Tuesday, 20 September 2016

D12 American blacks strip Zim flag off Mawarire - we have our own lunatics too. By Wilbert Mukori

Mugabe is in America to attend the annual UN General Assembly denounced. Pastor Evan Mawarire whose #ThisFlag campaign calling for Mugabe to fire corrupt ministers, for the return of the looted $15 billion, etc. had hundreds of thousands of followers on the social media inside Zimbabwe and beyond. #ThisFlag staged a number of well supported public protests in Zimbabwe and was hoping to stage one such protest in New York City to surprise Mugabe. It was the Pastor who was in for a big surprise.
A group of, mostly black Americans, calling themselves December 12 Movement’s street protest out staged that of Mawarire and his group. The D12 Movement activists, as they called themselves, who were interviewed, were as generous in the praise of Mugabe as they were ruthlessly critical of Mawarire.
He is a preacher without a church, with a following of less than 50 members in Zimbabwe, but who has apparently unlimited funding,” reads a D12 report.
“He denounces the conditions of life in Zimbabwe but NEVER mentions what the devastating effects of hundreds of years of Western underdevelopment, terrorism and 16 years of direct US and European SANCTIONS have had on the Zimbabwean economy and quality of life.”
The D12 article was headed Pastor Evan Mawarire’s True Flags: America & Great Britain and had the photograph of Mawarire draped in the two flags.
Pastor Mawarie's True Flags - If you love Zimbabwe, end the sanctions!
The shallowness of the D12 movement’s arguments is what screams at you. At the heart of the people of Zimbabwe’s tragic economic suffering as a result of the country’s economic meltdown and political helplessness is a cry for freedom and human dignity including the right to free, fair and credible elections and the right to life itself.
Given that most of the D12 activists are descendants of black slaves and that over 150 years after the abolition of slavery blacks still continued to suffer to this day all manner of racist abuse, exploitation and  oppression should have made D12 activists even more sympathetic to anyone else out there crying for freedom and human dignity.
Indeed one of founding members of D12 even has the chutzpah call himself human rights activist!  
One of the founders of the December 12th Movement was Sonny Abubadika Carson, who, according to Workers World Org, was a staunch activist against racism and #Police Brutality," according to a report in BlastingNews, a USA based publication.    
Zimbabwe has been independent for the last 36 years now and is yet to hold free, fair and credible elections. What has that got to do with “devastating effects of hundreds of years of Western underdevelopment”?
If the December 12 members have heard of the “16 years of direct US and European SANCTIONS” they must too have of Zimbabwe’s rampant corruption.  In February this year Mugabe, himself, admitted that $15 billion of diamond revenue were “swindled”.
"Lots of smuggling and swindling has taken place and the companies that have been mining, I want to say, robbed us of our wealth," Mugabe said.
Surely not even one D12 activists would deny that the looting of $15 billion from USA’s US$18 trillion GDP will have adverse effect on country’s economy and its people; if it causes a hip up on the American economic it will cause a fatal heart-attack on the Zimbabwe economy whose GDP is a mere $14 billion! So are these D12 busy-bodies are telling us, Zimbabweans, we cannot raise the serious problem of corruption, even when it has become “fatal” to the national economy, because we have “never” mentioned sanctions? How stupid is that!
Mugabe has used his liberation war credentials to hide his corrupt and tyrannical post-independence record. He has kept up his anti-colonial rhetoric especially to the naïve and gullible captive audience outside Zimbabwe who had no first-hand experience of economic hardship of 90% unemployment or 500 billion percent inflation rates or the mental anguish of being beating and some killed to vote for a tyrant.
The D12 members are supporting Mugabe because he has always been very quick off the mark to condemn white oppression and has often taken over the top position on such matters as homosexuality just to bolster his radical reputation and draw attention away from his corrupt and tyrannical rule. D12 members love Mugabe because he has supported them against white abuse although Mugabe has committed even worse acts of abuse on his own people then the D12 member have ever suffered but, of course, that is irrelevant to them. How selfish it that!
Like it or not the D12 activists who attended the UN demonstration in support of Robert Mugabe have tarnished the image of the movement for all time. Anyone with an self-respect will never ever want to be associated with the group.
Thank God the D12 activists who took part or supported those who did in whatever form constitute the lunatic fringe of black Americans and it would be wrong for any Zimbabwean to paint all black Americans with the same brush. After all Mugabe has a hell lot more Zimbabwean lunatic supporters then Americans! He has used some of the looted wealth to buy the lunatics’ continued blind loyalty; the war veterans only finally came up to their sense and acknowledge Mugabe’s “dictatorial tendencies” when Mugabe stopped paying them and poverty started to bit!


