Wednesday, 21 September 2016

As Zim crisis worsens President Khama says Mugabe MUST GO - humbug diplomatic taboos! By P Guramatunhu

Botswana’s President, Ian Khama, did not mince his words when he told reporters that Mugabe must go.


"Without doubt,” he said. “He should have done it years ago."


"It is obvious that at his age and the state Zimbabwe is in, he's not really able to provide the leadership that could get it out of its predicament," he explained, in what some would consider to be comments that breach an African diplomatic taboo banning criticism of fellow leaders.


Humbug to African diplomatic taboo! Or to use Charles Dickens’s more flowery turn of phrase:


“If the law supposes that," said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, "the law is aass — a idiot. If that's the eye of the law, the law is a bachelor; and the worst I wish the law is, that his eye may be opened by experience — by experience.”


Of all the SADC leaders President Khama is the only who has had his eye on the ball as regards Zimbabwe’s endless tragic tale that sunk from bad to worse and has yet to hit rock bottom. Zimbabwe’s economic collapse has its origin in the country’s repeated failure to hold free, fair and credible elections. For 36 years, Zimbabwe has been stuck with a corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical regime.


President Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections - that was blatantly obvious -; he claimed the elections were free and fair and most of the SADC leaders obligingly endorse the result as free and fair except President Khama. He refused to be bullied and demanded the results be audited.


The audited elections results would have exposed the blatant rigging such as the deliberate posting of opposition supporters’ details into constituent voters roll other than the one individual expected, for example. Nearly one million voters were denied the vote in 2013 because their details were not in the constituent voters roll. President Mugabe’s winning margin was just over a million. Knowing that Zanu PF had rigged the vote was one thing doing something about it was another.


SADC leaders, across the board, had very little appetite to continue playing any role in Zimbabwe’s political crisis and economic mess after the July 2013 rigged elections. The blamed MDC leaders for  to get even one democratic reforms, designed to stop the vote rigging, implemented in the five years of the GNU. They had tried their best to get MDC to implement the reforms but Tsvangirai et al completely ignored them. Mugabe had bribed the MDC leaders with the gravy train lifestyles, $4 million Highlands mansion for Tsvangirai, former white owned farm for Ncube, etc. in return for them to do nothing about implementing the reforms.


If MDC had failed to implement even one reform in five years there was no reason they would do so even if the GNU was extended by another year or two!


After President Mugabe blatantly rigged the 2013 national elections he thought he would rig economic recovery too. He failed hence the current worsening economic meltdown dragging Zimbabwe and the whole region deeper and deeper into the abyss.

"It is a big concern," said President Khama. "It is a problem for all of us in the region - and it is a burden. There's no doubt about that."


Last month the Group of Elders comprising Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu, Former US President Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela’s widow Graca Mandela and others urged SADC leaders to reconsider their involved in Zimbabwe precisely because of the serious economic and political consequences of Zimbabwe’s pending economic meltdown to the country and the region.


History will judge President Ian Khama kindly as the only SADC leader who had the courage and foresight to tell Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe in no uncertain terms that he must go. The consequences of a total economic collapse in Zimbabwe are too ghastly to contemplate and yet the collapse is becoming increasingly certain the longer Mugabe remains in power. There is just too much at stake to delay telling Mugabe that he MUST GO NOW – hang diplomatic taboos and niceties!



  1. I know that MDC leaders sold-out during the GNU, yes most of our own people do not see it yet and some will never see it. I agree that SADC leaders have every reason to feel betrayed by Morgan Tsvangirai and company and the Zimbabwe public's continued support of these corrupt and incompetent MDC leaders show that many Zimbabweans are still not ready for democratic change. Still I appeal to SADC leaders to take the worsen economic and political situation in Zimbabwe with the seriousness it demands for two reasons:

    1) There are a significant number of Zimbabweans who KNOW MDC messed up big time by failing to get even one reform implemented; they will see to it that the reforms are implement this time. All they are asking for is another chance.

    2) Like President Ian Khama rightly said Zimbabwe's political and economic collapse is not just affecting Zimbabwe but the whole region and matters are getting worse and worse. SADC leaders cannot say they were not warned of the dangerous situation President Mugabe is dragging SADC into everyday he is allowed to remain in power.

    There really is no time to waste, SADC must bit the bullet and call President Mugabe to leave or they whole region will pay dearly for it.

