Saturday, 12 May 2018

Chamisa BBC HardTalk left vote-rigging and murderous ED looking "mature, responsible and wise" N Garikai

Chamisa’s credibility has been questioned again and again in the past. On the BBC HardTalk programme he has come through as a someone with a knack to shoot himself in the foot before a race.

Chamisa can never deny that the way he seized power, just a day after Tsvangirai’s death and never allowed the other two VPs to throw their names in the hat, was clumsy and crass. Of course, Thoko Khupe had every right to reject the process out of hand and the resultant split in the MDC was therefore Chamisa’s fault.

“It wasn't of course and of course what we did was within the constitution, we then did it much way after, in fact it was two weeks after the demise of our President that we had to have the internal processes that then gave way to a democratic outcome in terms of who should then be leading the MDC,” was Chamisa’s explanation.

MDC Alliance leaders have been at sixes and sevens as to where they stand as regards the implementation of democratic reforms. They have abandoned their “No reform, no election!” resolution and yet still want to give the impression they will pressure Zanu PF to implement their reform demands!

“Tendai Biti said "unless we get a clear commitment from the securocrats" by which I think he means the Zanu-PF military nexus "unless we get clear commitment from them that they won't interfere the election" he says will be a "sham" and you have said if you don't get your way on things like the ballot papers, you gonna bring the election to a halt, you are raising the temperature?” asked Stephen Sackur.

Of course, MDC leaders are just raising the political temperature and, worse still, making a mountain out of a mole hill. What the nation want is proper democratic reforms implemented and severe the undemocratic control the ruling party has over the securocrats, ZEC, etc. Restoring these state institutions’ independence once and once for all is essential. Getting some Army commander to issue a statement, which is what Biti is calling for, which cannot be enforced in law is a complete waste of time!

MDC leaders had the golden opportunity to implement all the democratic reforms, including security sector reforms, during the GNU. They failed to get even one reform implemented in five years.

SADC leaders have advised the MDC not to contest the elections without first implementing the reforms and they have refused to listen.

Zanu PF rigged the 2013 elections and will do the same this year. Participating in these flawed and illegal elections, hoping against hope to win rigged elections is insane! The nation would not be going through this foolish madness if MDC had implemented the reforms or at least have the intellect to listen SADC leaders’ sound advice.

“I suppose nobody would dispute that what Zimbabwe needs right now is mature, responsible, wise leadership?” Asked Sackur.

“Indeed!” admitted Chamisa.

“Would it not be true to say that in the months that he has had power, Emmerson Mnangagwa has exhibited all of those qualities? He did set-up a truth and reconciliation commission. He has insured that the process of the establishment of rules and parameters of elections are in place,” continued Sackur.

President Mnangagwa, a wise leader! What a laugh!

Like it or not Mnangagwa was a senior member throughout Mugabe’s 37 years reign and per se can never wash his hands of what happened in those years, especially when he played such a pivotal role in rigging election and using wanton violence to make sure Mugabe and Zanu PF remained in power. What wise leadership did he provide then?

One can forgive Stephen Sackur for not knowing that Justice Chihambakwe has investigation the Gukurahundi massacre. His report has never been made public. During the GNU, there were several ministers assigned to deal with peace and reconciliation. President Mnangagwa does not want to deal with this very thorny issue, especially since he has played a leading role, and by appointed another commission, he was kicking the ball into the tall grass. Of course, Chamisa and his MDC friends should know all these issues and flagged them up at every opportunity?

President Mnangagwa has pointedly refused to implement even one democratic reforms to ensure free and fair elections. Chamisa should have challenged Stephen Sackur to explain what these “rules and parameters of elections” Mnangagwa has established, given the nation is heading for yet another rigging election!

Chamisa’s performance on BBC HardTalk was so pathetic, he has made President Mnangagwa look “mature, responsible and wise” regardless of ED’s checked record of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption, blatant vote-rigging and murders.

Having to choose between Mnangagwa and Chamisa for next President is like having to choose to have one’s leg or arm cut-off – either way you will suffer and gain absolutely nothing!

The country is in a serious economic and political mess, 38 years and counting of blundering from pillar to post has left its mark. Worse than that, we are stuck! Neither Mnangagwa nor Chamisa will ever get the nation out of this mess!

These elections should not be taking place without first implementing the democratic reforms, a process designed to dismantle the oppressive Zanu PF dictatorship and the nation to open debate meaningful democratic competition. The dictatorship has stifled debate and made politics so dangerous only incompetent, corrupt and murderous thugs have emerged as leaders. In a healthy and functioning democracy, leaders are elected on the strength of the ideas they are offering and nothing else.

