Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Zanu PF minister reprimanded for admitting junta will never allow Chamisa to rule - for letting cat out of the bag W Mukori

“Acting Information Minister Simon Khaya Moyo has lashed out at remarks attributed to Finance Deputy Minister Terence Mukupe in a local daily newspaper today,” reported Bulawayo 24.

“Mukupe was quoted by the local daily newspaper saying, "there is no way those who were behind the military intervention that ousted former President Robert Mugabe, can let MDC-T leader, Nelson Chamisa lead Zimbabwe."

“Khaya Moyo said these remarks are "reckless and most unfortunate." He also claims that these remarks are a direct contempt of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is the commander in chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.”

Simon Khaya Moyo is being a hypocrite. He is on public record saying "Zanu PF ichatonga kusvika madongi ameranyanga!" (Zanu PF will rule until donkeys sprout horns!) He said that knowing fully well the party’s unlimited power to rig elections. He knows too that the Army, Police, CIO and Prison Service, the security services, have been heart and soul of Zanu PF’s unstoppable vote rigging juggernaut.

What happened in the small hours of 15th November 2017, when then President Mugabe was rudely awaken by being rough probed with an AK47 rifle and told his tyrannical rule was over, was proof there was no limit to what these Zanu PF thugs would do to retain absolute power. The coup posse have since shared out the spoils; Chiwenga became VP and Minister of Defence, S Moyo Minister of Foreign Affairs, P Shiri Minister of Agriculture, etc. and with Emmerson Mnangagwa becoming President.

The junta has promised free, fair and credible elections but only as a marketing gimmick to take the sting out of the illegitimate status brought on by the coup. The junta has pointedly refused to implement any democratic reforms to take away its carte blanche powers to rig elections. So, Deputy Minister Mukupe is saying something we should already know is true – these coup thugs are not going to risk losing power by holding free elections after they had all to wrestle it from Mugabe!

What Minister Khaya Moyo, no doubt President Mnangagwa and many others in Zanu PF, is angry with minister Mukupe about is that he is letting the cat out of the bag. Ever since the coup, the junta's propaganda machine worked hard to deceive the world into believing Zanu PF was completely transformed from a party of thugs to one of democrats with its “new dispensation” nonsense. Minister Mukupe has just confirmed the party has not changed one bit!

"How can we say, honestly, the soldiers took the country, practically snatched it from Mugabe, to come and hand it over to Chamisa?” Minister Mukupe said.

"A child talking about spaghetti roads, who is talking about impregnating all women?

"This country, where it is now and where it is coming from, needs a grown up, a steady hand, a person who can stabilise things."

Zanu PF is still a party of corrupt and vote rigging thugs and the regime is rigging these elections! This is a basic fact that many Zimbabweans, with their heads buried in the sand have, so far, refused to accept. By refusing to accept this political reality and participating in these flawed and illegal elections these Zimbabweans, led by corrupt and incompetent MDC politicians, are giving political credibility to Zanu PF’s blatant vote rigging.

Worse still, they are delaying the implementation of the democratic reforms and thus perpetuate the human suffering born of our failure to bring about meaningful political change in Zimbabwe these last 38 years! Until we implement the democratic reforms; the pre-requisite for free, fair and credible elections; this country will never enjoy the fruits of freedom, peace and economic prosperity.


  1. With not even one democratic reform in place, Zanu PF has one million and one different ways of rigging these elections and making sure Zanu PF stays in power come what may. The real madness here is from the opposition themselves who are refusing to listen and hold holding elections until the reforms are in place.

    It is amazing that it is SADC, Americans and a few individual Zimbabwe who are fighting for free, fair and credible elections. Of all the people who have frustrated the efforts of those demanding reforms who would have thought the opposition are among them. The opposition are finding the gravy train seats bait Zanu PF is offering just too irresistible, particularly when unemployment rate is a nauseating 90%. It is no wonder there are 129 political parties all vying for the 210 gravy train seats!

    As long as Zanu PF has the opportunity to rig the elections and the opposition get the few gravy train seats neither side will push for any meaningful political changes. We are stuck! The only break through, short of a violent revolutionary change, will have to come from educating the ordinary Zimbabweans to realise the sheer futility of contesting these flawed elections.

    If a significant number of ordinary people demanded reforms before elections the international community may be pressured to rule the elections null and void!

  2. ON the occasion of the 5th Anniversary of coming into force of the Zimbabwe Constitution, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) calls on the government to implement all provisions of the Constitution and harmonise all laws, policies and administrative practices with the Constitution.

