Sunday, 21 August 2016

Professor Mufuka, simpleton Mujuru and simplistic #ThisFlag will never get us out of the mess. By Nomusa Garikai

One of the reasons why we are in this economic and political mess is that we are a confused nation. And very often the confusion comes from none other than the intellectuals, the very people the nation would be looking up to to come up with the gems of wisdom!  
“A transitional authority should not include any members of the present political parties. They are too naïve and can be manipulated with gifts of gold and diamonds to return the same outcome,” wrote Professor Ken Mufuka in Nehanda Radio.
The Professor was adding his voice to the many who have called for the formation of a transition authority which will be tasked to implement all the democratic reforms necessary to ensure free, fair and credible elections.
MDC should have implemented the reforms during the GNU but failed to get even one reform implemented because Tsvangirai et al are incompetent and corrupt. Of course they sold-out! As for President Mugabe and his Zanu PF cronies, it is naïve to expect them to implement the reforms; they are the ones who have systematically corrupted the political system and have an invested interest in maintaining the status quo.
So Professor Mufuka’s call for the exclusion of all the GNU political leaders in the proposed transition authority made sense, at least until he shot himself in the leg.
“In my opinion, Sister Joice Mujuru is in a very unique place to save our nation,” he argued.
He is talking about the same Joice Mujuru who has been at the very heart of the Zanu PF government for 34 years and has done nothing to stop the corruption and murderous political oppression by Zanu PF. She has benefited from the de facto one party state, how else would she have retained her political power given she is a simpleton with nothing to offer.
She and her late husband have been very busy looting. According to Minister Kasukuwere the Mujurus are responsible for a “chunk” of the $15 billion of looted diamonds President Mugabe said was stolen between 2010 to 2015.
How anyone can entrust the destiny of a nation in the hands of a corrupt and incompetent simpleton like Joice Mujuru beggars belief!
“ZANU-PF has been accused of not having won any election since 2000 and will therefore have to be dragged into such an arrangement.
“No government ever gives up power until there is a real possibility of popular retribution that includes public hanging. That is why the popular #ThisFlag power must be entertained. The possibility that those who trampled on human rights may face the noose must not be hidden away from them,” continued Mufuka.
#ThisFlag, #Tajamuka/Sesijikile and many other social media based campaign groups that have emerged all had one thing in common a simple message. Typically they called for “Mugabe must fire corrupt ministers!” “Give us our $15 billion back!” “Give us the 2.2 million jobs”, etc.
Indeed it was the simplicity of their message that has made #ThisFlag, etc. so popular.
If the truth be told, and it must be told, we are in this political and economic mess because, as a nation we have been very naïve and gullible. Going for a simplistic solution to a complex problem is one sign of being naïve. Corruption in Zimbabwe was grown in leaps and bounds for the last 36 years to the point where even a simpleton like Joice Mujuru is able to loot $15 billion!
Surely it is too simplistic for anyone to be calling for Mugabe to fire corrupt minister; that is call one made in the 1980s. In the 1990s the call was to fire the corrupt ministers and President himself – the whole regime. Sure the call since 2000 was for meaningful democratic reforms to stop Zanu PF rigging elections!
Many followers of #ThisFlag have supported and voted for Tsvangirai and his MDC party since 2000. They have joined in the call for change but without ever understanding what changes they wanted. When MDC failed to implement any changes during the GNU none of them held Tsvangirai to account; how can they hold MDC to account over something they never understood.
Many of these #ThisFlag followers have latched on to the simplistic message of ”Mugabe fire corrupt ministers!” because they still have no clue what the democratic reforms the transition authority is supposed to implement are about.
The very suggestion that #ThisFlag supporters are now so sophisticated they    hold “the noose” to those guilty of past serious human rights violations is absurd.
President Mugabe never doubted for one minute that he would deliver mass prosperity with his simplistic “Scientific Socialism” which in everyday language meant reckless spending to prosperity. Sadly life is not that simple, Zimbabwe is subject to the same laws of physics and economics as the rest of the world. The nation was naïve and gullible to allow him to take us down this ruinous path.
People like Professor Mufuka are not helping us get out of the mess by encouraging us to look to simpleton like Mujuru and the dangerously simplistic #ThisFlag for answers!


  1. I used to read Ken Mufuka's Letter from America with great enjoyment. I cannot put my fin-ger to it but the letters started to get boring, the arguments shallow. His view that Mawarire will lead us into the Promised Land is a matter of conjecture without of shred of evidence to support it. Pastor Mawarire has not produced anything to show he has anything substantive to offer.

    As for "Sister Mujuru being in a unique position to save the nation" that is nonsense not even worthy of a cheap apologist. There is overwhelming evidence showing that Mai Mujuru is just a lazy, corrupt and incompetent simpleton who was promoted way above her level of competence only because President loves to surround himself with incompetent people - he the bright shining star surrounded by red-dwarfs.
    For the last 36 years Zimbabwe has gone to the dogs and Mujuru has played a major role in this rot. We need a competent government to guide us out of this hell as quickly as possible and the government has to hit the ground running. Only someone who has taken French leave of their mental faculties would suggest someone like Joice Mujuru as a member of the new government!

  2. @ Simon Berejena

    This sounds like the same defeatist argument for voting for Tsvangirai; "I accept he is corrupt and incompetent but I will vote for him because there is no one else!" Mai Mujuru is not just a simpleton but a lazy, incompetent and corrupt one to boot!

    The first thing to do here is that you accept that Mai Mujuru is a lazy incompetent and corrupt simpleton. Once you accept that then you will know that voting for someone like that is downright stupid! This will prompt you to ask who else is there? There may well be someone else and you have not noticed him/her because you have NOT been looking because deep down inside you have accepted Mai Mujuru as a competent leader.

    If there was never any if or but about Mai Mujuru being totally unacceptable then your search for a competent leader would have led you the only logical conclusion to make in the circum-stance that Zimbabwe's political system does not encourage men and women of quality to emerge but only the scum. The solution to that has been staring us in the face - implement the democratic reforms to allow meaningful debate and democratic competition and quality lead-ers will emerge.

    If Zimbabweans had been wide awake during the GNU then we would have seen to it that MDC implemented all the democratic reforms agreed in the 2008 GPA; you and me would have had free, fair and credible elections in 2013. We would be talking of other things right now and not the certainty of another rigged election in 2018. You can go and vote for Mai Mujuru in 2018 just as many voted for Tsvangirai in 2013 but we all know the result is a Zanu PF landslide.
    If we refuse to learn from the past then we accept making the same mistake over and over again and, worst of all, pay dearly for it. Mai Mujuru has already proven that she is corrupt and incompetent; it is sheer folly to elect her again into power even under the feeble excuse that there is no one else!

  3. Pretty Sunguro, the secretary in the Public Service Commission, which employs all state workers, said in a memorandum dated Aug. 2 to all government departments that it had fro-zen “the filling of all vacant critical, non-critical and promotional posts with immediate ef-fect.”
    In the notice, seen by Reuters on Monday, Sunguro said “recruitment of critical areas only will be considered on a case by case basis. Please note that in the same vein, all other forms of regrading have also been frozen.”
    Public Service Minister Prisca Mupfumira declined to comment.
    Zanu PF is now running the nation the same hand to mouth, kiya-kiya, way a vendor runs his street vending affairs. The reality is the situation is getting worse and not better!
    Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown is socially and politically unsustainable and the only way to revive the economy is for the country to hold free, fair and credible elections. President Mu-gabe has rigged elections to avoid regime change but now he cannot do it and it is the econ-omy, in the end, that has forced him to accept free and fair elections!