Implement the reforms and the thugs will not be able to rig elections and therefore have nowhere to hide.

Since nothing can be done now to stop these flawed and illegal elections going ahead, both Zanu PF and MDC are determined that the elections go ahead; the only way out is for the elections to be ruled null and void since they will not be free, fair and credible. Zimbabwe must revisit the 2008 raft of democratic reforms only this time the nation must make sure all reforms implemented.


  1. Zanu PF pathetic track record of misrule and corruption of the last 38 years should be manna from heaven for the opposition. Why Chamisa should choose to talk about an 800 km/h bullet train running on a dilapidated rail track whose maximum speed is 50 km/h only goes to show just how shallow the opposition is.

    I agree the most important thing here is that these elections should not be going ahead without implementing the reforms designed to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections. We have seen Zanu PF rigging elections these last 38 years just how many times do they have to do this before the penny drops in these MDC empty heads.

    Is it not bad enough that these MDC idiots sold-out during the GNU by failing to get even one reform implemented? Now they are rubbing it in by foolishly participating in flawed elections and giving the process credibility!

    Having a corrupt, vote-rigging and murderous Zanu PF dictatorship was a curse but this has now been compounded by having a corrupt and incompetent opposition too! The only way out of this mess is for the whole process to be declared null and void. We need to redouble our efforts to make sure that the international observers do not listen to the stupidity of the likes of Chamisa who think the MDC can win rigged elections. We do not want rigged elections, not this year not ever, period!

  2. @ Marallas

    Do you really believe that there were 20 000 "dissidents and their collaborators" or are you just imagining that?

    Of course, it is a great pity that the opposition are so stupid and incompetent they are allowing Mnangagwa to sweep under the carpet the Gukurahundi massacre and his role in it! Mnangagwa is a murgerous tyrant who should be in Chikurumbi prison and not in State House.

  3. "On his visit, Chamisa gave well received speeches at the Oxford Union and Chatham House, which impressed some, as he emphasised calls for an independent electoral body, a proper oversight over the voters' roll and election materials, an impartial military that respects the election result, media and legislative reforms, the early arrival of international monitors, a peaceful vote, fair distribution of food handouts to the needy and depoliticisation of traditional leaders."

    This is the kind of nonsense that the nation has learned to expect from these MDC sell-outs! To start with, MDC leaders had the golden opportunity to implement the democratic reforms and fix these issues once and once for all during the GNU. They failed to get even one reform implemented!

    Two, what is the point of calling for these reforms this late? There is clearly no chance of any of them being implemented this late.

    What is the point of making all these demands when everyone knows that MDC will take part in the elections even if not even one of these demands are met!

    It is a curse to the nation that we have the corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship but this is now made worse by having a corrupt and incompetent opposition to boot!

  4. Chamisa had a golden opportunity to say something of substatnce and he failed to do so! Stupid slogans like Mnangagwa is 'new face of the old order', may impress his MDC supporters but they clearly fell flat on their face when repeated to intellectual audience.

    The tragedy here is the opposition have so much material on Mnangagwa's dirty and corrupt past to work with and yet they seem to be at a lose for what to say!

  5. “On the 19th May, the voter inspection exercise is beginning, go there and check your data,” said Tendai Biti.

    Does this mean Biti believe that 10 days in enough time for the voters to check the voters' roll or is he being his usual naive self again!

    There is no way 5.3 million voters can check the voters' roll in 10 days! The real question is why was the voter registration start late? Zanu PF did not want a verified voters roll for these elections and millions are going to be denied the vote in the chaos that will result from having no verified voters' roll!

  6. Former Minister, Ignatius Chombo seeking relaxing of bail-conditions so he can travel to SA for medical attention.

    The ruling elite have allowed our health service and education to collapse and whilst they go to SA and other places for their health and education needs the ordinary people suffer in damn anguish!

  7. Addressing the National Assembly last week, Finance and Economic Planning Minister Patrick Chinamasa said the culture of "withdrawing money to put it under the pillow" made it difficult to overcome cash shortages.

    "We know the problems of this economy: low production across all sectors of the economy, low exports, and low reserves and to add on to that no currency of our own.

    "The totality of all those causes the challenges that we are facing and we have policy measures to address each and every one of those issues. Do not look at cash shortages in an isolated manner, look at it globally, holistically," he said.

