Thursday, 9 February 2017

Crediting Mugabe for ZimPF bust up is giving the tyrant more credit than his due. By Patrick Guramatunhu

The dramatic events in Joice Mujuru’s ZimPF party of the last few days have shaken up Zimbabwe’s political stage and many, so called, analysts have been tripping over each other to tell us what the events mean and what will happen next. I take offense to Don Chigumba and his like’s insulting analysis.

“When Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ, Christians labelled him a murderer but when Robert Mugabe killed 20 000 innocent Zimbabweans in Matabeleland, Josiah Hungwe claimed that Mugabe is the son of God,” wrote Chigumba in Zimeye. “Judas Iscariot was intelligent, he became a hero by fulfilling God’s promise. The death of Jesus was according to God’s plan and what Judas Iscariot did was to use his superior intelligence in order to fulfil God’s mission.”

Chigumba signed himself off as a “political analyst”. This is the shallow minded analysts who poison the minds instead of nourishing it. As for his interpretation of the Bible, he is clearly a sick man who should be in a mental institution.

God granted mankind the intellect to discern right from wrong and freedom to act freely. This is the essence of the story of Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis, the first Book in the Bible! Yes, God knew that Jesus would be betrayed just as He knew Hitler would cause the death of millions of innocent people, that Mugabe would murder over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans for his selfish political gain, etc. It is Judas, Hitler, Mugabe and all the other satanic devil who have walked the earth and will walk the earth to the end of time who chose, out of the wickedness in their hearts to do evil. If, by betraying Jesus, Judas showed his "superior intelligence" then the same must be said about Hitler and Mugabe.

Minister Josiah Hungwe has called Mugabe the son of God; we all know he is just one of the many sick Zanu PF psychopaths who has to sing for their supper! Of course, Hungwe was being blasphemous in calling a mortal, a murderous tyrant at that, son of God. We must let the Almighty deal with Hungwe, He does not need our help to fight His corner!

“The purpose of this article is to support the perspective that Zimbabweans has seen it before that Mutasa and Gumbo wet set apart by Zanu PF and CIOs in order to destabilize opposition politics,” continued our political analyst, Chigumba.

“ . . . Mujuru accused them of “sophisticated infiltration”, a position which was raise by Zimbabweans before the formation of ZPF. Zimbabweans from all corners warned Joyce Mujuru that ZPF was a project of Zanu PF and CIOs but she failed to heed to their calls.”

Zimbabwe is a Police State and President Mugabe would love nothing better than disrupt the opposition and keep them weak and feeble. Still, the shallowness of this analysis is attributing to the tyrant super powers that he does not have.  

To start with President Mugabe is just another corrupt and incompetent Zimbabwean politician; Zimbabwe not be in such an economic mess if he was a competent leader. If Mugabe was so clever at masterminding the breakup of the opposition parties, then why has he failed to stop the breaking up of his own party Zanu PF?

Dividing the opposition has been easy to do because there is no quality people in opposition itself. Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo and all the other ZimPF leaders have already shown, during their long stay in Zanu PF for example, that they are corrupt and incompetent and that all they cared about is power. These are the qualities of hyenas who will quarrel and even kill the other over a mouse! Zim PF is nowhere near winning power and yet the distrustful hyenas are already fighting over positions!

Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have too proved that they are corrupt and incompetent; they failed to get even one democratic reform implemented and yet that was the main reason they were in the GNU. They thought they would win the elections regardless of Zanu PF’s rigging; it was not until noon 31st July 2013, voting day, that the penny finally dropped. Tsvangirai held a press conference accusing Mugabe of “stealing the elections” but people ignored his morning because MDC was warned of vote rigging.

To therefore blame everything that goes wrong in the opposition camp of President Mugabe and his CIO operatives is to over play the tyrant’s power whilst ignoring the serious shortcomings in the opposition camp.

Indeed, the continued in fighting in the opposition camp is not in President Mugabe’s political interest. He was a weak opposition but not too weak to take away the veneer of elections being democratic competition – a delicate balancing act which under threat after this Zim PF bust-up.

President Mugabe has never feared a united opposition, even when it included Joice Mujuru and her ZimPF - not as long as he had the free hand to rig the election! In the March 2008 elections Tsvangirai had 73% of the votes, by Mugabe’s own admission. Thanks to Zanu PF’s total control of ZEC, Mugabe able to have the 73% changed to 47% and thus force the July run-off which he went on use wanton violence and win.

SADC refused to accept Mugabe’s victory and forced him to go into GNU with Tsvangirai and, worst of all, to accept the need for democratic reforms designed to ensure the next elections will be free, fair and credible. The one thing that frightened President Mugabe throughout the five years of the GNU is that MDC would force the implementation of the reforms. He was relieved when, at the end of the GNU, not even one reform had been implemented!

