Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Zimbabweans " know me and that it's my chance" to lead, say Mujuru - delirium. By P Guramatunhu

Rinemanyanga hariputirwi!” (It is impossible to conceal one’s weaknesses forever!) so goes the Shona adage. Mai Mujuru’s weaknesses, hidden and only guessed at for many years, are coming out now.

Those of us who have known Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru long before independence will tell you that she a brave woman and that she played her part in the armed struggle but did she deserve her senior position in the struggle? The answer has to be a no.

After independence Joice Mujuru was one of the Zanu PF leaders who has kept their very senior positions in the party and government, cabinet member, in her case, for 34 years the last 10 of which she was VP, second only to President Mugabe. The question arises again; did she deserve her promotion? The answer is once again a no!

The truth is Joice Mujuru is not clever; it is impossible for anyone, with any wit themselves, to miss that. There is no doubt that she is painfully aware of her own serious limitations and, like many others in her position, has learned to guard her secret by saying very little. She has heeded Lincoln’s advice!

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt," advised USA President Abraham Lincoln.

Saying very little and even then only from pre-prepared written speeches was all very well whilst she lived under Mugabe’s shadow, who spoke for us all - cabinet, parliament, Zanu PF, povo, everybody. Ever since the day she and many others were booted out of Zanu PF, especially when they decided to form their own party with Joice Mujuru as leader, she has had to open her mouth and speak. Each time she has open her mouth she has left the listener in no doubt what a fool she is!

“The Zimbabwean people have known me for a long time, from the days when I was the youngest minister. They know exactly how I’ve been relating to issues that affect their daily lives,” she said in a Newsweek Magazine report.

“They are seeing that it’s now my time, it’s now my chance. Because before, I’ve been subservient to lots of leaderships. But now that I will be the leader in my own right, surely… they think something better will come out of it.”

If she has been working on issues that affect us, the ordinary people’s daily lives, all these 34 years when she was at the very heart of this Zanu PF regime then why has the country sunk into this political and economic mess? Corruption has become rampant and over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans have been murdered in cold blood to establish and retain the de facto Zanu PF dictatorship. She has said and done nothing to stop this madness; nothing other than play her part in the tyranny and take her lion’s share of the looted wealth.

Last years, when she was asked why she had never done nothing to stop the corruption, vote rigging, political oppression, etc.; she said did not see any of it. “A puppy does not open its eyes the day it is born!” she argued!

The truth is Mai Mujuru is a simpleton who would have never risen above the rank of unit leader during the war and held no higher position than rural councillor in public life if Zimbabwe had an open, healthy and functional democratic system. There are many, many men and women who would have served the nation far better than she did if they had been deputy minister, minister, VP, etc. in her place!

Whilst Mai Mujuru has admitted that corruption is a serious problem in Zimbabwe; she insists that she is not corrupt, nor was her late husband, Solomon Mujuru. She has yet to name even one person in the country who is corrupt. She has yet to square the circle, there cannot be corruption but no corrupt person(s) just as there cannot be murder but no murderer.

Indeed, in February 2014, just a few months before she was booted out of Zanu PF, she was telling women in Chinhoyi that there was no corruption they should not listen to the lies of “regime change agents”.

There can be no doubt that Mai Mujuru is corrupt and incompetent, especially now that she has been forced to open her mouth and remove all doubt that she is a fool who was promoted way above her level of competence. If she thinks Zimbabweans will ever elect her, in a free, fair and credible election, president then she is even more daft than she looks!

Mai Mujuru has already said that she and her party would contest next year’s elections even if not even one democratic reform has been implemented to ensure the elections are free and fair. If she has no snowball in hell chance of winning a free and fair election, she may just as well take her chance contest the flawed elections.  

After 34 years of enjoying absolute power the simpleton, Mai Mujuru, has become so intoxicated that she is not only blind to the reality that she betrayed the nation but is daft to think the people of Zimbabwe are equally blind of her treasonous betrayal.

“But now that I will be the leader in my own right, surely… they think something better will come out of it,” said Mujuru in her delirium!

The people of Zimbabwe must demand the implementation of all the democratic reforms BEFORE the next elections. Only by holding free, fair and credible elections will this nation stop corrupt and murderous tyrants like Mugabe, corrupt and incompetent minions like Tsvangirai, corrupt and delirious simpletons like Mujuru, etc. worming their way into State House!


  1. “You have no shame that women were beaten in 2008 until flesh fell off their buttocks!” said Tim Sebastian in Conflict Zone interview.

