Saturday, 17 March 2018

Mugabe's madness is not causing confusion but destroying Zanu PF - that is a good thing N Garikai

“It all boggles the mind, and gives grist to the saying that the gods first make mad those people that they want to destroy completely,” reported Daily News.

“Still, it is important that Zimbabweans understand that there is mischievous method, as usual, to this madness by Uncle Bob. His intention in all these silly antics is to continue to cause confusion and anarchy in the country, that only benefits him and his family.”

You are right to say that, those the Gods want to destroy completely, They make them mad! Mugabe is indeed mad and he is out to destroy Zanu PF completely which is good for the country and NOT, contrary to your analysis, cause for confusion and anarchy!

There are two basic reasons why Mugabe’s madness can only be to the nation’s benefit:

1)    Mugabe is no longer in power so whatever mischief he gets up to now will never have the same effect as when he was in office.

2)    The greatest mischief Mugabe can get up to now is telling the world what mischief President Mnangagwa and his regime are up to, especially as regards holding free, fair and credible elections. Of all people Mugabe knows that it is impossible to hold free and fair elections without first implementing the reforms which was why he used all his cunning to make sure Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC lot did not implement even one reform during the GNU.

He is hell bend on exposing Mnangagwa’s vote rigging because he does not want the Lacoste faction to benefit from his treasonous mischief! And there is no serious political analyst out there worth his/her salt who can argue that the country does not stand to benefit from stopping the Zanu PF political culture of vote rigging and violence.

The biggest mistake many people have made regarding the November 2017 coup is to view it as a positive development. That is a lie that the coup plotters seeded in the minds of the politically naïve and gullible and have actively encouraged ever since the coup. Make no mistake about it; it is a lie!

Until 2014 when the Zanu PF factional wars started to heat up; Mai Mujuru, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Constantino Chiwenga, Professor Jonathan Moyo, etc. were all buds in Mugabe’s regime. Each one of them played their allocated role, be it falsifying the facts, vote rigging or committing the political murders, to establish and retain of the de facto one-party, Zanu PF, dictatorship.

They all got their share of the spoils of the absolute power and the benefits it brings including influence and the unfettered access to the nation’s wealth and resources. There was no way these Zanu PF chefs would have lasted in power all these decades if Zimbabwe had been a democracy, especially given the party’s pathetic economic and political performance record in office.

Zanu PF members pushed the self-destruct button in 2014 when party members started fighting each other over the fast-shrinking national cake - decades of Zanu PF misrule had resulted in the economic meltdown and poverty, common amongst povo was now affecting the Zanu PF party members. The worsening economic situation was forcing the party to cut back on those at the feeding trough, its own form of ZESA type “load shedding”. The factions formed round the candidate one thought would succeed Mugabe.

Mai Mujuru and those who supported her were the first casuals of the Zanu PF factional war. She and her supporters were accused of “factionalism”; she had amassed the support of 8 out of 10 provinces and, in Zanu PF’s lawless world, that was “divisive”! The Zanu PF members who had ganged up to boot Mai Mujuru and her supporters split into two new warring factions; Lacoste and G40, supporting Mnangagwa and Grace Mugabe respectively.

The November 2017 military coup was the decisive move, forcing Mugabe to resign and to handover power to Mnangagwa.

The mistake by the politically naïve and gullible was to view the Mnangagwa regime as a new democratic start when the regime is just the flip side of the same corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship. The replacement of one dictator with another does NOT constitute the demise of the dictatorship itself.

President Mnangagwa has promised free, fair and credible elections and yet has pointedly refused to implement the democratic reforms without which it is impossible to hold free and fair elections. By stubbornly refusing to give up Zanu PF’s carte blanche powers to rig elections President Mnangagwa has confirm the Zanu PF dictatorship is indeed alive and thriving.

Those who think that there can ever be meaningful economic recovery without first ending Zimbabwe’s vote rigging and political violence culture are whistling in the graveyard. By failing to hold free and fair elections President Mnangagwa will only be confirming that Zimbabwe is still a country ruled by thugs and the next regime change will only be if there is yet another coup.

No foreign investors are interested in doing business in a lawless nation ruled by thugs!  