Yes, President Mugabe had pulled all the stops to bribe Tsvangirai and his MDC friends to stop them implementing the reforms. Still, even President Mugabe, would admit that the bribes would not have been enough if it was not for the fact that MDC leaders are breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent.

After the rigged July 2013 elections MDC leaders resolved that they would not take part in any future elections but anyone with even half a brain could see their greed for power will get the better of them just as greed had prevailed over reason during the GNU. No one was surprised that Tsvangirai and his MDC friends discarded their “No reform, no election!” resolution for the 2018 election without even discussing the matter.

Tsvangirai & co. are definitely struggling to justify their continue participating in flawed elections. There is no doubt Mugabe and his CIOs have spent a great deal of time and treasure in promoting the notion that a united opposition WILL – not just can - win 2018 elections regardless of all Zanu PF vote rigging shenanigans. It is in Zanu PF’s interest maintain the charade the elections are credible regardless of all its vote rigging activities.

A breaking up Zim PF will make the possibility of a united opposition camp less likely. With no united opposition, the calls for implementing the democratic reforms as the only sure way of stopping Zanu PF rigging the vote and getting back into power is back on the national agenda. Anyone who thinks Mai Mujuru and Rugare Gumbo will kiss and make-up after this bust-up lives in cloud cuckoo-land. The bust-up in ZimPF therefore presenting President Mugabe with a serious headache; proof he did not engineering it.


  1. Anyone who pretends that all the leaders in this mess on both sides of the division do not some serious leadership problems is being dishonest and/or blind. Joice Mujuru has known the likes of Mutasa and Gumbo for donkey years and after what happened to her with Mugabe where she clearly misjudged the character of the tyrant for donkey years one would expect her to be more careful. So she has once again blundered! Well that speaks volume of her ability as judge of character. The same can be said about Mutasa and the others.

    ZimPF leaders are corrupt and incompetent and the messy fall out in the party serves only to confirm this.

    Those who had cheered and applauded the entry of ZimPF as serious opposition members are themselves now smarting from their folly. As for ZimPF being a game-changer as a coalition partner that must now be discounted.

    The formation of a grand coalition was never going to address any problems of vote rigging by Zanu PF although the proponents of coalition wanted us to believe it was the panacea. Now that the grand coalition is as good as dead, these people will now allow the nation to talk about implementing the democratic reforms with the urgency and seriousness the matter demands.

    Whatever happens to ZimPF next what is certain is the grand coalition of the oppositions parties is now unlikely and there really is no excuse now for taking part in the next elections without implementing the democratic reforms first. None!

  2. Pastor Mawarire was released from Chikurubi prison after paying $300 bail and surrendering his passport.

    It is the modus operandi of this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF regime to harass its critics by arresting, detaining, dragging them through the courts or worse abducting and even murdering them. I for one, will not rule this out in this case. Welcome to hell-on-earth Pastor Mawarire!

    It is heart breaking that the nation went through a bitter and blood liberation war to end white colonial exploitation and oppression but only to replace white colonial oppression with black oppression spearheaded by the every individuals calling themselves the liberation heroes! 

    We must break this vicious cycle of yesterday's liberators becoming today's oppressorsPastor Mawarire was released from Chikurubi prison after paying $300 bail and surrendering his passport.

    It is the modus operandi of this corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF regime to harass its critics by arresting, detaining, dragging them through the courts or worse abducting and even murdering them. I for one, will not rule this out in this case. Welcome to hell-on-earth Pastor Mawarire!

    It is heart breaking that the nation went through a bitter and blood liberation war to end white colonial exploitation and oppression but only to replace white colonial oppression with black oppression spearheaded by the every individuals calling themselves the liberation heroes! 

    We must break this vicious cycle of yesterday's liberators becoming today's oppressors

  3. "Zimbabwe is serious on the rule of law, "Minister Mandiwanzira tells UK Ambassador to Zimbabwe. The whole world knows that Zanu PF only talks of rule of law when it is in its selfish interest to do so and with complete disregard the law when the regime so wishes. Here is a party that has blatantly rigged elections and has yet to hold free, fair and credible elections lecturing the whole on the rule of law! 

    The regime's arrest of Pastor Mawarire had nothing to do with its respect for the rule of law but rather with its unlawful resolve to silence all its critics on the worsening economic situation.

    Still Zanu PF rigged the 2013 elections but has failed to rig economic recovery and as long as the economy continue to sink into the abyss the regime can be sure of one thing - there will be more street protests. The economic situation has cause untold human misery and the situation cannot continue. We must have economic recovery and, since this has not been possible without regime change, we are going to demand regime change first. No amount of vote rigging backed up but brutal repression under the false pretence of upholding the law will stop regime change!