  1. Whilst most Zimbabweans have always instinctively sympathized with the black Americans the same cannot be said about all black Americans. There is this "lunatic fringe" as you called them of black Americans who have always shown their willingness to support Africa's tyrants like Mu-gabe - given the right financial inducement. Sadly this lunatic fringe has always been more vocal and influential and drowned the silent majority.

    This is no doubt that the D12 movement were paid and paid well to come out and demonstrate in support of President Mugabe. Last time President Mugabe paid two black senators to lobby on his behave.

    The culture of black selling out their kith and kin for a piece of calico cloth and a fist of beads did not end with the abolishing of slave trade, it is going on today. President Mugabe and his cronies have sold the nation’s resources and future to the Chinese for a song. Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC friends have sold-out to Mugabe on reforms during the GNU.

    The D12 Movement members may be shallow and stupid but they cannot be that stupid not to see there is something dodgy with Zimbabwe’s elections given the result has retained the same individual when the Americans will soon have their seventh President in the same period. It can-not be that Mugabe is a very popular leader since the Zimbabwe economy has been on a down-ward spiral for all the 36 years of his rule and not just the last 16 years when the West imposed the sanctions.

    Just as Zanu PF youths changed their tune to sing Mugabe’s praises at the youth conference in 2014 after the tyrant promised them plenty of fresh meat and beer. D12 members forgot about free and fair elections after a Zanu PF agent told them they could eat and drink as much as they pleased.

    With tyrants at home and shitty Pan-African friends like D12 Movement member who needs enemies!

  2. One of the tragic realities of the slave trade is that it was blacks who hunted down, captured and sold their own kith and kin to the white slave traders for a piece of calico cloth and a fistful of beads! The slave trade lasted one hundred years and there is no doubt that some of those who had sold their relatives or whose fathers or grandfathers had sold their own fellow blacks found themselves in chains and sold in turn as slaves!

    Sadly the culture of selling our own kith and kin did not die with the end of slavery but has con-tinued to this day. President Mugabe and his cronies keeps talking of protecting the country from being re-colonized but the West and yet by destroying the country's economy he has made it easy for the Chinese to walk in and steal the nation's resources for a song. He does not care as long as he remains in power.

    There is no doubt that Mugabe has hired these D12 Movement people to come out in his sup-port, it will not be the first or last time he has spent a fortune or PR. These Americans will know that he has rigged elections, murdered over 30 000 to stay in power, etc. They do not care about all that as long as they get their piece of calico cloth and a fist of beads.

    Times change but something never change; black selling off fellow blacks is something that is clearly in the DNA of some people! Even those who have had generations of civilization, the Kutama Missionaries tried but failed to get the murderous thug mentality out of Mugabe; wave a piece of calico cloth and the sell-out gene wakes up in a flash!

    1. Spot on there, we have people who have made it their career to sell their kith and kin for the piece of calico cloth; this is a serious problem which has held blacks back since the time of the slave trade. We need to send a clear message that selling out you own people is bad business for which you will pay dearly for!

      Our laissez faire attitude on life, especially on such blatantly treasonous matters as betrayal of the innocent has only encourage people like Mugabe to be corrupt and murderous tyrant, confident that they will get away with it scott-free!

  3. @ D12 member

    President Mugabe has his phony war with the West we, the ordinary Zimbabweans, are not interested in the details of that war. Our war with President Mugabe is for the right to have free, fair and credible elections and the right to life itself. Whilst you readily acknowledge Zimbabwe is facing serious economic problems why has it not struck you are odd that with the national economy in a real mess and yet Mugabe has gone on to win elections and stay in power for 36 years now!