    “You have a duty to look after the people but you did not!”

    “If you know so little in 34 years what makes you sure you will do any better if you do any better!”

    Mai Mujuru is mud, she cannot continue to deny that she has done nothing about corruption and murderous tyranny. She is not suitable material for the highest office in the land.

    Any Zimbabweans who continue to follow Joice Mujuru are not doing the nation any favours because only a foolish electorate can be so blind and naive to continue to follow a corrupt and incompetent person EVEN when they should know he/she is a corrupt and incompetent fool!

  2. It is one thing to have had leaders like Robert Mugabe, Joice Mujuru and all the other Zanu PF thugs ruining our livelihoods and terrorising us for all these years because they rig elections and used brute force to remain in power. It is another matter to risk life and limp to elect someone like Mujuru into power knowing fully well she is just an empty head whose only desire is to perpetuate the dictatorship by giving it new name and new faces.

    Zimbabwe is not going to get out of the hell-on-earth it is in right now until the people take the task of electing good leaders with the seriousness the matter demands. Following a scatter-brain like Mujuru shows that the people are far from ready for good government.

  3. @ Herald

    “It was more like an echo chamber and ego trip. Tsvangirai was just navel-gazing,” you said.
    And you are spot on.

    The people up and down the country told him that Zanu PF intimidation was the greatest threat they faced and Tsvangirai had no solution to that. Telling his MDC-T youths to join Zanu PF was the worst thing he could have done because Zanu PF youths are known for their thuggery and the MDC-T will be forced to take part in this. Instead of reducing the political violence in the country, Tsvangirai has, unwittingly, thrown fuel to the fire.

    Tsvangirai is not navel-gazing, his head is way past his navel!

    “It is recognised that 2018 could as well make, at long last or break Tsvangirai, for good,” you said.

    No prize for guessing that Zanu PF will rig the elections and finally force Tsvangirai to retire. But that is of no matter considering he will still have the $4 million Highlands mansion which he would have never afforded if he had stayed in Buhera herding goats! The big issue here is can the nation afford another rigged election?

    We should never forget that if Tsvangirai had not sold-out during the GNU this country will not be in this mess. How much has this nation lost in looted wealth, human suffering and human lives because President Mugabe remained in State House in July 2013? Can we really afford another five more years of this corrupt and tyrannical rule?

  4. “With scarcely 15 months to go before Zimbabwe's next elections, it seems that the Western world has no strategy to avert continued Zanu PF misrule. What's new, you may ask, and why are we singling out the Western world?” wrote Zimvigil.

    “Well, it's because the other power blocks do have a strategy: it is to support Zanu PF. Our 'all-weather' friends China, Russia, the Middle East etc have no interest in promoting democracy in Zimbabwe. Neither does the South African government or Africa in general.”

    If the people of Zimbabwe are waiting for the West or SADC to help them end the Zanu PF dictatorship then they should plant the North American Redwood trees that live for thousands of years because it is going to be a long, long wait. The West imposed sanctions on the Mugabe regime and it was none other than Tsvangirai and his MDC mob who have spent the GNU years nagging the West to lift the sanctions.

    SADC leaders forced President Mugabe to sign the GPA spelling out the democratic reforms designed to ensure the 2013 elections will be free and fair. Zanu PF rigged the elections again but only because MDC ignored SADC leaders’ pleas for them to implement the reforms. Even now, with the benefit of hindsight, there are still many Zimbabweans out there who still refuse to accept that MDC fcuked up and continue to blame SADC for failing to deliver free and fair elections in 2013.

    Both SADC and the West are loathed to interfere in Zimbabwe’s affairs, especially when it is clear we, the people of Zimbabwe, are not ready for good and democratic government. Our continued support of corrupt and incompetent leaders like Tsvangirai, Mujuru, etc. is proof we are not taking the business of election leaders with some common sense, at least, with the seriousness it demands.

    It is now up to us, ordinary Zimbabweans, not the West or SADC, to demand the implementation of the democratic reforms and thus ensure the next elections are free and fair. One way of doing this is making sure that none of our good-for-nothing opposition parties contest the elections. If we cannot even deal with the brainless Tsvangirai what more of the cunning fox, Robert Mugabe!

  5. @ Muzamhindo

    “We need to be hard working and increase innovation and creativity,” you say.

