Thursday, 30 March 2017

Another "Mujuru Bhora Musango will defeat Zanu PF" - another kiya kiya hare-brain scheme. N Garikai

The elephant in Zimbabwe’s political room is Zanu PF’s now limitless power to rig elections. When a number of Zimbabwe’s opposition parties came together to form NERA, they promised to pressure the Zanu PF regime to implement electoral reforms to take away the party’s omnipotent vote rigging powers. What they were proposing is the equivalent of the mice proposing to tie the bell on the cat with the new twist, get the bloody cat to tie the blood bell round its own neck!  

“Zanu PF is not going to reform itself out of office,” Zanu PF bigwigs like High Education Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo have said. He was only stating the obvious, just to underline the foolishness of the proposal.

The opposition have failed to get even one democratic reform implemented in the last four years since the last rigged July 2013 elections and it is certain they will not get any implemented in the remaining year before the elections. There is panic and confusion in the opposition camp; they all want to contest next year’s elections but since they have done nothing to curtail Zanu PF’s vote rigging powers they are now coming up with all manner of hare-brain scheme to convince themselves and the electorate how they can still win the election regardless of all Zanu PF’s vote rigging!

“In the instances that they (opposition) partially won an election, it was because of the bhora musango (kick ball into the bush),” said Jealousy Mawarire, Mujuru’s NPP spokesman, explaining his party’s hare-brain scheme.

“If you read and understand the bhora musango phenomenon, you would see that there was a Mujuru element in that aspect; supporters of Dr Mujuru within Zanu PF chose not to vote for the Zanu PF president in 2008. And that resulted in the MDCT and its leader Morgan Tsvangirai winning the first round of that election.”

“So that alone is an indication that if we work together we have chances of defeating Zanu PF and also effect the transfer of power.”

If Mai Mujuru was truly committed to see power transfer then and smart enough to see this through then why did she fail to stop President Mugabe rigging the result. Tsvangirai had 73% of the vote, according to President Mugabe’s own admission, he ordered ZEC to recount the votes. After six weeks of recounting ZEC announced that Tsvangirai had 47% of the vote.

In the presidential run-off that followed, President Mugabe launched his own military style operation “Mavhotera papi!” (Whom did you vote for!) which completely overwhelmed Bhora Musango (assuming it was still active) and turned Tsvangirai’s 73% victory in March into an 85% Mugabe victory in July!

The people expected Mai Mujuru and her ZimPF to do well in the recent Bikita West by-elections, after all she could now openly and aggressively deploy her Bhora Musango phenomenon and not have to hide as in 2008 when she was still a Zanu PF bigwig! The ZimPF only got 14% of the vote! Mawarire should explain what happen. Did she lose her ball?

If Mai Mujuru has any brain at all and truly cared about a free and democratic Zimbabwe then she should have used her position at the heart of the party and government to stop President Mugabe creating the de facto one-party dictatorship in the first place. Her hare-brain Bhora Musango plan was too little too late, as we have seen.

After 37 years of corrupt and tyrannical Mugabe and Zanu PF rule that has forced millions to leave the country as economic and/or political refugees or else live in abject poverty; the need for a competent government is now a matter of life and death. We cannot afford yet another rigged election; that should be obvious even to our corrupt and incompetent opposition politicians.

We need a working solution to fix our broken political system. NPP’s Bhora Musango, the grand opposition coalition, etc. as all kiya kiya solutions because they all do nothing to address the big problem of Zanu PF’s power to rig elections. We have ignored Zanu PF’s ability to rig elections for 37 years and it has only grown in extend and sophistication over the years to the all-powerful colossus it is today. Grace Mugabe is so confident of a Zanu PF victory next year that she boasted that even the corpse of her husband as the Zanu PF candidate would win the election.  

We must now stop Zanu PF’s vote rigging juggernaut once and once for all by making sure there will be no elections until the democratic reforms designed to dismantle the dictatorship are fully implemented. We must discard all the opposition’s kiya kiya scheme to contest the elections with no reforms in place because they have not worked in the past and never will!


  1. This true but he was helped in all this by the party being composed of some of the most naive individuals one can ever imagine who just followed Mugabe no questioned asked. We will never know if this would have happened if the likes of Hebert Chitepo, who seemed to have some working grey stuff between his ears, had lived beyond 1980.

  2. UNPD was not going to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections even if it discovered the vote rigging because it is none of their business. The opposition has failed to get Zanu PF to implement even one meaningful democratic reform and is trying to drag the UNPD in the hope they will do something to stop the vote rigging.

    Now the UN has made things crystal clear, stopping Zanu PF rigging the elections is not UN business let us hope the opposition will now finally get off their backsides and do something to end this vote rigging culture.

  3. President Mugabe has only kept Zanu PF together because he used the nation's wealth to bribe all those around him. After 37 years of mismanagement and corruption the Zimbabwe economy is now in ruins and yet his Zanu PF cronies' appetites have soared into the stratosphere, Mugabe has nothing left to kept his ever hungry but wasteful minions glued together.

    Zanu PF in fight is not going to stop as the party members fight over the few left over scraps.

  4. Zuma cracks the whip – 15 ministers and deputes sacked.

    I feel for the people of SA; for years now the country has been be latching from one crisis to the next, this is not helping in any way!

  5. The people of Zimbabwe should have learned by now never to take any opposition leaders' promises at face value. Tsvangirai assured the people repeatedly before the 2013 elections that the elections would be free, fair and credible. He insisted that we did not need any reforms implemented, the new constitution was all we needed. We knew soon after the vote that we needed the reforms because Zanu PF blatantly rig that elections as MDC leaders readily admitted.

    Now here we are, on the eve of another election, with not even one reform in place; we are being asked to believe that there will be regime change regardless (no opposition leader has dared to claim the elections will be free and fair). The formation of the grand coalition by the opposition and this new phenomenon called Bhora Musango, we are being told, will be all we need. It is the game changer we have been looking for.

    People's lives rest on the country holding free and fair elections and the people will be foolish to gamble that on the strength of something as feeble and elusive as coalition of corrupt and useless opposition parties. The people of Zimbabwe must stop being reckless with their own lives if they are ever to going to get out of the mess we are in.

  6. Zambia deports 58 Zimbabweans who had over stayed.

    Zimbabwe must solve its economic mess so Zimbabweans will not have to wonder the world like stray dogs!

  7. Security sector chefs in Joint Operations Command (JOC) call NERA leaders to a meeting today 31 March 2017, Douglas Mwonzora, one of the NERA leaders, told the press. He thought this was to intimidate NERA.

    “We will not back down on our demand for the government to reverse its decision to take over the BVR kits procurement process. We are demanding the disbanding of ZEC,” said Mwonzora.

    So, NERA wants ZEC to disband. Even if your wish was granted, what will that accomplish? Zanu PF will appoint a new ZEC stuffed with CIO and other Zanu PF loyalists who will work closely with NIKUV to rig the elections.

    This is just a gimmick designed to impress the naive and gullible. If we are serious about wanting free and fair elections that will deliver meaningful democratic change then we must demand the implementation of all the reforms BEFORE the elections! ALL reforms and not just gimmicks!

  8. Zimbabweans must stop this nonsense of recycling the same corrupt and incompetent individuals and expecting them to achieve miracles! There is a mountain of evidence that both Mai Mujuru and Morgan Tsvangirai are corrupt and incompetent so why is anyone considering anyone of them as a possible leader? This just madness!