    The 2013 Constitution was overwhelmingly accepted by the majority of people in Zimbabwe who voted for its adoption during the referendum. Though not a perfect document, the provisions of the Constitution present an opportunity for the creation of a foundation to incrementally nurture a democracy in Zimbabwe.

    ZLHR recognises the limited progress that has been made in implementing some provisions of the Constitution, however, given the general lack of a culture of constitutionalism, and the continued violation of key constitutional provisions, the government and the people living in Zimbabwe, are called upon to play their role in ensuring that provisions of the Constitution are fully implemented, particularly on (not exhaustive):

    Separation of Powers, as entrenched in the Constitution, ZLHR is concerned at the disregard of this principle by the overpowering Executive:

    o ZLHR reminds the Executive of the need to co-exist, within the confines of the Constitution with the other arms of government - the judiciary and legislature, cognisant of their role and the ancillary checks and balances;

    ZLHR can shout about "the 2013 Constitution was overwhelmingly accepted by the majority of people in Zimbabwe," from the roof top every day of the year what is of primary concern here is whether those people were ill-advised to adopt this constitution in the first place. After five years since its adoption and it is still failing to deliver even the most basic and fundamental freedoms and rights including the right to free and fair elections - that is proof that the constitution is a weak and feeble constitution.

    Even is the harmonisation was carried out religiously, the country will still have an "overpowering Executive", that is a fact.

    Paul Mangwana, the Zanu PF co-chair of the committee that drafted the new constitution, boasted that it was Robert Mugabe who "dictated" the document. There is no denying this anymore!

    "Given the pending elections, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is also reminded of its obligations to ensure that elections are conducted efficiently, freely, fairly, transparently (as provided in section 239(a)(iv) of the Constitution) and that appropriate systems and mechanisms must be in place to eliminate electoral violence and other malpractices (as provided in section 156 (c)(i) of the Constitution)," wrote ZLHR.

    This is just an acknowledgement that these elections are not going to be free, fair and credible - have given a wishy-washy pronouncement of free and fair elections all these last five years and now ZLHR tells the nation elections are going to be rigged; what an utterly useless organisation!

  3. @Musa

    "The best Cure or Solution to another Military Coup is to vote for Chamisa and give him 70% of the vote and a controlling majority in Parliament and the Senate," you say.

    In the March 2008 vote Tsvangirai got 73% of the vote, by Mugabe's own admission, and Mnangagwa and his Joint Operation Command junta moved in and forced ZEC to whittle down the vote to 47% to force a run-off. The junta has since learnt that it must rig the vote in advance and never again have to deal with the mess business of holding back announcing the results for six weeks whilst ZEC cooked the figures.

    SADC leaders were right to ask for Zimbabwe's 2013 elections to be postponed so the reforms designed to stop Zanu PF rigging the vote can be implemented first. "If you go into these elections, you will lose; the elections are done!" they warned Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends.

    The way Zanu PF went on to blatantly rig the July 2013 elections should have been a lesson to not only the MDC, the opposition but to every thinking Zimbabwean out there on the sheer futility of contesting these flawed elections.

    These "elections are done", as SADC leaders would aptly put it and yet some idiot is wittering about "giving Chamisa 70% of the vote"! The country is in this hell-hole because we have more than our fair share of idiots, worse still we gave the idiots a vote!

    Zanu PF has actively encouraged the idiots to participate in these flawed elections, by making them believe the opposition will win rigged elections, just to give the process credibility.

    "Insanity is participating in rigged elections for 38 years and counting hoping to win!" to paraphrase Albert Einstein!

  4. @ DM

    "Mukupe is the second, high profile Zanu PF official to say this. Lest we forget Mutsvangwa said Zanu-PF and our soldiers will win these elections like 1980. MDC should highlight these statements vigorously to the international community that is saying ED will do free and fair elections. ED is lying to everyone. He has no shame," you said.

    MDC leaders will be preaching to the converted, the international community already knows that Zanu PF is rigging these elections. It was SADC leaders who asked for 2013 elections to be postpone so reforms to stop Zanu PF rigging elections could be implemented. In the last year it is the Americans, Canadians and many other nations who have demanding a free public media, clean voters' roll, etc. to ensure free and fair elections. It is none other than Nelson Chamisa and his opposition friends who have disregarded the calls for reforms arguing they have "stringent measures to win rigged elections"!

    If there is anyone to be blamed for frustrating efforts to force Zanu PF to implement the reforms to ensure free and fair elections ever since the 2008 GNU, then it must be MDC leaders!