    This is just the Boxer, the horse in Animal Farm, mentality; "I will work harder!" Corruption in Zimbabwe has become so rampant that $15 billion is "swindled", by President Mugabe's own admission, and no one is arrested and not a dollar recovered. There is evidence to show the swindling is still going on.

    We are a hard-working nation; we are not in this mess because we need to work even harder but because of the decades of mismanagement and corruption.

    No nation on earth can afford this level of corruption much less a country like Zimbabwe with a GDP of $10 billion! We need people with the common sense to know that no nation on earth can ever prosper when there is so much criminal waste of material and human resources.

  6. The last two years have been a steep learning curve for Mai Mujuru. Her long years in high ranking positions in Zanu PF and in government had given her the impression that she is a competent leader. The last two years have forced her to prove her leadership qualities and she has fallen flat on her face.

    The recent media coverage has shown her for who she real is – a foolish woman who has no idea what her role as a leader is much less what the nation needs to get out of the mess we are in. She has never had to defend her position to a free media and the free media exposed her for the phony she is!

    We need a free media and democratic competition, it has already help us separate the wheat from the chuff. Mai Mujuru is worse than chuff; she is rotten grain!

    Zimbabwe is in a real mess because for the last 37 years we have failed to take the task of electing good leaders with the seriousness the matter demands. How anyone can consider Mai Mujuru for president given her track record only goes to show we are not serious. 

    When we attained our independence in 1980 we should have been ready to take on the enormous responsibility of self-government. The last 37 years have been a complete disaster for Zimbabwe. If we have not learned anything from all the mistakes we have made then there is a real fear that we will never learn because we are fast running out of time. Zimbabwe cannot afford another rigged elections and another five more years of this economic meltdown and the tragic human misery that comes with it.

    Even if the opposition was to win next year's elections; it is naive to expect Tsvangirai or Mai Mujuru to bring about any meaningful economic recovery much less implement the much need democratic reforms. The two have already proven that they are corrupt and incompetent; we should not expect any miracles from them. A Zanu PF victory, which is almost a certainty, will mean nothing changes on the economic and political front!

  7. @ Godonga

    My dear friend, Mugabe has always surrounded himself with some of the most incompetent individuals he could find; people like the late Simon Muzenda and Joice Mujuru herself. What have these two ever said or done in all their years in high office? Nothing! Mugabe wanted them there precisely because there was no chance of them being a serious challenge to him. 

    Only a few weeks ago, at his birthday party, Mugabe was telling his followers that he will be the Zanu PF candidate for next year's elections regardless of his advance age, 94 years, and ill health because there was no one "capable of replacing him"! He has seen to it that there is no one by surrounding himself with useless people. 

    "All Mujuru is saying is that she hoped to change Zanu PF from within," you argue. 

    She was there for 34 years and in those year the country was reduced to economic ruins and over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans were murdered; if that is not proof of her failure then I really do not know what is!

    Zimbabwe is in this economic and political mess because we have not taken the task of electing quality leaders with the seriousness and urgency the matter demands. You wish to recycle the individuals who already have a proven track record of blundering failure only goes to show how naive you are. 

  8. @ Zunzanyika

    Mugabe is a cunning and ruthless tyrant with "several degrees in violence", as he has often boasted. I would never consider Mugabe to be clever because it takes a real first class idiot to follow some of the economic policies Zimbabwe has pursued under his leadership. What is so clever in turning a nation that was once a breadbasket of the region into one that cannot even feed its own people. 

    "I like Joyce, because she is not clever, she is bound to listen to the electorate, and might pave the way for true democracy," you say.

    When that is a tall order! Well she has sat there like a cabbage for 34 years whilst the country went to the dogs, she did nothing to stop the rot other than take her share of the looted wealth. Talking to her shows that she has no clue what was going on under her own nose. So from her track record there is no question that Joice Mujuru is not clever but worse still, she is corrupt and incompetent. 

    Only a fool would want someone with a proven track record that he/she is a corrupt and incompetent to hold public office, especially the highest office in the land. You have learnt nothing from the tragic mess Zanu PF has dragged us into these last 37 years - proof that you are indeed a first class idiot. Fools are incapable of learning even the most obvious lessons from their mistakes, they are destined to repeat the same mistake over and over again expecting a different result. 

    A fool will spend all day watering the garden with a leaking bucket, a task requiring one full bucket.

    It is foolish to elect Mujuru into any position of power and authority; you need to be save from your only foolishness! There is simple too much at stake - the destiny of the whole nation – to allow fools like you have the final say in this!