  4. The argument that ZimPF would help to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections since they know how the later rigged elections has just gone out of the window now that ZimPF has itself imploded. The leadership qualities of the likes of Mai Mujuru, Mutasa, Gumbo and the rest was called to question at the time the lot were booted out of Zanu PF but some people thought they deserved another chance. Well they have had the second chance and once again they have been measured and found wanting. For in this fallout none them will emerge without a lot of rotten eggs in their face for being a poor judge of characters in the very least.

    ZimPF leaders are corrupt and incompetent and it is naive, to say the least, to count on such people to get us out of the mess we are in.

    Zimbabweans must focus their attention back on demanding meaningful reforms before elections. If MDC leaders were not blinded by greed, they will reinstate "No reform, no elections!" without any further ado!

    We have waited for free, fair and credible elections for the last 37 years we must not allow Zanu PF in cahoots with corruptible opposition leaders cheat us out of our right and chance to end the economic meltdown the regime has dragged us into!

  5. @ Realist

    I think we got it all wrong because we have sort to agree without being clear what is it exactly we are agreeing on. 

    People welcomed Mai Mujuru and her ZimPF friends into the opposition camp as valuable members without a careful assessment of whether that was indeed the case. Their track record as corrupt and incompetent individuals was swept under the carpet in the euphoria of the moment. People thought they knew how Zanu PF rigged elections and so will help stop the rigging in future elections. 

    It now expires that ZimPF are rubbish, they are corrupt and incompetent and they care about nothing else but power. They are at each other's throat fighting for position just as their ex-Zanu PF colleagues are doing. They have no clue how Zanu PF rigged past elections as the recent Bikita West by-election showed! 

    We must revert to demanding the implementation of the reforms before elections are held; this is the only way to stop Zanu PF rigging the next elections!

  6. Comrade Teura Ropa (Spill Blood) is spilling blood already!

    When Mai Mujuru and her ex-Zanu PF friends joined the opposition camp many people thought them "the game-changers" because they would add value to impoverished opposition camp and would help stop Zanu PF rigging future election. They have failed on both counts!

    People swept Mai Mujuru & co.'s already well documented record as corrupt and incompetent, arguing that they had changed after they were booted out of Zanu PF. Their in fighting now shows they have not changed, they are only interested in getting back on the gravy train and they are already fighting each other for positions although they are far from defeating Zanu PF.

    As for stopping Zanu PF rigging elections they have no clue how Mugabe rigged the votes much less how to counter it.

    ZimPF have no quality leaders to add value to the opposition and they will not help stop Zanu PF rigging the next elections. They are not the game-changer we thought they will be.

    Zimbabweans must go back to demanding the implementation of democratic reforms BEFORE the next elections. We must pressure the sell-out MDC politicians to honour their party pledge of "No reform, no elections!"

  7. When Mai Mujuru & co. were booted out of Zanu PF many people welcomed them into the opposition camp with open arms for two reasons:

    1) people thought they will inject some quality in the opposition whose performances had been so pathetic as it was crowded with corrupt and incompetent individuals. We were told they were no longer the corrupt and incompetent individual of their Zanu PF past. 

    2) people thought Mai Mujuru & co. were the game-changer come the elections because they will stop Zanu PF rigging the next elections because they, as ex-members of the regime, would know how the party rigged elections and do something to stop it. 

    ZimPF has just imploded in a real spectacular way, with Mujuru summarily booting out so many of the party's bigwigs and they in turn disowning her. The whole sad event has lighted that she and her ex-Zanu PF friends have not changed, they are the same corrupt, incompetent whose only care is to get back on the gravy train, contrary to what some people had said. 

    Now we know ZimPF have brought more greed and confusion in the opposition camp and not the focus and order we had hoped.

    ZimPF people did not do anything to stop Zanu PF threaten the villagers and then frog march them to the polling station to vote for Zanu PF. The ZimPF candidate and his chief back, Makova were the Zanu PF candidates in 2001 and played the same dirty tricks and yet they were helpless in stopping Zanu PF repeat them. 

    Mai Mujuru and her ZimPF are corrupt and incompetent, we knew that from their pathetic 34 years in Zanu PF. We should have never welcomed them in the opposition camp. We must stop this dirty habit of recycling corrupt and incompetent individuals because we are too lazy to search for quality leaders!

    Before putting out ZimPF to pasture they must explain how they amassed their vast fortunes at a time when millions were forced into abject poverty. These leaders whose hands are red with innocent blood must know they have some explaining to do. 

    The people of Zimbabwe must now accept the political reality that ZimPF are not the game-changer they thought they will be. The only real hope of stopping Zanu PF rigging next year's elections is by demanding the implementation of the democratic reforms. We must demand of the sell-out MDC politicians to honour their party pledge of "No reform, no elections!"