    Of course, ED and the junta are lying about these elections going to be free, fair and credible. Making sure that there is no regime change and Zanu PF remains in power at all cost is all the party cares about; when one has enjoyed absolute power for all these decades, have so much loot to protect and so many skeletons of one's murderous past to hide one cannot afford the luxury of risking everything by holding free and fair elections.

    ED and the junta would rather rig the elections and hang on to power. If they were ever ashamed of rigging the elections; then after 38 years of rigging the elections and, worse still, committing mass murder to secure power; they have long forgotten the shame as they enjoyed the sweeten of absolute power and all the good life it brought with it!

  5. @ Chuma

    "All that u have said is true so what is your suggested Solution? My solution is to urge all Zimbabweans to go and vote for Chamisa and MDC Alliance. If we give Chamisa say 65% of the vote and a controlling majority in Parliament and the Senate it will difficult to rig this time around with numerous International Observers around," you say.

    Are you not the one arguing round and round in circles here. SADC leaders said the 2013 elections should be postponed so reforms designed to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections can be implemented. "If you take part in next month's elections, you will lose; the elections are done!" SADC leaders warned.

    The Americans, amongst other nations, have been saying the same thing. MDC leaders refused to listen in 2013 and are doing so now. Why?

    MDC believed the party will still win the 2013 elections "regardless of all Zanu PF vote rigging shenanigans," Tsvangirai later admitted. This time Chamisa says the party has "stringent measures to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections".

    The international community has warned against going into the elections without a free public media, no verified voters' roll, no transparent party funding system, etc. What SADC, the Americans or anyone else cannot do is FORCE MDC or any Zimbabweans to follow the advice. MDC leaders are insisting they will take part in these elections regardless of all these irregularities and blatant vote rigging shenanigans because they have devised strategies to win rigged elections. What do you want SADC to do?

    "It will difficult to rig this time around with numerous International Observers around," you say. If the elections are held with no verified voters' roll, which is what is going to happen here, how will the international observers stop Zanu PF bussing in its supporters from one polling station to the next casting multiple votes, for example?

    By insisting in taking part in flawed elections against the sound advice not to you lot are the ones who are making it easy for Zanu PF to keep rigging these elections and stay in power.

    "ED and Chiwenga will be foolish to stage another Coup in August 2018 under these circumstances becoz People will not accept it. #Chamisahasmyvote!" you insist.

    "Hupenzi inyama yegakava!" (The certified insane are dead to reason and logic!) as the Shona adage goes.

    These elections are done, the junta has won the elections with a landslide already, just as happen in 2013. What happen in 2008 when MDC won the March vote will never happen again.

    "Chamisa has my vote!" Big deal! The junta has the veto! How many times does one have to say this before the penny finally drop!

  6. "A soldier is always a soldier, you have to remember that. Our President is prepared to shoot those who want to stand in his way," said Josaya Hungwe, Masvingo State Minister.

    "You have to remember that the man is a trained soldier and he can shoot wayward elements. Do you think he can just hand over power? It's not easy.

    "We plotted the former President' s removal from office- yes it was our baby," charged Hungwe.

    The most tragic thing that has ever happened in Zimbabwe these last 20 years was the failure to implement the democratic reforms during the GNU when the nation had the golden opportunity to do so. The reforms were meant to severe the undemocratic and dictatorial powers Zanu PF has over state institutions like Army, Police, ZEC, etc. which have made it impossible to restore the people's fundamental freedoms and rights including the right to free and fair elections and even the right to life.

    As long as Zanu PF continues to enjoy the carte blanche powers to ride roughshod over the people's freedoms and human rights there will be no meaningful economic and political change in the country. These elections should not be going ahead, not without first implementing the reforms to stop vote rigging.

    The opposition's claim to win rigged elections is an oxymoron and a dangerous and reckless one at that because it has only helped give Zanu PF the smokescreen to remain in office.

    The best outcome for this year's elections is for the process to be ruled null and void for the nation can revisit the democratic reforms agreed at the start of the last GNU and make sure a new competent body is appointed to implement all the reforms this time!

  7. @ Mukwirivindi

    Just before you get carried away; ED and the junta are the ones who have been rigging the elections and murdering innocent Zimbabweans to keep Mugabe in power all these 37 years. So stop all this nonsense of "ED and Chiwenga your running dogs, which, after catching a hare, they are just whipped away, so that you take the animal for your own enjoyment". These thugs are the ones who landed us in this mess and now they think they can keep us there under the pretext they did us all a great favour of removing Mugabe!