The worst mischief Mugabe can do here is tell the world how Mnangagwa and company are rigging this year’s elections. He will destroy the Lacoste faction and with it Zanu PF but that is what this country needs; clear the desk of all Zanu PF factions and start afresh!


  1. President Mnangagwa and his coup Junta are the ones who have doing all the donkey work of rigging the election; they all know that Mnangagwa's victory this years and Chiwenga's victory in future elections are all assured as long as the party resist implementing the reform retain the power to rig elections. Following the coup, the party is under increased pressure to implement the reforms but if it can withstand the pressure the cabal will have a chance to consolidate its hold on power.

    Even if the elections are held with no reforms in place, Mnangagwa will still claim he has the people's mandate. He will claim he has the mandate to resist all pressure for reform and to go after Mugabe and G40 with the singular purpose to silence the lot!

    Mnangagwa is certain not a great strategist like Mugabe and Jonathan Moyo, what he lacks in intellect he more than makes up for in being patient and ruthless. If Mnangagwa gets away with yet another rigged elections then we are all, Mugabe and his G40 friends included, going to be in deep trouble.. The crocodile will be out huntering!

  2. @Kudzai

    True, Mugabe "is wailing, whining and whinging into the dustbin of history". But so is President Mnangagwa and his coup Junta! What Mugabe is saying is he is not going down alone.

    There is no doubt that President Mnangagwa and the Junta have no intention of holding free, fair and credible elections; Zanu PF has been rigging elections for decades and the Junta thinks it is business as usual. Big mistake! Mugabe and Jonathan Moyo were key partners in the Zanu PF's vote rigging, the masterminds, and they clearly believe they have the copyrights to the vote rigging schemes. If the Junta rig these elections, which they are doing already, then rest assured Mugabe and Moyo will take the Junta to the cleaners!

  3. @ madzorera

    Could not agree with you more on that the Zanu Junta is rigging the elections already!

    I totally disagree with you on "It is time for the youths in Zimbabwe to run the country". Are you not getting carried away with age! These Zanu PF old-timers were all "youths" too not too many moons ago; knowing what you know these Zanu PF youths have done these last 38 years, would you vote for them if the clock was wound back to 1980s? If you are to be consistent, you would. Of course that would be a very foolish thing to do because being young does not necessarily make one a good or bad leader.

    You have clearly learned nothing from the past because you are making the same mistake of thinking that if you are young you must be a good leader.

    Former SA President Nelson Mandela was 71 years old when elected president and he is one of the best things that has ever happened to SA and Africa. It would have been tragic if the nation was denied his leadership because so idiots thought he was too old!

    What we need in a good leader is the ability to think, to understand the challenges of the day, see throw all the distractions and smoke and come out with the best solutions. You need a nibble and alight mind and wisdom. Wisdom is like wealth in that many aspire to have it but only a select few ever make the grade. Unlike wealth that one can show in a healthy bank balance, the posh car, etc.; wisdom is a lot more harder to define and quantify and hence the reason there are many people out there who claim to be wiser than King Solomon and yet they are drowning in their foolishness!

    The one thing history has taught us is that many people go through their whole life blundering from pillar to post without ever drinking from the cup of wisdom. Some are like to have their day in the sun, when it comes and how long it last it varies from one individual to another. Only those who have no clue what wisdom is would ever make the outrageous claim that age, sex, race, physical attributes, tribe, etc. have anything to do with wisdom or suitability or otherwise of one to lead.

  4. “Zimbabwe cannot hold free, fair and credible elections with over 5 000 army officers embedded in every village and street communities across the country,” Mutinhiri said in his communiqué seen by the Daily News on Sunday to the visiting Sadc head of delegation, Leshele Thohlane.

    Mutinhiri, just like Mugabe, said Sadc — which is accused by some of turning a blind eye on the “unconstitutional” removal of the former Zanu PF leader from office- should now redeem itself by ensuring “that there are army officers to monitor the elections at every polling station, every collation centre and every command centre across the country.”
    “If this is not done, the election will be stolen,” Mutinhiri warned the seven-member Sadc Electoral Advisory Council.