  2. @Mara

    What role did the whites play in the looting of $15 billion dollars? The information I have says the money was looted by Zanu PF leaders in conjunction with their Chinese friends. Of course, if you happen to be one of the Zanu PF cronies who is pocketing the loot you would want to continue to blame someone else for Zimbabwe's problems and insult those who want the madness stopped because you are profiting from the looting and do not want to see the looting to stop.

    You must be in a real panic now that regime change is now a certainty. You are not just worrying that the looting will stop but that people will be after what you have looted and even worse still will be demanding an explanation for all the innocent blood you and other have shed. As for me I am excited that the looting is coming to an end and ecstatic that the wheel of justice is finally turning and justice, long delayed, is finally being done!

    You have added insult to injury by cheering and applauding Zanu PF on this site and many others. We want to hear what you will say after regime change!

  3. Zanu PF spent billions of dollars on various vote rigging schemes one of which was to hire people and bus them around to its party rallies where the part stuffed them like turkeys full of meat and bear.

    There was free press so the electorate were never given a chance to listen to what each candidate had to offer. The Police continue to turn a blind eye to Zanu PF motivated lawlessness and descended on the opposition with a sledge-hammer at the drop of a hat. The list of things to show the 2013 elections were not free and fair is endless.

    For anyone to even doubt that Zanu PF did not rig the last elections smacks of one who does not know what constitute free, fair and credible elections!

  4. Former SA Reserve Bank Governor, Tito Mboweni join other voices moaning the plight of Zim-babwe’s economic refugee in SADC.

    This is human tragedy that Zimbabwean have seen coming for years and ignored. Now we are all paying dearly for our folly because the tragedy is not costing us just gold and silver but human lives too!

  5. You are right the failure by most of our people to see the golden opportunity to implement the democratic reforms and end the Zanu PF dictatorship is at the very heart of Zimbabwe's crisis.

    I can still see the sea of red of MDC supporters in their various party regalia in the colour red chanting "Chinja Maitiro!" "Democratic Change!" etc. endlessly and yet when the party was pre-sented with the opportunity to finally implement the democratic changes it failed to get even one reform implemented! Of course any of the SADC leaders, like President Ian Khama, who had been angling for democratic change in Zimbabwe must have been disappointed by MDC's breath-taking incompetence but worst of all by how naïve and gullible Zimbabweans them-selves had proven to be.

    Even today many Zimbabweans know Zanu PF rigged the 2013 elections but beyond that they still have no clue what really happened and how they could have stopped the rigging. So Zanu PF is free to rig the next elections and the nation will once again know the elections were rigged but do not ask me how!

    With all the best will in the world there is nothing President Khama, Group of Elders or anyone else can do to help Zimbabwe get out of the hell-hole we are in without us making a determined effort to get out. If elections are blatantly rigged it is for us to find out what happened, that is the least we can do! If we were on the ball and diligent then we certainly should have stopped Zanu PF rigging the first elections and not have the regime running rings over us for 36 years!

    You can take a cow to the river but you cannot make it drink! If we want democratic change in Zimbabwe then it is up to us, the people, to make this happen. So far we have shown our willingness to be helpless victims of the corrupt and tyrannical dictatorship; we are helpless only because we choose to be helpless!

  6. @ Cdechinxx

    You got it right there when you said "if a man is willing to win at any cost, then he cannot care for the consequences"! Mugabe decided he wanted absolute power and would cheat, bribe and even murder his political critics and opponents to get what he wanted; he knew the consequences of his actions could be tragic for his victims and the nation at large and he did not care.

    By crashing the country’s democratic institutions to create his de facto one-party dictatorship Mugabe knew that, like Julius Caesar He cross the River Rubicon, he was going beyond the point of no return.

    Our fault as a nation is that we have failed to draw the red lines beyond which our leaders know they have declared war on us all. Failure to hold free, fair and credible elections, the murder of innocent people for selfish political gain, the looting of the nation’s resource for exclusive use and to bankroll vote rigging shenanigans, etc. are some of the red lines Mugabe has crossed.

    The least we must do now is make it crystal clear that Mugabe and his cronies MUST be held to account for crossing the red lines and all the economic, social and humanitarian misery and deaths that have resulted from their reckless adventures and lawlessness! If we fail to hold President Mugabe and any of his thugs to account for all they have done these last 36 years we will be sending the wrong message to all would be adventurers and tyrants – that they too can cross the red lines just as Mugabe and his friends have done and they too will get away with it scott-free!