    These problems have dogged the nation for decades, Zimbabwe's economy has all but collapsed sending unemployment soaring to 90% and ¾ of our people now live on US$1.00 a day.

    The only thing Zanu PF has successfully done was to erode the people's democratic right to free, fair and credible elections. The nation is stuck with this incompetent and corrupt regime for the last 38 years now because it rigged elections to stay in power!

    The real challenge of this year's election is first and foremost to make sure from hence forth elections are free, fair and credible. If these elections are not free and fair, with not even one reform in place that is now a certainty, then the process must be declared null and void and the country allowed to revisit the raft of democratic reforms agree in 2008 and make sure they are all implemented this time.

    "We have policy measures to address each and every one of those issues!" What a truck load of bull! Unless we take away Zanu PF's carte blanche powers to rig elections this nation will we never have a competent government that will address the nation's many teething problems. We will continue to get more of this bull!

  8. Zimbabwe has lost close to $17 billion in potential earnings in the wake of ex-president Robert Mugabe's land reform programme launched 18 years ago, economists claim.

    Independent Harare-based economist John Robertson says the country lost out on earnings from timber, cotton, tobacco, wheat and other commercially-produced crops.

    Add to this the multiplier effect of the earnings being spent and recycled in the economy the true loss to the nation balloons to ten or twenty times! It is little wonder Zimbabwe has fallen from its perch as the country with the potential to become the South Korea of Africa to become the North Korea of Africa - a country ruled by ruthless despots and demagogues who are crashing the majority of their people into the dust!

    The people of Zimbabwe would have thrown Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs out of office and stop the farm invasions if they had a meaningful vote. Professor Jonathan Moyo, from his fox-hole in exile, admitted that Zanu PF has always lacked legitimacy since it has routinely rigged elections.

    The real challenge of this year's election is first and foremost to make sure from hence forth elections are free, fair and credible. If these elections are not free and fair, with not even one reform in place that is now a certainty, then the process must be declared null and void and the country allowed to revisit the raft of democratic reforms agree in 2008 and make sure they are all implemented this time.

    Zimbabwe will never realise her true potential and give her people the peace and quality life they deserve until the cancer of rigged elections is dealt with decisively! Implement the democratic reforms and then hold the nation's very first free, fair and credible elections - that is the nation's holy grail!

  9. Hopewell writes a lot of nonsense and loves blowing his own trumpet, talking endlessly about how good he is, but this time he really has gone over the top. He goes town about Sackur expressing his opinion and using Chamisa “to validate” that opinion. Well is he, Hopewell not expressing his own opinion in saying that and using the reader to validate it?

    Hopewell has penned off a number of articles singing President Mnangagwa’s praise and ignoring the historic facts that Mnangagwa is nothing but an incompetent, corrupt vote-rigging and murderous thug!

    It is either Chinono has failed to impress ED with all his bootlicking and is now out fishing for a job at MDC Alliance by blaming those around Chamisa for his pathetic performance. Or else he got his job with ED and his job is to prop up Chamisa and make him look a credible opposition candidate.

    The HardTalk interview has opened many people’s eyes on the sheer stupidity of the MDC candidates and their stubborn refusal to get the reforms implemented so the elections are free and fair. The credibility of these elections is hanging in the balance another expose of MDC leaders as useless idiots will only increase the pressure to have the whole elections ruled null and void. Zanu PF cannot afford that and so all the supernumerary Zanu PF party apologists and now being asked to prop up Chamisa and the MDC Alliance!

  10. Zanu PF has failed to hold free, fair and credible elections all these last 38 years because it does not trust the voters to vote Zanu PF. Having rig the vote it, nonetheless, wants the benefit of the people's mandate and so the party claims the elections were free, fair and credible. President Mnangagwa, given his regime is illegitimate since it was born out of a military coup, is even more desperate to legitimacy and so he wants the people's mandate up graded to divine approval!
    "The Zanu PF manifesto creates dreams, hopes, or plans practically impossible, unrealistic; with very little chance of succeeding. There is nothing scientific about its model and projections, just guestimates and wishful thinking," you say.
    "However, if that is not worrying enough then the party’s new slogan is undoubtedly shocking. The manifesto was launched under the maxim Vox populi, vox dei, an ancient Latin saying for “the voice of the people is the voice of God.”
    "From day one, I was uncomfortable with the discredited slogan. It evoked basic history lessons about the divinity of Kings, something which bordered on heretical doctrine."
    So President Mnangagwa is going full steam ahead with his vote-rigging plans and yet wants the result to be considered divinely inspired! There is very good reason for the nation to be worried because of the outrageous hypocrisy and cynicism in the whole scheme. He knows that these elections are not going to be free, fair and credible because he has refused to implement any meaningful reforms and wants to pre-empt all criticism by claiming the vote rigging was divinely inspired!
    These elections are flawed and illegitimate and we must declare the process null and void. We must not allow ourselves be bullied into accepting the results.