    Free, fair and credible elections is not just a basic human right and not a privilege but more significantly it is our only way to achieve regime change and, with it, hope of economic recovery.

    1. This is true! Going into the next elections with no reforms is now a No way!

      ZimPF are clearly in no position to stop Zanu PF vote rigging or do anything to make vote rigging difficult. So to contest the next elections without anyway of trying to monitor Zanu PF vote rigging activities effectively is like walking into a lion's den without even a stick to keep the lion from you!

  8. @ Nomazulu

    We must learn to judge the value of someone as a national leader on the basis of what they have to offer regardless of their tribe, religion, gender, age, etc. We have had the great misfortune of having someone who has attached himself to State House like a binnacle, even now when he cannot stand and dozes off if he sits down!

    What we must remember is that he has stayed in power all these 37 years not because the people elected him but because he rigged elections. Our challenge is to stop vote rigging and make sure elections are free, fair and credible.

    The people must then focus on electing the best candidates most likely to help the nation advance for the next five years before the next elections. Given a free vote, we can be certain the people will never elect someone councillor much less State President who cannot stand up and dozes off if they sit down! By the same token the people will never vote freely elect someone State President just because she is G40 regardless of her reputation as an empty drum with an insatiable greed for power and looted wealth.

  9. This is a tedious argument we have all heard repeatedly in the past. Tsvangirai has been the only viable opposition presidential candidate since 2008 if not beyond that. He polled 73%, by President Mugabe's own admission, but after six weeks of recounting ZEC declare he polled 47%!

    President Mugabe used wanton violence to ensure he won the 2008 presidential run-off. In the 2013 elections Zanu PF used other blatant vote rigging tricks such as denying nearly one million opposition supporters a vote whilst bussing its own supporters from one polling station to the next to vote.

    Tsvangirai has lost elections to President Mugabe again and again not because he was not the most viable candidate but because Zanu PF rigged the vote. How many more elections does Zanu PF have to rig before this sinks in some people's thick heads!!!!!!

    Nothing has been done to stop Zanu PF rigging the 2018 elections and it is stupid to contest the election without the reform.

    By the way Tsvangirai had the golden opportunity to implement the reforms during the GNU. He failed to get even one reform implemented in five years because he is breathtakingly corrupt and incompetent. How a failed leader like him can still be the "most viable candidate" speaks volumes of the electorate's incompetence and naivety! NOMUSA

  10. Those who thought Mai Mujuru and her ZimPF, who had proven beyond doubt that they are corrupt and incompetent during the Zanu PF years, had changed for the better following their expulsion from Zanu PF have been proven wrong. These Zanu PF thugs have changed their party name and colours but they are still Zanu PF thugs through and through!

    Those who had placed high hopes of ZimPF helping to stop Zanu PF rigging the next elections now know that ZimPF are just as ineffective as Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have proven to be.

    If we are serious about stopping Zanu PF rigging the next elections then we must implement the democratic reforms before the elections. There is no other way out!

  11. There is something sickening about people who do not understand about the rule of law. Mai Mujuru accused the fired members of a lot of stuff how much of that will stick is another matter just as President Mugabe accused her and others of a lot and most of the stuff have turned out to be baseless.

    We want people who claim to be democrats to act like democrats at all times and not only when it is convenient to do so. Even though the party had not developed the full structures to including having a disciplinary committee she could have assembled an ad hoc one and carried out a proper session in which the accused is told what they are accused off and given a chance to defend themselves.

    Even a known murderous thug like Didymus Mutasa is entitled to equality before the law and due process!

    The way Mai Mujuru handled this has the echo of what President Mugabe has been doing in Zanu PF, abuse her his position to eliminate all those who dare challenge her continued stay in power!

    We do not want to be fighting a tyrant today and building up one to takeover tomorrow!

  12. Commission Chihuri said in his doctorate thesis that the ZRP has been stopping agents of regime-change what everyone else in a democratic society would consider political opposition to the ruling party.

    When people see such luxurious properties, the people have good reason to question again whether the commissioner was not himself too biased in favour of Zanu PF to desire a one-party state and so criminalized all opposition political activity to suit his position. The one-party dictatorship helped him earn extra income enabling him to live is such spacious mansion, way above the salary of his day job as Police Commissioner.

    People like Chihuri must be thoroughly investigated and stripped of all their ill got wealth if they fail to explain how the paid for all their assets! We will stamp out corruption only be operating a zero tolerance to corruption. Those who abused their position in society must not be allowed to keep their ill got wealth whilst those who have paid dearly, sometimes with their very lives, continue to suffer! Where is the justice in that!