  8. The Joice Mujuru led National People' s Party(NPP) has called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to fire Terrence Mukupe(Deputy Finance Minister) and Josaya Dunira Hungwe (Masvingo State Minister) for passing remarks that are likely to cause alarm and despondency in the country.

    NPP is just showing the world just how stupid and naïve the party leaders are in issuing such a foolish statement. If President Mnangagwa was to fire these two will that change the political reality on the ground that these elections are being rigged to ensure another Zanu PF victory.

    After spending 34 years with their heads buried in the sand during their years in Zanu PF one had hoped that their unceremonious exit has helped to open Mai Mujuru and her supporters' eyes. Alas their physical eyes may be open, but their intellect has long atrophied!

    Mai Mujuru and her NPP idiots want Mukupe and Hungwe fired so they can bury their heads in the sand and continue pretending these are free and fair elections until voting day when they will issue a press statement claiming Zanu PF rigged the elections! Why anyone with even half a brain continues to follow Mai Mujuru and NPP beggars belief!

  9. Said Magaisa, "ZEC wants to create new polling stations. At first sight, sounds like a great idea but take note:

    a. For the 1st time, voting will be polling station-based and so are voters' rolls. Millions are already registered based on current polling stations. How will the new fit in?

    b. People are inspecting the voters roll & conforming details based on current polling stations. Will they be moved to newly created polling stations? And how will they know? There's a risk of disrupting the voters roll & turning away voters on polling day.

    c. be careful to check where new polling stations will be created. There's a chance many will be placed in remote areas, compromised spaces, or will be established late so that monitoring them will be a complete nightmare. That's where ballot stuffing takes place.

    For once Magaisa is talking sense and many of the things he is saying here were true in the 2013 elections. Why did he fail to advise MDC then, he was Tsvangirai's chief advisor then!

    Zimbabwe would not be in this mess if people like Magaisa had not sold out during the GNU by failing to get the reforms implemented and in 2013 by failing to get MDC to postpone the elections until reforms were in place!

    Indeed, these elections are being rigged right, left and centre and it is insane to take part and give the proceeding some modicum of credibility!

  10. Dhewa Igwee

    "You wrongly accuse the Mdc of not implementing reforms but we all know that to change a law one needs to have at least two thirds majority in parliament!" you say. So you think you know better!

    Do you know what the primary task of the GNU was?

    It was to implement the democratic reforms and that was never done!

    Do you what the process of implementing the reforms was during the GNU?

    Need one or a group of MPs to propose the democratic reforms on ZEC, for example. Parliament would then debate the proposal, amend or reject and vote. Parliament never debated any such proposal because none were tabled.

    It is shocking that so many Zimbabweans still have no clue what the GNU was about even now with the benefit of hindsight. It is little wonder the country is in this mess, no nation will ever have a competent government when it has a naive and gullible electorate who hardly know their right hand from the left!

  11. THE Nkosana Moyo-led Alliance for People's Agenda (APA) has defended its one-on-one campaign strategy, saying it was more effective and interactive than mass rallies.

    Sure thing and since Nkosana Moyo is going to be a presidential candidate he is going to have a one-on-one chat with all 5 million voters! Good luck!

  12. THE Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy has warned it could summon former president Robert Mugabe to appear before it after he failed to pitch up for a hearing yesterday to give evidence on his claim that diamonds worth US$15 billion were looted in Chiadzwa. He has been asked to appear on Monday 28 May.

    Does the parliamentary committee have detailed line of inquiry they want to follow? In the past the committee has asked many people to appear before it but have failed to ask any substantive questions.

    The issue of the wholesale looting in Marange is a very serious matter but, to be blunt, nothing much will ever be uncovered because those tasked to do so are themselves utterly useless.

  13. @ Faith Zaba

    However, utterances this week that the military will not allow MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to rule should he win the make-or-break elections were a new low.
    Mukupe was nothing but reckless when he made the inflammatory statement that poisons an already volatile atmosphere.

    It is clear that you were one of those political green horns with their head buried in the sand that these elections were going to be free, fair and credible; Mukupe's remarks were therefore a welcome wake-up call. But typical of green horns you are foolishly dismissing the warning as "reckless". It is people like you who will not accept the reality that Zanu PF is rigging these elections and do something about it who are reckless and foolish.

    Zimbabwe is in this economic and political hell-hole because of people like you who will not accept the reality that Zanu PF is rigging elections even after they have their noses rubbed into it repeatedly. Zanu PF has been rigging elections for 38 years and still you think it is reckless when someone tells you that! How naïve!