    There is nothing divine in the devil quoting the Holy Book, it only shows he too knows the what the scriptures says and will repeat whole passages if it suits his evil purpose to deceive the naïve and gullible.

  11. Yes Chamisa's 800 km/hour bullet train and US$ 15 billion from President Trump were all silly stories with no consequences since he will be running the bullet train in his own Wonderland. The really stupid stories here with tragic human consequences is that MDC Alliance are dragging the nation into yet another rigged elections under the pretext they will win rigged elections.

    Zimbabwe is in this economic and political mess with 3/4 of the population living on US$1.00 a day because we are stuck with this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship. Zanu PF has managed to stay in power for the last 38 years because the party rigged the elections.

    Nelson Chamisa and the rest of those MDC idiots had the golden opportunity to implement the democratic reforms to stop Zanu PF rigging elections during the GNU; they failed to get even one reform implemented. By keeping on participating in these flawed elections, against the advice of SADC leaders not to, MDC are giving the process political credibility.

    Zanu PF is rigging these elections and extending its corrupt, ruinous and tyrannical rule by another five years and it is the millions of ordinary Zimbabweans who will pay dearly for this folly!

    Even Chamisa and his MDC fools are admitting that these elections are NOT going to be free, fair and credible and yet they are the ones insisting that the elections must go ahead regardless. How criminal and idiotic is that, especially after 38 years of rigged elections and millions of people suffering in damn anguish and hopeless despair?????
    Ever since MDC leaders sold-out during the GNU, shrewd Zanu PF leaders like Robert Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa have known that Chamisa and company will always do the regime’s bidding given the right bribe. Since the 2008 elections, Zanu PF has learnt it can continue to rig elections as long as the party allow the opposition to win a few gravy train seats they will participate and give the process credibility.
    We want the international observers to judge these elections to internationally accepted standards for free, fair and credible elections. The fact that the corrupted opposition has agreed to take part in the flawed elections with no free media, no verified voters’ roll, etc. should not be used as the excuse for lowering the election standards. If these elections are found wanting then the whole charade must be ruled null and void!
    Enough of this MDC nonsense! These MDC idiots do not represent the ordinary Zimbabwean no more than Zanu PF does from rigged elections.

  12. @ Mukwirivindi
    How many comments critical of Zanu PF have you seen in the Herald, Chronicle, etc., and their all public media, paid for by us the public? Why have you never complained about that?

    Are you denying that President Mnangagwa is a corrupt, vote-rigging, coup- plotting and murderous thug? If you are denying that then the editor is duty-bound to delete you denial. We have serious matters to discuss here and no time to waste with those who deny historic facts.

    "inda undovhiya mbudzi!" (Go and skin the goat!) Is what people will say to empty heads with nothing of substance to say, where come from! Since there are no goats on this site, deleting your foolish comment is the next best thing!

  13. @ Caleb Moyo
    If ED is wise then why did he allow Zanu PF to destroy the nation all these last 38 years? He was a senior member of the party all throughout these years.

    If ED is responsible then why did he play a major part in the vote-rigging and murder of the over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans?

    Just because Chamisa and his MDC idiots have failed to point out these serious shortcomings of ED and his junta does not mean ED and company are off the hook!

    Of course Robert Mugabe and his wife and all these Zanu PF buffoons must be brought before the court of law to account for their vast wealth and the innocent blood they have shed. That is called facing justice. Only an idiot like Chamisa would say letting these criminals face justice is "driving looking in the rear-view mirror"!

    Chamisa is supposed to be a lawyer for Pete's sake and therefore show know that enforcing the law is about the past, what happened. What is the point of passing anti-corruption laws if the corrupt are doing to be let to go scot free because you do not want to look at what happened yesterday!

    We are in this mess because of MDC's foolishness and Chamisa made a complete fool of himself on HardTalk. Die-hard MDC supporters can bury their heads in the sand, just as they did when MDC failed to implement the reforms during the GNU, but that will not change the reality - MDC leaders are fools and they are dragging the nation into yet another totally pointless elections.

