free, fair and credible is certainly better that holding election without something as basic as a verified voters' roll!

    The people of Zimbabwe have waited a lifetime for free, fair and credible elections if President Mnangagwa and his junta cannot deliver this fundament right and pre-requisite for good governance then they must step aside so the nation can appoint a team who will implement the reforms and hold free and fair elections. This is not negotiable; shape up or ship out!

  3. Zimbabwe is NOT yet open for business! It is foolish to think otherwise. Just because Mnangagwa and his vote rigging and murderous thugs gang up to boot out their old boss does not mean Zimbabwe was transformed from a pariah state to a democratic nation. Just because President Mnangagwa and his junta say so does not make it so!

    By stubbornly refusing to give up Zanu PF's carte blanche dictatorial powers including the powers to rig elections, President Mnangagwa has just confirmed that Zimbabwe is still a pariah state ruled by thugs!

    Donovan Chimhandamba, chairman of the Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group (DIDG) - the company which won the $400 million tender to resuscitate the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), said there is need for diasporans to address pertinent issues such as infrastructure, human capital development and good governance.

    If Mr Chimhandamba had any common sense then he would be appealing to President Mnangagwa and his junta to implement the democratic reforms and address the problem of good governance and not preaching to the diaporans. Until the problem of good governance is resolved, by implemented all the democratic reforms and thus replace this corrupt, vote rigging and oppressive dictatorship with a healthy and functional democracy Zimbabwe will never get out of the hell-hole it is stuck in! Never!

  4. @ Mukwirivindi

    But it is not only the Americans who are demanding free, fair and credible elections there are millions of ordinary Zimbabweans who have been crying for democratic change these last 20 years, at least. Zanu PF has not bothered to even acknowledge their cry!

    Forget the Americans, address the ordinary Zimbabweans whom Mnangagwa and his junta have ridden roughshod over and murdered over 30 000 others to establish and retain this de facto one-party dictatorship. We demand free, fair and credible elections and we refused to be ignored!

    Free, fair and credible elections are not about the American but about us, the 90% plus Zimbabwean out of work, the ¾ of the population now living on US$1.00 a day or less, the filthy poor. It is us against the filthy rich living in mansions, with multiple farms and multi-million dollar business empires and are robbing the nation blind to bankroll their vote rigging schemes and shenanigans.

    "Check your (Americans) hands, they dripping with blood of Palestinians people. Shame on you. Look, whether you are there or not, to us you are irrelevant, hence you will never ever affect the decisions made by ED. You are what we call "sunk costs" in Financial engineering. Foolish." You say.

    How ironic that you are hot in the collar about Americans hands "dripping with blood of Palestinians" but has never said a word to condemn Zanu PF's murder of the over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans!

  5. It is a pity that SA has not played a more constructive and active role in helping Zimbabwe end the de facto one-party dictatorship. It was President Ian Khama of Botswana who stood firm and refused to rubber stamp Zanu PF's rigged 2013 elections whilst SA and the rest of the SADC leaders did just that!

    Whilst other nations, notably America, Canada and EU, have been very clear that they want to see President Mnangagwa and his junta keep their promise to hold free, fair and credible elections this year; there has been deafening silence from SADC on the matter. Many had expected SA's new President, Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, to stamp his own authority on this serial region crisis after taking over from the corrupt and inapt Jacob Zuma; they have been deeply disappointed.

    SA's leading cartoonist and social commentator, Zapiro, has depicted President Ramaphosa, renamed Rama Panther, dressed up as all-action Black Panther. Zapiro underlined the message that there will be no action from Rama Panther by giving the six-pack up body spindly legs!

    Zimbabweans will have to brace themselves for the battle to have these flawed elections declared null and void; we can be certain that Rama Panther would happily rubber stamp another Zanu PF rigged elections!

  6. @ Elkan Mncube

    "Sometimes the educated people are the most dull people Mukori ranks among the top ten I called you Judas some time ago but now I have seen kuti hudofo," you say.

    I am tempted to call you Judas and dofo (stupid) but will not do so because I also know that stupid people are stubborn in their stupidity. "Hupenzi (hudofo) inyama yegakava!" as my late mother never tired of reminding us, her children, when we were being foolish!

    Albert Einstein famously said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!"

    So, it is not some much the doing of something once, twice or even a few times and getting a different result from the one expected that makes insane, a fool or stupid. It is doing it over again and again, failing to stop and realise the sheer futility of carrying on, the stubbornness of refusing to listen to sound advice, that confirms your insanity.

    The corollary is equally valid; before you call someone a fool first show them the futility of what they are doing and that they have done the same foolish thing repeatedly.

    Yes, I do remember you calling me Judas and now you are calling me stupid. I do not remember you explaining what was it that I had done wrong much less that I had make the same mistake repeatedly. You have done neither on this occasion too!

    In other words, you are the one who made the mistake of calling me a fool but failed to provide an evidence to substantiate your statement. You have repeated the same mistake here. I leave you and the reader to draw your own conclusion which to which one, you, Mncube, or me is the stupid one!