    Rigging elections is no walk in the park but is can be done as long as one has the co-operation of the victims; the opposition who are after the few gravy train seats Zanu PF gives away and the rest of the population who have no idea the opposition have sold-out. The G40 element have raised the stakes of rigging the elections to new dangerous heights because, as contrast to the Mujuru factions who knew elections were being rigged but had no clue how, G40 know exactly how elections were rigged.

    SADC leaders can ignore Chamisa and the other opposition leaders, they have already proven to be incompetent and sell-outs. However the regional leaders would be foolish to ignore Mugabe and his new kid on the block because the information they are revealing would leave SADC with a lot of egg on their faces if they fail to act on the information.

  5. 60 000 crowd attend an MDC Alliance rally in Gweru.

    If Chamisa's bullet trains are the answer to President Mnangagwa's diesel trains then I am impressed with the later for he clearly has his feet on the ground and is rebuilding Zimbabwe. Chamisa is a day-dreamer who has his head in the clouds, who cannot even appreciate that Zimbabwe is an impoverished nation that must rebuild its economy from scratch and will not be competing with the likes of Japan for many moons to come.

    Indeed, it was Robert Mugabe’s misplace free health, free education and mass prosperity “gutsva ruzhinji” of the 1980s which set this nation down this ruinous path of economic meltdown. When 90% of the people are out of work, who is going to pay for the free education?

    In all his wittering Chamisa has not even acknowledged that MDC sold-out on reforms during the GNU much less what is the party doing to stop Zanu PF rigging these elections. This nation cannot afford another rigged election and yet people like Chamisa are the ones helping Zanu PF rigging the elections!

  6. The holding of free, fair and credible elections was not even one of Chamisa's four pillars of civilization. After 38 years stuck with this corrupt, vote rigging Zanu PF dictatorship one would have thought that the penny has finally dropped in the empty heads of these MDC leaders that the country needs to implemented the democratic reforms. There is nothing of substance the nation can ever accomplish without first deal with this political curse of rigging elections.

    The people of Zimbabwe have had many opportunities to stop Zanu PF rigging elections but have wasted them all. The nation must now accept the reality that MDC have no clue what they are doing and to continue to follow them is not going to get the nation out of the mess we are stuck in!

  7. @ Dzamara

    If we are ever going to get out of the mess we are then in we need to have a serious dialogue on will make a good leader. The argument that because 60% of the voters are aged 18 to 40 means those in this age group will make better leaders is the same foolishness of yesteryears that got us in this mess. In the past it was not age but tribe, race, gender, etc.

    If any one of the many candidate contesting these elections understood what the GNU was about then they would know that without implementing the reforms the coming elections are waste of time. By standing in these elections they are confirmed that they are just as foolish as MP Eddie Cross who contest the last elections under the same conditions.

    Those putting all emphasis on age, sex, etc. are locked in the mentality of Zanu PF and MDC politicians that it is "our turn to loot and get rich!" The nation's well being is not going to be served by those who want to get into office to loot but those who want to end this looting culture.

  8. @ Zifiso Masiye

    "If after so meticulously removing Robert Mugabe from our burdened lives, Emmerson Mnangagwa delivers on the promise of a non-violent, free and fair election, the man will have granted Zimbabweans double the Christmas inside one year," you say.

    What is shocking here is that you have no clue what the nation needs for free, fair and credible elections. If he knew then you would also know that President Mnangagwa done nothing to get even one reform implemented. With no reforms there is no chance of the elections being free and fair. Mnangagwa is already rigging the elections under your nose and you are still holding on to the hope of him delivering free and fair elections! No wonder the nation is in a real mess!

  9. ZIMBABWE has been named among seven countries destined to go broke by year end if it does not address its basket of economic and financial woes, a United Kingdom-based company has said.

    Love Money, a United Kingdom-based financial news service, named Zimbabwe alongside Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Mozambique, South Sudan, Yemen and Venezuela as vulnerable.

    The report listed reasons ranging from being a notorious economic basket case to a chronic lack of liquidity as the reasons behind Zimbabwe potentially going broke.

    "Since 2000, Zimbabwe has gone from Africa's booming bread basket to its most notorious economic basket case, running a gambit of financial disasters, from extreme hyperinflation to deep recession.