  14. @ Shoniwa
    My friend you need a lesson in respecting historic facts and being logical.
    “Calling others incompetent thugs, murderers, and thieves without proffering a viable option is not helpful,” you say.
    If you are saying Chamisa and his MDC friends are not corrupt and incompetent, for example, then you must explain why they failed to get even one democratic reform implemented in five years they were in the GNU.
    If you are saying ED and his junta are not corrupt, vote-rigging and murderous thugs then please explain where they got the money to build the mansions, have fleet of posh vehicles, 45 gold watches, etc. at a time the country is going to the dogs because of corruption. Please explain what happened in the 2008 elections, all that six weeks to recount 3.5 million votes and the wanton violence in the run-off, if that is not vote-rigging. Tells what crimes did the over 30 000 Zimbabweans killed by Zanu PF thugs and goons committed and which courts sentenced them to death; if you cannot then they were murdered and those responsible are called murderers.
    Saying someone who is incompetent is incompetent or a murderer is a murderer is NOT hate speech. It is merely stating historic facts as they are. You can bury your head in the sand and not face the facts but that will not stop the nation blundering from pillar to post!
    “One of these two parties will lead Zimbabwe to prosperity come September this year,” you say.
    Right on cue! The country is facing total economic meltdown with unemployment now a nauseating 90%, ¾ of our people living on US$1,00 a day, the filthy rich ruling elite are going to SA, Singapore, etc. for their health and education needs because the country’s own services have completely collapse, etc. And the idiot with his head in the sand still continue refuse to see the dangerous reality of having corrupt and murderous thugs as leaders and continue to witter about economic prosperity.
    “Hupenzi inyama yegakava!” (There is nothing worse than a fool who thinks himself the wisest of the wise!) as one would say in Shona. You are one such fool! I am not insulting you, I do not have time to waste trading insults; I am stating a fact, that is different!

  15. @ Mukwirivindi
    Dissidents did kill tourists and farmers, etc. Are you saying Zanu PF was therefore justified in killing 30 000 in its 38 years in power to establish and retain this de facto one-party dictatorship we are still suffering under to this day? The Zanu PF dictatorship is still alive and thriving today, ED is using the dictatorial power to rig these elections so Zanu PF can remain in power.

    "Zanu PF ichatonga! Igo tonga! Imi muchingohukura! Nokuhukura!" ED boasted and meant every word of it!

    These elections are utterly pointless in that Zanu PF is rigging the elections as it has done in the past!

    90% of our people were out of work yesterday, that is history, they are out of work today, that is present, and unless we do something now to stop this madness of rigging elections that has allowed corrupt and murderous tyrant to rule, and rule, 90% of our people will be unemployed tomorrow, next year, etc.

    This national debate is about implementing the reforms to ensure free, fair and credible elections as the only guarantee of good and competent government!

  16. Yes I remember that but I also remember that ED has played his part in keeping Mugabe in power against the democratic wishes of the people of Zimbabwe. You too must remember how many thousands of people ED has had murdered to establish and retain this dictatorship.

    ED had no power during Mugabe's days and yet he is the one who was the tyrant's captain of the vote-rigging juggernaut and murderous thugs!

    Since taking over in November last year ED had the power to implement the democratic reforms to ensure free and fair elections. He has elected to rig these elections, what excuse does he have for that!!!

  17. Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Chiwenga and all these Zanu PF are filthy rich after decades of robbing the nation blind! And this idiot, Chamisa, has said that he will not investigate the looting, he will not "drive looking in the rear-view mirror". Instead he will reward the looters by paying them to go to Singapore for eye check-up whilst ordinary Zimbabweans cannot even have pain killers! What a sick joke!

  18. The most serious obstacle to President Emmerson Mnangagwa achieving international approval for his elections is the public media, warn civil rights groups and media analysts.
    He has repeatedly said in briefings with foreign diplomats that he guaranteed Zimbabwe would have free and fair elections.
    Patience Zirima, director of Media Monitors in Harare, said the state owned media fell short of standards “laid out in the constitution”.
    “Research we conducted in February indicates that ZBC and the Zimpapers group have not provided fair opportunity for the representation of all views especially political voices and neither have they been impartial.
    “There is an overwhelming dominance of Zanu-PF in stories in the state-owned media and people from the party are given more time to speak or comment on issues.”
    These elections should not be taking place without first implementing the democratic reforms as SADC leaders had advised. They are going ahead because MDC leaders are after the few gravy train seats Zanu PF is giving away to entice the opposition.
    The real challenge here is to see how many the international election observers will judge these elections, with no free media, no verified voters’ roll, ruling party with billions of dollars to looted cash spend whilst the opposition has nothing, etc. free, fair and credible. Just because the opposition have accepted to contest the flawed elections cannot be used by the observers to justify lowering the standards for free and fair elections because these opposition opportunists do not represent the common people!

