Saturday, 20 August 2016

Mujuru did not stop Mugabe misrule because "puppy does not open eyes same day" - mongrel took 34 years. P Guramatunhu

Joice Mujuru admits that Zim PF members are dying like flies in a glass trap.
“This is the history we are writing today but let me tell you this; there were many of us in People First but some are no longer with us because they passed away,” Mujuru said last week in Gweru.
“We had provincial leaders who were expelled from the party, they got sick because of the way they were treated and they died.
“If those who are alive begin to tell you about our lives, they will tell you that we are living on drugs because of high blood pressure and stress caused by the treatment we got from Zanu PF and its leader.”
Madam, please you are no longer in Zanu PF so you can say the truth! If you were all kicked out of Zanu PF and you all had the means to maintain the same luxurious lifestyles you had all become accustomed to, not one of you would be complaining of stress. You have presided over Zimbabwe’s economic collapse, you were warned of this but you have done nothing for all your 34 years at the heart of government because you thought you were insulated from the economic hardship. Well you were whilst you remained in Zanu PF. The day President Mugabe kicked you out of Zanu PF you knew grinding poverty awaited you.
After decades three course meal and worrying about piling up the weight, a new Mercedes Benz car every three years, multiple farms, etc., etc.; it is very hard to see all the looted wealth disappear like mist under the African morning sun and having to worry about having nothing to eat for the whole day. You people are dying like flies in a glass trap because you cannot cope with the hardships!
“One of the crimes that I was said to have committed when I was in Zanu PF was failing to condemn Tsvangirai and say the slogan ‘Pasi naTsvangirai’. People First and MDC can be compared to puppies of a dog which do not open their eyes and see on the same day.
“Tsvangirai was the first to see what I didn’t see then and now l have opened my eyes and I also see,” said Mujuru.
Nonsense! No puppy in the world takes more than a couple of weeks, at most, after birth to open its eyes. We are to believe that mongrel Zanu PF puppies take 34 years!
For 34 years Mai Mujuru and her Zim PF friends would not see Zanu PF mismanagement, corruption and tyranny much less the tragic economic and human consequences. It was only reality of poverty knocking at their doors, it is now killing them, which finally opened their puppy-eyes.
 Whilst you remained a member of Zanu PF and enjoyed your share of the spoils of absolute power you saw nothing wrong with the party’s corrupt and tyrannical rule or the human misery and deaths it brought. It was only after you were booted out of the party and you were exposed to the reality of the economic meltdown, that you opened your eyes and criticized Zanu PF.
 Mai Mujuru et al now claim that they are committed to rebuilding the country’s economy from the ruins destruction they helped cause as Zanu PF members. They are not builders, never were, they only claim to do so because they are desperate to get back on the gravy train to escape the poverty. If elected, they will be taking off with the corruption from where they left off when they were booted out of Zanu PF. We would be foolish to elect the same corrupt and incompetent Zanu PF; ZimPF are Zanu PF in all but name.


  1. Mujuru told thousands of her party supporters during a rally in Manjolo, Binga today.

    "We liberated this country with the masses," she said.

    "No one can stop me from campaigning in this country".

    Madam you were at the heart of this corrupt and tyrannical regime; why did you do nothing to stop the corruption and tyranny? You war record did not help you stop the rot so why are you telling us about it now as if it will change you?

    We are sick and tired of people who think that they liberation war record is a ticket for them to rule the country. You will be elected on the basis of whether or not the people think you are the best person to take the nation forward in free, fair and credible elections. Anyone's liberation war record or lack of it is irrelevant.

  2. Well good point, people in Matebeland were certainly the first to reject Zanu PF.

    However you have not said anything about MDC's failure to implement the reforms. Zanu PF has managed to stay in power by rigging elections again and again because MDC failed to implement the reforms. If you are not naïve and gullible then why have you failed to elect leaders with the common sense to implement the reform?

    You do not know what the reforms are even this late in the game! If people like you get off your high horse and admit that you are not as smart as you pretend to be then we may finally start the difficult task of rebuilding this nation!

  3. Some of the stupid things our leaders say! No wonder we are in this mess! Seriously does Mai Mujuru think anyone would be fooled into believing she has said and done nothing (nothing that is other than join in and take her lion's share of the spoils in terms of power and wealth) to stop the corruption, the blatant vote rigging and tyrannical oppression for 34 long years because "she was a puppy that had not opened its eyes".

    For the last 34 years Joice Mujuru has been busy looting and hardly ever said a word, one characteristic President Mugabe has nurtured in all his cronies. However the few times she has opened her mouth no one was left in any doubt that she was a simpleton. Ever since the time she was booted out of Zanu PF and has had to sell herself as a potential leader she has provided the world with even more evidence of just how stupid she is.

    Mai Mujuru has never criticized President Mugabe for all the 34 years she was in power because she is mentally blind!

  4. For 34 years Mai Mujuru and her ZimPF friends refused to admit that the country was in economic trouble because of Zanu PF misrule. Ever since they lost their positions in the party and with it access to looted wealth they have had first-hand experience of what it means to be poor. For 34 years they have had to worry about putting on too much weight and how to spend their mounting fortunes and for the first time since independence they now have to worry about how to have one decent meal a day.

    MaComrades we welcome you to the real Zimbabwe; you did not see it until now because the rose tinted glass of ministerial car distorted everything. Stress and death comes with poverty; you brought the later and so what are you complaining about?!