  14. "Hungwe's remarks come barely two months before the national election which for the first time in the history of Zimbabwe is expected to take place in a free and fair manner." Dream on, green horn, dream on!

    President Mnangagwa has promised to hold free, fair and credible elections and yet he has never implemented even one democratic reforms called for and agreed at the onset of the 2008 to 2013 GNU. Indeed, instead of implementing the reform the junta has been implementing the vote rigging activities such as buying the Chiefs new twin cab trucks Mugabe promised them, carry on with the chaotic voter registration exercise, etc.

    There are those who have chosen to bury their heads in the sand and refused to see the political reality of Zanu PF blatantly rigging the elections because they wished to see free and fair elections. Minister Hungwe, deputy Minister Mukupe and VP Chiwenga who have all said the same thing should be a wake-up call for all the political green horns out there!

  15. In A development that marked a clear departure from former president Robert Mugabe-era tactics, Zanu-PF turned a corner by hosting President Emmerson Mnangagwa's rally at Sakubva Stadium on Saturday without frog-marching vendors and forcing closure of business to boost numbers at the gathering.

    As long as Zanu PF is confident its more subtle vote rigging tactics are going to deliver the landslide victory the party is after, Zanu PF will not use any direct violence. The party has shown this to be so in 2013 and is repeating this this year.

    We should be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking if there is no violence the elections are free, fair and credible. There are other important issues such as free media, verified voters' roll, open and transparent use of public funds for political activities, etc. that must be consider too.

  16. @Dhewa Igwee

    "My brother all what you are saying is very correct however your solution of boycotting elections is not effective in that the Junta has placed many so called political parties with people with an insatiable appetite for power and money who are more than happy to participate in a fake election and get those few seats that the Junta is prepared to donate for purposes of covering up their election fraud! The biggest case scenario being the Khupe project! If the Mdc boycott Khupe's fake Mdc will be happy to contest and claim the name Mdc and these junta guys don't care as long as they remain in power! It was easy had the Mdc and all the major players been in the alliance! That's why Chamisa is fighting so hard to minimise the fraud in the hope that Zanu Pf s rigging might not be able to overwhelm the number of the people's votes - just like what happened in 2008!" you say.

    So when Khupe failed to implement even one reform during the GNU, participated in the 2013 elections together with Chamisa, Biti Ncube and all the other MDC leaders it was not out of their "insatiable appetite for power and money". She has only become the devil incarnate when she fell out with the others? How convenient.

    What exactly will Chamisa and his MDC Alliance accomplish by participating in elections you and I know are flawed and illegal - either than stop Mai Khupe getting the few gravy train seats?

    Stop deluding yourself with all this talk of "Chamisa is fight so hard to minimise the fraud" because he is doing the exact opposite. He had the golden opportunity to implement the reforms during the GNU and he never lifted a finger. By agreeing to take part in these elections with not even one reform in place has been the greatest encouragement Zanu PF ever wanted to do nothing about reforms.

    There three reasons why anyone worth his salt should boycott these elections:

    1) Zanu PF has already shown by ordering ZEC to recount and whittle down Tsvangirai' 73% March victory to 47%, for example, that the party cannot be defeated no matter what. It is utterly pointless taking part in a process knowing the end result is already pre-determined.

    2) Zanu PF is giving away these few gravy train to the opposition to entice them to participate in the elections to give the process some modicum of credibility. The opposition are taking part out of greed and ordinary Zimbabweans out of stupidity. I am not that stupid!

    3) Even if I cannot do anything to stop both Zanu PF and the greedy opposition holding these flawed elections I can at least get the international observers to rule the process null and void. They will listen to someone who boycott the election but not one who participated ignoring their warning not to.

    Tyrants like Mnangagwa and Mugabe and their corrupt and incompetent acolytes like Tsvangirai and Chamisa have always relied on naïve and gullible followers like you with a very selective memory who will see and remember what there are told slavishly. A naïve and gullible electorate is a curse to any nation and it is little wonder Zimbabwe is in this real mess.

  17. Apparently, Kasukuwere said he has never committed any crime and is ready to have his day in court if there are any cases levelled against him.

    For a man who once upon a time throw such a large shadow in Zimbabwe politics at a time when Zanu PF wield power over life and death and looted so much wealth as can be seen from the size of his mansion; that is very brave indeed. Well, mark my words, Kasukuwere will have his day in court alright!

    "Mhoswa havori!" (A crime, once committed it cannot be undone!) as the Shona would say.