Saturday, 10 February 2018

"No one lives in the past," insist Mnangagwa - he is, by rigging elections and insist they are free W Mukori

"We have some cases here of divisions, but that should come to an end because we want the best and make President Mnangagwa win a free, fair and credible election," Zanu-PF National Secretary for War Veterans, War Collaborators, ex-Detainees and Restrictees, Victor Matemadanda, argued.

"When we fought for this country, we all wanted a better Zimbabwe, therefore, President Mnangagwa has all we want for a better Zimbabwe."

Matemadanda can fool his fellow war veterans into believing all that nonsense of “President Mnangagwa has all we want for a better Zimbabwe”, the ordinary Zimbabweans, povo, will not be so easily fooled this time.

Most people now appreciate the importance of having free and fair elections as the pre-requisite for good and competent government. They know Zimbabwe have never ever held free, fair and credible elections. They know President Mnangagwa himself has masterminded and executed most of Zanu PF corruption activities, vote rigging, wanton violence and coup activities for the sole purpose of retain political power at all cost. The war veterans have been the regime’s storm troopers in imposing the de facto one-party dictatorship.

The people of Zimbabwe will never forget the wanton political violence of Gukurahundi period and the 2008 elections in particular.  

Everyone in Zanu PF wants the nation to believe that the military coup of 15 November 2017, that removed the former dictator and tyrant Robert Mugabe and “criminal elements around him”, completely transformed Zanu PF.  The party of corrupt and murderous thugs was now a party of peaceful citizens who respected the rule of law and now championed the holding of free and fair elections. If this was so; then why has the regime stubbornly refused to implement even one democratic reform?

Why has President Mnangagwa gone on to bribe the Chiefs with the new twin cab trucks to make sure they, in return, continue to frog march rural voters to vote for Zanu PF as has been the norm?  

Why has President Mnangagwa appointed Retired General Engelbert Rugeje Zanu PF National Commissar, knowing that he has a reputation as a ruthless thug who terrorized the people to force them to vote in 2008 and 2013?    

Of course, President Mnangagwa and his fellow coup-staging thugs knew the coup was illegal and, per se, the regime it sired is illegitimate. They are on a charm offensive to assure the nation and the whole world that they are not thugs. They are not fooling anyone with eyes to see. Mnangagwa and the coup thugs are the same individuals who have been rigging elections and committing all the thuggery to keep Mugabe in power all these last 37 years. The coup allowed them to seize power and it is naïve to believe that after committing that treasonous act they forsook their old criminal ways even at the cost of losing the power they risked all to get!

"I have heard the call of the people of Zimbabwe, I share the vision of the people and I am committed to work for the country. I appreciate the realities of our country. Our industries are stagnant, unemployment rate high. Travelling around the country, I am saddened by the poverty in the communities," President Mnangagwa told a rally in Mvuma, Midlands, the other day.

Only someone who has just landed from Mars would believe him. Mnangagwa and many others in his regime have been senior members in Mugabe’s government for 37 years; of course, they are equally responsible for the mess we see today. They were not stone deaf, blind and mute all these years!

"No one lives in the past, we live in the present and plan for the future. Now under the new dispensation, we are open for business. For about 18 years, Zimbabwe has been isolated and been under sanctions. We would like to thank Zimbabweans for remaining resolute and steadfast during the time of hardships," he continued.

The President acknowledged that the country’s economic revival will depend on reviving the country’s once productive agricultural sector and on attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) into critical sectors such as mining. The Zimbabwe economy is too weak and feeble to generate the cash required to kick-start the economy.

Whilst the regime’s promise to compensate the white farmers whose farms were seized by Mugabe and grant farm owners 99-year land leases; will go some way to restore confidence in the farming sector. However, the regime will be waiting in vain for the FDI; no investors want to invest their money in a nation without rule of law and ruled by thugs.
President Mnangagwa can insist in calling the November coup “a military assisted transition” that will not change the reality on the ground – it is a coup. There is mounting evidence already to prove this year election will NOT be free, fair and verifiable.

If President Mnangagwa had honoured his promise and delivered free, fair and credible elections; then the elections would be focused on one thing and one thing only – vote to wrestle the veto Zanu PF had wielded all these last 38 years.

As we can see, the elections are not going to be free, fair and verifiable; the task is to make sure the whole process is declared null and void. By declaring the flawed elections null and void, the nation will be given the opportunity to finally implement the democratic reforms necessary to effect real political change and economic recovery; at long last!

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