    OF course we black Zimbabweans are disappointed in how black Americans like the December 12 members have understood tyrants like Mugabe's account of the situation on the ground in Zimbabwe but have completely failed to understand the ordinary Zimbabwean's account. Indeed, as far as you are concerned we are all "Uncle Tom" and paid by the CIA to seek regime change.

    The corrupt and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship has destroyed the nation's economic and robbed millions of Zimbabwe human dignity and the right to life. Why is that so difficult for D12 members to comprehend. We want free, fair and credible elections and the right to life for OURSELVES.

    Before independence the whites treated us blacks as dumb animals who could not possibly know they were being exploited and oppressive and so they would contradict us when we complained of these things. Now it is our own fellow blacks who insist everything we say or do must be at the instigation of whites as if we are incapable of stringing even two words together let alone say anything that makes sense.

    D12 members have been paid to support Mugabe or you are just unbelievably stupid; pick you pick. Not that it matters, out fight for free, fair and credible elections is not doing to be stopped by sell-outs be they in Zimbabwe or outside!

    1. My understanding is that the whites did not hunt blacks but paid blacks to do this for them.

      What would you call what Mugabe is doing today if not selling the nation's wealth and future to the Chinese for a song? Tsvangirai and his MDC friends sold-out to Mugabe on reforms for the price of a seat on the gravy train and the $4 million Highland mansion for Tsvangirai and a farm seized from whites for Professor Ncube!

      The selling out of kith and kin continues to this day, we must stop sweeping it under the carpet and deal with it!

  4. It is important that the sane black Americans come out and speak out and show the world that these D12 lunatics are not speaking for them too!

  5. President Obama will go down in history as one of the most competent Presidents in America and in human history. Africa has benefited greatly from his leadership; we could have done even better if we had leaders with some common sense, at least. If Tsvangirai, for example, had implemented the democratic reforms and created a Zimbabwe President Obama could do business with; we would be a totally different country today.

    President Obama has made all thinking blacks out there proud and renews their self-confidence and to believe that they are just as worthy as any other human being out there.

    At a time when black Americans had every good reason to drum their chests like silver back gorillas along comes December 12 Movement members to remind us all that we still have many black Americans to complement those millions in Africa who will sell their own mothers for a price and be proud their had a mother to sell. People like President Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs, Tsvangirai and his corrupt and incompetent MDC friends and now these D12 lunatics are the scum of the earth!
    As a people we must confront our problems and not sweep them under the carpet and allow them to spread and spoil everything. Africa is one of the richest lands on earth and yet we have remained rooted at the bottom of the ladder because we have allowed sell-outs to rule.
    Mugabe and D12 Pan-Africanist united my a*&^! They are a*&^ holes who have done nothing all their lives but drag blacks down into the gutter for selfish gain!

  6. In her book "The Trouble with Islam Today" Irshad Manjii, a Canadian author of renoun whose family was forced out of General Idi Amin Dada's Uganda together with other Asians. Manjii describes how the Asians had resented the British for treating them as second class citizens and yet the Asians treated the blacks even worse than they were treated by the British. To the Asians blacks were the lowest of the low, third class citizens!

    When it comes to the way black Americans relate to black Africans, one sometimes gets the impression that whilst they resent being treated as second class citizens they do regard black Africans as the lowest of the low. They are ashamed of their African roots! With scum like D12, they are not ashamed to cash in on the misery of black Africans by teaming up with tyrants like Mugabe who will pay them handsomely to tell the world to leave the tyrant alone. "Mugabe is right!" they proclaimed!

    Mugabe has ridden roughshod over the people of Zimbabwe's hopes, dreams and their very humanity for 36 years. Zimbabwe is in such a mess the country cannot even feed its own people and yet before independence fed the whole Southern African region. Is Mugabe right to do this?

    Which planet have these D12 morons come from?

