Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Conference theme "Moving with (long dead) ZimAsset in Peace and Unity (of imploding Zanu PF)" by W Mukori

“Charovedzera charovedzera, gudo rakakwira maware kwasviba!” goes the Shona adage. (Habit breeds confidence, it is out of habit that the baboon can still climb a cliff!) But some habits are stupid and thus are of little benefit and make even bring ridicule or worse! The Mutsvangwa’s band of war veterans and Mugabe are creatures of stupid habits.

By the late 1990s it was clear that Mugabe was delivering mass poverty and not mass economic prosperity; which, by the way, he never tire of promising regardless of the reality on the ground. Growing poverty affected us all, but instead of the war veterans teaming up with povo to demand good governance the rogue war veterans teamed up with Mugabe and the ruling elite.

The war veterans led by former Minister Chris Mutsvangwa showed that they were naïve, gullible and greedy; weaknesses that Mugabe was quick to spot and exploit for his own selfish gain. He talked the war veterans into helping him impose the de facto one-party dictatorship on the nation by harassing, beating, raping and even murdering innocent Zimbabweans – betraying all values of the liberation struggle and the people! In return for doing all this dirty work for him, Mugabe promised the rogue war veterans economic prosperity.

The rogue war veterans; there are a few honest and honourable war veterans who have upheld the values liberation struggle values and never abused or terrorize anyone; have played a key role in keeping Mugabe in power. Mugabe has not kept his promise to the rogue war veterans to make them rich – he keeps telling them he will do so “tomorrow”!

A year ago, after years of being strung along, it finally dawned on the rogue war veterans that Mugabe’s “tomorrow” will never ever come. But instead of the light day shining through so they can see the whole truth; that the national economy is in ruins and the whole corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship must be changed; they only catch a glimpse of the truth. The do not see the economic ruins and so they demanding that Mugabe must step down and be replaced by Mnangagwa.

They still banking on keeping the corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship complete with its wasteful ways and yet still expect Mnangagwa to make them all super rich.

The war veterans are clearly creatures of habit, like the baboon, they are still as naïve, gullible and greedy as ever; and the light of reason is weak after going through all these layers of mud.

The war veterans boycotting the upcoming Zanu PF Masvingo conference and pressure Mugabe to step down.

"They won't be any war veteran there at the conference, and this is the first time that President Mugabe would address the Zanu PF conference without the war veterans" boasted war veteran spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya.

How naïve! Of course, there will be some naïve, gullible and greedy war veterans who will attend. They will be tripping over each other to catch Mugabe’s eye in the hope he will promote them and finally save them from the ravages of poverty and despair!

Mugabe too is a creature of habit and one of his habits is saying one thing which is totally at odds with reality. Not one to disappoint, he has come up with one such nonsensical contradiction for the Masvingo conference. The theme for the December 13-17 conference is: "Moving with Zim-Asset in Peace and Unity".

ZimAsset is Mugabe’s 2013 election manifesto $27 billions economic recovery plan which was going to create 2.2 million new jobs in five years. Mugabe has failed to get anyone, not even his “all weather” Chinese friends were bankroll the hare-brain plan.

After Mugabe rigged the July 2013 national elections he was cock-sure he would rig national economic recovery too with his ZimAsset plan. Two years of begging from everyone to fund his plan but with no success, Mugabe swallowed his pride and visited China in August 2015 to beg.

The Chinese sent him back home empty handed. They refused to loan him a single dollar because “Zimbabwe does not pay back her debts!”, they said, according to Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa who attended the meeting. With those words, ZimAsset was died in the water.

It is now over three years since the rigged 2013 elections and none of the 2.2 million new jobs have materialized. Indeed, the country has continued to lose even more existing jobs as more and more companies have closed. Unemployment is now a sickening 90% plus!

Zimbabwe’s economy is facing total meltdown and the situation is getting worse not better.

The economic hardships caused by the economic meltdown has caused great suffering to all but especially the ordinary people and those war veterans not lucky enough to hold a regular job in the bloated security sector, government or patronage posting. The ruling elite have been spare all economic hardship in the past but not no.

With the economy in ruins there is very little wealth left to loot and the ruling elite are in a dog fight over the scraps. It is the economic meltdown that is fuelling the factional war in Zanu PF. As long as the economy continues to sink the factional wars too will continue. Zanu PF is imploding.

Mugabe’s stand-off with the rogue war veterans will not be resolved by him giving them the $500 000 each they are demanding, even if he had the money. The clay pot has been broken into a thousand pieces – there is no putting it together.

Mugabe has lied, cheated, rigged and even murdered his critics, political opponents and even many innocent souls and for years he has somehow got away with it. Lying, cheating, etc. have all become a habit, he can do these things with his eyes shut, like the baboon climbing a cliff in peach darkness.