  9. @ Muzamhindo

    Zimbabwe's economic problems are due to decades of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption by a corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe dictatorship. During the five years of the GNU, Zanu PF misrule was some what reduced and the economy responded very well only to fall back to the usual chaos again after Zanu PF rigged the 2013 elections. 

    Zimbabwe's economic recovery is totally dependent on the country having competent leaders with some common sense, at least. Those who think we can have meaningful economic recovery without doing something to end the corrupt and tyrannical autocratic system of government first are naive, to say the least! 

  10. @ Godonga

    I do agree with you that President Mugabe had some bright individuals in his cabinet but it is equally true that he had some useless people too and Dr Joice Mujuru is one of the useless ones. She is corrupt and incompetent and it is a great surprise that anyone would question that given her track record!

    Even a total stranger with no previous knowledge of her track record would be left in no doubt that she is useless after watching her performance on HardTalk and Conflict Zone. She was denying knowledge of the Gukurahundi massacre, corruption, vote rigging, everything. "Joice Mujuru if you are so ignorant of what happens in Zimbabwe, what use are you to the country?" Asked Stephen Sackur in sheer exasperation!

    How is she going to stop corruption, for example, if she has no clue of the the rampant corruption that has been taking place under her own nose?

    Mai Mujuru has faced the "relentless beast" for 34 years and has nothing to show for it; that is a historic fact. It is foolish to entrust the destiny of the whole nation on someone we already know is corrupt and incompetent; that is common sense!

  11. @ Zunzanyika

    Surely, we should elect our leaders on the basis of their good leadership qualities and not on the basis of how many degrees the hold or how simple they are! Dr Joce Mujuru has a doctorate so she too does not qualify to be president since you now have a total distrust of anyone holding a degree qualification.

    Surely, we should elect leaders on the basis of the ability to deliver freedom, liberty, economic prosperity, etc. Mai Mujuru was in government for 34 years and all we have seen is growing poverty and political repression. She is corrupt and incompetent and only a fool will freely elect someone like that to be leader.

    You should not take this personally but it is true that only someone who is insane will try the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. In this cases electing a corrupt and incompetent individual president, the same individual who has presided  over your economic collapse and tyrannical oppression for the last 34 years, and expect economic prosperity, freedom , etc. is insane.

    The current crop of leaders leaves a lot to be desired but to limit your choice to these is to fail to see that it is the present political system that is to blame. Zimbabwe needs to end this Zanu PF dictatorship first and replace it with a democratic system complete with a free press. Democratic competition will separate the sheep from the goats and thus allow quality leaders to emerge.

  12. Herbert Wiltshire Pfumaindini Chitepo, born on 15 June 1923 in Inyanga and assassinated by British Special Air services as stated by author Peter Stiff in Lusaka Zambia on March 18 1975.

    It is a great pity that he died before independence, he may have help stop the madness that engulfed the nation in 1980 which we are grappling with to this day!

  13. @ Zunzanyika

    We have failed to end the Zanu PF dictatorship because the regime rigs the elections and the regime has now perfected its vote rigging schemes to the point where Grace Mugabe can rightly boast Mugabe's copse would win the elections. You are not going to remove Zanu PF from power by contesting in an electoral process in which the party is free to cheat, that is common sense (not to those who are mentally challenged, that I readily concede).

    You reap what you sow, my friend. If you have a system that produces sewage then scum will rise to the top. Zanu PF dictatorship has stifled all meaningful debate and competition and only thugs and idiots like Mujuru, Mnangagwa and Mugabe himself. The opposition camp has not done any better with corrupt and incompetent individuals like Tsvangirai and Biti.

    If a healthy and functional democracy has produced quality leaders in other countries, I do not see why it should not do the same in Zimbabwe. If you have wholesome milk, you will have cream rising to the top. All we have to do here is implement the reforms, why are you so scared to do that?

  14. The HardTalk interview has revealed not just how incompetent and corrupt Mai Mujuru is but worse still how naive and conceited she is. She has played her part in the corrupt and tyrannical regime that has destroyed the country's economy condemning millions to a life of abject poverty. Yet she has the cheek to consider herself competent to "rebuild" the economy. If she is that competent then why the devil did she do nothing to stop it being destroyed in the first place?

    "Joice Mujuru if you are so ignorant of what happens in Zimbabwe, what use are you to the country?" asked Stephen Sackur. He hit the nail in the head, right there!

    We have suffered enough under these stupid, corrupt and incompetent idiots; we want free and fair elections because only then will we be able to reject these rotten idiots and elect good people.