    "Despite the ousting of President Robert Mugabe and a change in leadership in the country, the economic prospects for 2018 are anything but rosy," Love Money said.

    "In fact, the leadership transition is likely to trigger further instability, impacting on an already ailing economy, which is plagued by stupidly high debt, a chronic lack of liquidity and a bewildering unemployment rate, which some estimates put as high as 95%."

    As at March 31, 2017, the country's public debt stood at $11,6 billion of which $7,5 billion was external debt while $4,3 billion comprised domestic debt.

    So, President Mnangagwa's Zimbabwe is open for business has failed to impress the foreign investors and donors alike!

    President Mnangagwa and his team must be scratching their heads what to say in the Zanu PF 2018 election manifesto. They would want it to be as ambitious and bold as the $27 billion ZimAsset but they also know that the failure to raise the money to fund the programme was one thing that has done serious damage to Zanu PF and Mugabe's credibility.

    Mnangagwa has already had his warning that he will not fare any better than Mugabe on the financial matters.

    By the time the country holds the elections in July or August it is clear the party's credibility will be even worse.

    The truth is Mnangagwa inherited a bankrupt nation. He had waited for 37 years to be president and nothing was going to deter him from becoming one even when he had to stage a coup to do so. Now he is also equally determined to make sure he hangs on to the presidency even to the point of rigging the elections. Unfortunately for him, he is not getting away with another rigged elections and this will increase both the political temperature, he is illegitimate already and rigging the elections will highlight this, and economic pressure, no foreign investors and donors want to do business with vote rigging thugs!

  10. @ Zimpaper

    The only reforms President Mnangagwa is interested in is economic reforms he is not interested in the political reforms designed to restore the individual freedoms and rights including the right to free and fair elections. The right of the people to hold the government of the day to democratic account which, if the electorate should so wish, includes the right to have regime change, is at the very heart of good governance, political stability and economic recovery and prosperity.

    Ever since Robert Mugabe got into power in 1980 he and his Zanu PF cronies have worked tirelessly and, it must be said, ruthlessly to create and retain the de facto one-party state dictatorship that has riled this nation with an iron fist ever since. President Mnangagwa and his November 2017 coup plotters have worked hard to assure the nation that coup was a very significant event in the nation's history. The coup forced Mugabe to give up power; something many Zimbabweans thought was never going to happen as death, it seemed, did not want him; and had targeted and neutralized "the criminal elements around Mugabe", the plotters claimed. The coup had brought a "new dispensation", the nation was told.

    What President Mnangagwa and his coup regime was very careful to preserve and bring into the new dispensation was Zanu PF's carte blanche powers to rig the elections. Whilst Mnangagwa has never grown tired of assuring everyone the coming elections will be free, fair and credible he has stubbornly refused to implement the democratic reforms to make this possible.

    Mnangagwa revealed his reasons why he does not want to implement the reforms in a recent interview with the UK Economist Magazine. He was asked whether Zanu PF rigged the 2008 elections. "Where is the evidence of vote rigging?" he asked rhetorically.

    Millions of ordinary Zimbabweans were harassed, beaten and raped and over 500 were murdered in the three months of the run-off that year. Zanu PF saw to it the mountain of evidence of wrong doing was ignored, no one was ever arrested and brought before a court of law. In short nothing happened because there is no evidence.

    Whatever vote rigging shenanigans happen this year President Mnangagwa will deny it and at the end ask, once again; "Where is the evidence of vote rigging?"

    What President Mnangagwa and his cabal are failing to understand is that no foreign investors and donors will want to do business in Zimbabwe because they do not do business in a pariah state ruled by thugs. The stubborn refusal to implement reforms, the denial and burying of all the evidence of vote rigging, etc. all confirm that Zimbabwe is still a pariah state ruled by thugs of Mugabe's days.

    The November coup remove one dictator but only replace him with another. The Zanu PF dictatorship is very much alive and thriving under new management! President Mnangagwa thinks he is fooling everyone with all this new dispensation nonsense; he is fooling the naïve but certainly not the savvy foreign investors! All talk of Zimbabwe developing is just that - talk!