So, in two weeks Mugabe will be giving his usual long speeches full of sound and fury to party members. He will talk about "Moving with Zim-Asset in Peace and Unity"; knowing that ZimAsset is long dead and that the party in imploding. He must know that he this time he is not getting away with anything because the economic meltdown is real and cannot be fought off with imaginary 2.2 million new jobs!


  1. China will do everything in its power to keep the Zanu PF dictatorship in power. Those who are fighting for democratic change in Zimbabwe must now know that they are not fighting just the Zanu PF ruling elite but the Chinese Communist Party and all its State machinery and economic muscle.

    A few weeks ago it was reported that China will grant Zimbabwe US$ 10 billions in bailout loans if their man Mnangagwa succeeded Mugabe. To start with China is one of the foreign nations that is heavily involved in the looting and plunder of Zimbabwe's resources. Mugabe admitted that $15 billions of diamond revenue was being swindled. The true amount is a hell lot more than this and over the years China's share of the swindled wealth must be hundreds of billions of dollars.

    So China is offering us 10% of what it looted from us, which we must pay back with interest, to secure its right to continue swindling from us even more. And the Chinese expect us to thank them for their generosity!

    We the people of Zimbabwe are fighting for free and fair elections and we are not going to tolerate outsiders poking their noses in this fight to prop up out corrupt and tyrannical oppressors! This is one fight we are determined to win and win it we will. When we have a new government in Zimbabwe then China will know that not all Zimbabweans are corrupt and stupid.

    The longer China continue to interfere in Zimbabwe's affairs for her own selfish gains the more Zimbabweans will hate China and harden their resolve to end China's colonial oppression and exploitation.

  2. “So when you threaten me, I will definitely look at his (Mnangagwa’s) envisaged government that if people oppose him he would kill them, and that to me is damaging. People must be allowed to make choices without being intimidated with death or war, like what the so-called supporters of VP Mnangagwa are doing,” said Zhuwao.

    Well Zhuwao is right that Mnangagwa will not hesitate to harass, beat, rape and even murder all those he considers a threat or obstacle to his rule. The only real surprise here is that Zhuwao talks as if this is not what his uncle has been doing all these years! During Mugabe’s 36 years in power he has murdered over 30 000 Zimbabweans to establish and retain his de facto one-party (Zanu PF) cum one-man (Robert Mugabe) dictatorship.

    Poor Zhuwao is fighting tooth and nail to stop the murderous Mnangagwa assuming power and by fighting tooth and nail to keep the incumbent corrupt and murderous dictator in power – just to extend his own stay in power! He can see the writing on the wall, he can see that change is coming. He is hoping that by warning the people of Mnangagwa’s murderous intend he can frighten the nation into supporting his uncle’s continued rule.

    Zhuwao, we are smart enough to know Mugabe is a corrupt and murderous tyrant and that he must go and smart enough to reject the imposing of another dictator be it Mnangagwa or anyone else. We are going to implement all the democratic reforms and have, for the first time in this country, free, fair and credible elections.

  3. War veterans like Douglas Mahiya are real as thick as a brick, he keeps wittering about he and his fellow rogue war veteran thugs representing the people.

    “This conference has no relevance because, we the people, who founded the struggle that led to the formation of the party, are now detached from it. We have been made to feel secluded from the values we founded, the ethos we fought for and introduced in Zimbabwe,” he says.

    The idiot still thinks he is a hero to the nation although for the past decade and half, at least, he has been the one harassing, beating, raping and some war veterans have even murdered innocent Zimbabweans to force the nation to accept Mugabe. The idiot now wants Mugabe to go because the tyrant has failed to keep his promise to make war veterans rich. He want Mnangagwa to takeover the leadership of Zanu PF and will, no doubt, want to impose him on the nation just as he imposed Mugabe.

    Mahiya, for the umpteenth time the true values of the liberation struggle was that all Zimbabweans will enjoy their freedoms and human rights including the right to free and fair elections. The freedoms and rights you and your mentally retarded war veterans friends have been ridding roughshod over under this stupid ethos that you are “the stockholders of Zimbabwe” and everyone else is a “stakeholder who comes and goes”.

    Zimbabwe is not a nation of savages forever at war as each generation fights the generation before it for their freedoms and human rights but only to become the next oppressors of the generation that follow!

    The least you and your fellow rogue war veterans can do is apologise to the good people of Zimbabwe for all you lot have done in prop up a corrupt and murderous tyrant and join the people in dismantling the Zanu PF dictatorship. Your continued bitching against Mugabe’s dictatorial tendencies on the one hand whilst doing everything to recreate him in the new name of Mnangagwa is the kind of duplicity and folly that every thinking Zimbabwean is finding increasing intolerable about you lot.

    We are not going to accept another dictator; our right to free, fair and credible elections is not negotiable; period!