  19. “However, sadly for me, in this primary election, I have noted several factors that I cannot ignore that I have highlighted to my party MDC-T which I honestly believe constitute the manipulation of the party’s guidelines towards an unfair outcome,” said Jessie Majome.

    MDC leaders claim that they are democrats but the minute they are asked to uphold the rule of law they have again and again disregarded the law. There was nothing democratic about the way Chamisa seized power following the death of Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai had himself disregarded the party’s constitution limiting his stay to a maximum of two five year terms.

    Majome is just another victim of an undemocratic party that claims to be a democratic party when it is just a gathering of ruthless corrupt and incompetent thugs!

  20. “The army is the people’s military. They salute the people and the leader chosen by the people. We are going to elections and the military will salute the leader who would have been chose. They will not be saluting the people, but the Constitution,” Chamisa said to applause.
    His remarks came amid fears that the military, which has been widely viewed as the vital cog in Zanu PF’s election machinery, might refuse to recognise his victory.
    Chamisa and his acolytes have demanded that the military make public pronouncements to the effect that it will respect the rule of law and accept the election results whichever way they go.
    “We are happy that our military knows the law. They will salute not the leader, but the Constitution. We do not want hungry soldiers and we will correct that including all working conditions for government workers across the board. We will priorities the welfare of all government workers, nurses, teachers and soldiers,” he said.

    The sheer stupidity of those MDC leaders is breath-taking; they are always jumping the gun! Chamisa is worrying about what will happen after MDC has won the elections when Zanu PF, the Army and the whole regime’s juggernaut is going into overdrive to make sure MDC does NOT win the elections.

    Whilst everyone is calling for the democratic reforms to be implemented to make sure the elections are free, fair and credible these MDC idiots want the elections to go ahead with no reforms because they believe they have “stringent measures to stop Zanu PF rigging elections,” as Chamisa puts it. Of course he does not have any such measure, he is just being his usual idiotic self.

    SADC leaders have advised MDC leaders not to go into the elections without reforms and the two Americans senators said the same thing last month. MDC leaders like Chamisa do not listen.

    The people of Zimbabwe deserve free, fair and credible elections and none of this nonsense of winning rigged elections. MDC leaders like Chamisa are after the few gravy train seats Zanu PF gives away as bait to entice the opposition to contest these flawed elections. These opposition opportunists do not represent the democratic interest of the common people of Zimbabwe.

  21. @ Chinono

    "My original question is still as relevant today as it was a month ago because after watching the BBC Hard Talk interview on ZBC, the average Wamba supporter that I have spoken to is not bothered at all by how Wamba fared," you say.

    "They seem committed to supporting him regardless and have declared that their vote is not negotiable. These people have reasons for saying and thinking like that, their main issues like the lack of money in the banks have persisted regardless of Robert Mugabe's demise."

    You are right that the "average Wamba supporter is not bothered at all by how Wamba fared on HardTalk". But hence lies the weakness of MDC and the nation at large. Nelson Chamisa and his fellow MDC leaders have already proven repeatedly beyond all reasonable doubt that they are breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent. They have done so graphically during the GNU by failing to implement even one democratic reform in five years with the disastrous consequences we are suffering from to this day. The MDC supporters have been warning of how the party leaders have sold-out, but wildebeest herd has remained unmoved.

    Zimbabwe is in this economic and political hell-on-earth because we, the people have failed to appreciate the importance of electing competent leaders. Even when the leaders have shown to be village idiots we have still wanted them to be leaders. Well there is a price to be paid by electing village idiots leaders and we are paying it - we are in living in the hell-on-earth of our own making.

    "Their vote is not negotiable!" How ironic coming from a people who have never had a free vote!

    Chamisa is dragging the herd into yet another flawed and rigged elections; after 38 years of rigged elections the herd cannot get their heads round the reality that their vote counts for nothing as long as Zanu PF has the veto!

    The real challenge here is not going into yet another meaningless election but rather to demand that reforms must be implemented to remove Zanu PF's veto and thus restore meaning to elections!

    Chinono is doing his ED master's bidding, encourage MDC supporters to cheer their leader even when he has just made yet another foolish decision and to believe the party can win rigged elections. Why else would Chinono be encouraging the MDC supporters to ignore their leader's failures!