  15. @ Rorenz

    In the March 2008 vote Tsvangirai got 73% of the vote by President Mugabe's own admission but after the six weeks of "recounting" this was reduced to 47%. It is now impossible to defeat Zanu PF as long as the party has the licence to rig the vote. It is that simple! Tsvangirai and company did not contest the 2013 elections with any hope of winning the elections and forming the next government. They contested to win the few seats Zanu PF gives away as bait. They are contesting next year's elections for the same reasons. The important matter is whether we are willing to allow our future to be sold away for such selfish gains again?

  16. @ Zunzanyika

    This is a catch 22. How will Tsvangirai or Mujuru win an election Zanu PF has the licence to rig? No the first thing is to accept that fact that as long as Zanu PF has the licence to rig the vote the party will "rule forever"!

    No one with any brain has ever said that Zanu PF should implement the reforms and reform itself out of power. The key point about the GNU was that President Mugabe signed the GPA agreeing to the implementation of the reforms it was MDC's fault that not even one reform was implemented. You have never understood what the GNU was about, that is your problem.

    If Zanu PF was forced to sign the GPA before, it can be forced to do so again by all the opposition boycotting contesting the present flawed election process!

  17. Former Vice-President and National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru has vehemently denied that she dealt in diamonds and that there was place at Chiadzwa called “Churu cha Mai Mujuru” saying the project that she had in Chiadzwa was a horticultural project.
    She also denied on the British Broadcasting Programme, Hardtalk, that she had any dealings with a European company called Firstar.
    The diamonds in batches of two, three, four and five carat and had a total value of $15 874 366.60.
    The gold was worth $141.9 million at the 2009 prices.

    The plot thickens!

    The more Mai Mujuru tries to lie the more she entraps herself in her own web of lies. The day she told HardTalk she was poor with only one farm and one house, Herald published a list of companies, properties and other assets owned by her late husband Solomon.

    Mai Mujuru is corrupt and incompetent of that there is no denying that! Mai Mujuru is not suitable material to hold public office much less the highest office in the land, of that there is no denying too!

  18. Many Zimbabweans had the opportunity to listen to the two interviews for themselves and they heard for themselves how she denied knowledge of many, many things that happened during her 34 years in government, for example. "Joice Mujuru if you are so ignorant of what happens in Zimbabwe, what use are you to the country?" Stephen Sackur was forced to ask!

    Mawarire is just a Mujuru apologist trying to be very selective of Mujuru's record and blowing them out of proportion, her role in "Bhora Mushango" does not rub out all the corruption and incompetence of the rest of her 34 years in power. She tried to do the same her self by denying her "Churu ChaMai Mujuru" had anything to do with her looting diamonds. Spotlight-Z has published details of the diamond looting value at over $15 billions. Mawarire should deny that one!

    President Mugabe and his Zanu PF regime are not coming out of the Mai Mujuru expose clean themselves. It is no secret that Mai Mujuru is not the only Zanu PF member who has been looting even if she was, the regime must explain why anyone could swindle $15 billion and they are not arrested and not a dollar is ever recovered! Even the Chinese and Israelis, Mugabe's partners in crime, must be instructing their operatives to burn everything that could be traced back to them and their activities in Zimbabwe and go into hiding! Mai Mujuru's interviews have shown the whole world just how corrupt the Mugabe regime is and now that the gene is out of the box, there is no putting it back!

  19. Government is offering MPs stands in lieu of their outstanding allowances.

    First Mugabe gave away jobs in the civil service and parastatals and contracts. When he started to run of those he seized white owned farms and gave these away to his ever demanding but wasteful cronies. They looted everything they could and came back for more. So now he is giving away stands because there is really nothing else of value to give away. 

    Zanu PF has been rigging elections to stay in power but the one thing the regime could not rig was economic prosperity. In the end, it is the economy that is going to end Zanu PF's rule! 

  20. Now that the gene is out of the bottle there is no putting it back!

    It is no secrete that there has been serious looting and plunder of the nation's wealth and that the Mujuru's were not the only ones looting. So if the Mujuru's looted $15 billions what did others loot?Even if Mugabe tries to pretend it is only the Mujuru's who have been looting, he must explain why his regime has done nothing to stop the looting and why not even one dollar was ever recovered?

    The stench of Mai Mujuru corruption and incompetence is not only going to be limited to her but to everyone in Zanu PF! Everyone!