  7. KINSHASA: Several people died in a second day of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday, with three opposition HQ buildings torched in a fresh bout of clashes be-tween police and opponents of President Joseph Kabila.
    The renewed violence came after a bloody day on Monday during which opposition groups said more than 50 people had died in protests calling for Kabila's resignation.

    This is the price a nation pays for failing to come up with a political system that allows everyone to have a meaningful say in the governance of the country!

  8. Zanu PF youth threatening to take over all remaining white owned farms!
    There are farms that were seized by these Zanu PF thugs but have since been abandoned, why are these youths not taking these farms? It is not the land they are after but the cattle, crops and all the assets they can loot. We have seen this before; the first one to get their hands on the assets will walk away with cattle, they will help themselves to roofing materials, doors, etc. and bathtubs have been looted. I have seen a damaged bathtub next to a mud hut!
    What a criminal waste! President Mugabe is determined to destroy as much as he can before he is finally forced to go; he wants to make it as difficult as possible for those who come after him to rebuild this nation! Ian Smith left Mugabe a rich legacy he wants to do the exact oppo-site!

  9. We are in serious trouble today because we have had the misfortune of have corrupt and incompetent leaders after independence. That anyone should consider the same corrupt and incompetent leaders like Mai Mujuru or Morgan Tsvangirai are possible replacements to the corrupt, incompetent and murderous tyrant Mugabe shows that they are not ready to get out of the mess we are in.

    People get the government they deserve; after 36 years there is no doubt that we deserve this Zanu PF dictatorship complete with the army of opposition rubbish!

  10. @ Mikis

    There is no one whom I would say has impressed me too but that is not to say there are no Zimbabweans out there with common sense which is more than what I can say about the many leaders now on the political stage.

    The common mistake most people have made is to think that they must choose the leaders from those on the stage now. The trick is to understand that the present political system will never produce anyone better than we have today. The solution then becomes self-evident - change the system.

    Onething you can say about a healthy and functioning democracy is that by subjecting all candidate to thorough public scrutiny, the system does help to eliminate those without even the common sense. Of course a healthy and functioning democracy with a free media, etc. will work for us too. What we need to do is implement all the democratic reform!

    1. @ Mikis

      The future is only doomed because we have failed to see that if we want good leaders then we must first have a political system that will allow quality leaders to emerge. We are doomed because we have a rotten political system and still expect it to produce quality leaders regardless!

      We have a lemon tree and we know we have a lemon tree and just because it looks like an orange tree does not mean it will produce oranges. Wishing it was an orange tree will not turn the lemons into oranges either!

      We already know Joice Mujuru, Morgan Tsvangirai, Robert Mugabe, are corrupt and incompetent and yet still elect them to lead hoping against hope that they will be transformed into the competent and visionary leaders the country needs! How foolish is that!

  11. Millions of Zimbabweans are out of work and President Mugabe himself admits that corruption in Zimbabwe has reached nauseating levels with $15 billion being swindled in a few years. How does make him a hero "uplift the downtrodden masses of this world"? There are lies and then there are damn lies, this is just a damn lie that is so stupid that only the morons of this world would ever believe it!

  12. @ Ka zulu

    Who has stopped the relatives visiting these areas all these year, is what I would want to know?

    The idea that there are some places that some Zimbabweans can go and others cannot go is the typical Zanu PF didacticism. We pretend to be fighting for democratic Zimbabwe and yet building new dictatorships complete with they own "no-go" areas!

    If Mujuru or anyone is to be punished for their role in the Gukurahundi massacre then she must be brought before a court of law, tried and, if found guilty, punished. We are not going to have kangaroo courts with hyenas and vultures for judges trying anyone and meting out punishments. Do it but know that and you will be putting yourself above the law; since no one is above the law, that is the law, you will be brought before a court of law and punished.

    If you think a Judge will be fooled by your hen's teeth excuse for taking the law into your own hands, then all I can say is think again!

    Mai Mujuru has not been brought before a court of law and charge and convicted of corruption, murder, vote rigging or any of the many serious crimes she and her Zanu PF friends have committed in the last 36 years. Until the day she is charged and convicted she is free to travel anywhere in Zimbabwe and it is a duty on all of us, including you, to defend her rights and freedoms!