Saturday, 17 June 2017

"Let's remain united," says Mugabe whilst promoting G40 faction and resist democratic reforms. N Garikai

President Mugabe continues to ignore the calls for democratic reforms and free and fair elections. He continues to concentrate on promoting his wife’s political ambition in the name of Zanu PF party unity with his usual stoic duplicity of a bully who sees nothing wrong with their acts but will descend from a great height on anyone else doing the same thing.

 "Let's remain united. These small parties think that if they form a coalition they can beat Zanu-PF in elections, aah, we say if they form a coalition it makes things easier for us. One blow will finish them,” President Mugabe told the Zanu PF Youth rally in Mutare yesterday.

“Kugocha kunoda kwamai, komwana kunodzima moto!” (Whilst the mother will see nothing wrong with her roasting of mealies, she is quick to condemn the child’s attempts as putting out the fire!) So, goes the Shona proverb.

Zanu PF is imploding and everyone in the party is fighting for their own survival; everyone is fighting for a piece of the fast sinking national cake. Zimbabweans are the poorest in Africa and poverty has not spared even the Zanu PF ruling elite.

The late Nathan Shamuyarira, a Zanu PF minister for 25 years, died a pauper. His wife complained of how she could not afford the bus fare to the hospital to be with her husband on his death bed. The Zanu PF regime, with its characteristic Animal Farm cynicism, repaired the pothole on the road to Shamuyarira’s house and painted his house to hide the decades of rot and decay, the afternoon he died. He was lucky to be declared a national hero, otherwise he would have had a pauper’s burial!

Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown has been so deep set that no one escaped the drag net; not even President Mugabe and his filthy rich family. Yes, the Mugabes have amassed a lot of wealth, 13 commercial farms, the Blue Roof mansion worth billions of dollars, they have enjoyed the very best in the world health and education services, etc. their greatest worry is how to hang on to it in the face of such grinding poverty.

The one thing that has fired up Grace Mugabe to go into politics with the demonic zeal of the ruthless personal attacks starting with the then VP Joice Mujuru in 2014, is the fear of losing her privileged life if President Mugabe was to lose his position, for whatever reason. As far as Grace is concerned she must remain first lady or else be president in her own right.

It is an open secret that as soon as Grace Mugabe “baby dumped” Joice Mujuru and her supporters she turned her guns on Emerson Mnangagwa, the next person she considered a threat to her presidential ambition. The Generation 40 (G40) faction was created overnight to promote her challenge and the greatest promoter of G40 faction is none other than President Mugabe himself.

"Let us leave the youths free to organise their programmes the way they desire, provided the way is in accordance with the party principles and objectives. Give them assistance, but let us not let the youths betray the struggle," President Mugabe told Mutare rally.

"What the youths have done should show the seniors that they also must unite. I don't see the unity in the main wing like the youths have shown. I don't want to see the leaders destroy the unity shown by the youths because now there are some provinces who are trying to lead the youths astray by supporting factions.

"If you accept gifts you will have sold out the party. If you do that and you are a leader like you Chipanga, don't think your subordinates have not seen it.

"You are showing them that you are not worth their trust, you can sell out. If you are offered money you take it, aah no. If you take the money the other people will say now what's this."

Not so long ago it was not Kudzai Chipanga on Mugabe’s lips but Jabulani Sibanda and his war veterans. He praised the war veterans to the high heavens whilst they did his dirty work of imposing the de facto one party dictatorship. But when they dare demand a share of the country’s looted wealth he ditched the lot.

Who does not know that the Zanu PF youth leaders who have openly supported the Mnangagwa faction have been marginalised or purged out of the party. Chipanga and his executive have received vehicles and cash, allocated land to build houses, etc.; these are not bribes as long as the promote President Mugabe and G40 activities.

What makes Mugabe’s duplicity so offensive and obnoxious is that he continues to treat everyone in the country with the same dismissive arrogance he has always treated his subservient Zanu PF cronies.

Zanu PF cabinet members, MPs, security chiefs, etc. “vakadzi vaMugabe” (they are all Mugabe’s subservient concubines), Margaret Dongo once said.

It is no accident that Zimbabwe is today the poorest nation in Africa, this is the result of 37 years of corrupt and tyrannical rule under Robert Mugabe. The country needs to implement all the democratic reforms to end the Zanu PF corrupt and tyrannical rule and yet even now with the country tittering on the verge of social, economic and political collapse, Mugabe continues to ignore the cries for democratic reforms.

President Mugabe must be told in no uncertain terms that not everybody is his subservient concubine and what better way of saying that than demanding the implementation of the democratic reforms BEFORE the next elections and resist the holding of even one more meaningless election until free, fair and credible elections are guaranteed!


  1. Robert Mugabe said plans to deliver prosperity to people in Manicaland through their diamond wealth were frustrated by ousted mining Chinese firms with whom he said he was still “upset” because they “duped him”.

    The Chinese were able to “dupe” Mugabe only because corruption was rampant. Can he deny that he has himself and many of his cronies have been involved in the looting in Marange?

  2. @Marallas

    The people are poor and the country is running on fumes but the same cannot be said of Zanu PF; the party is loaded. The party has the cars and buses and cash to hire even more buses to ferry its supporters from every corner of the province.

    If Zanu Pf is so popular then why is the regime refusing to implement the reforms so elections are free, fair and credible?

  3. President Mugabe has master the art of duplicity, he has castigated his political opponents for being puppets if they get any assistance from outsiders and yet he has been getting help from outsiders ranging from business gurus like Tiny Rowland of Lonrho, Nikuv and the Chinese. He paid Nikuv US$ 10 million to corrupt the voters roll sold the nation's diamonds and other resources for a song to raise money to bankroll his vote rigging schemes. MDC gets a few hundred thousand dollars donation for its election campaign and President Mugabe will go Bezek with rage.

    Last year President Mugabe bought cars for war veterans, in an effort to win them back after the fall out. If anyone else should try to do anything for the war veterans or anyone else Mugabe will accused them of bribery. When he bribes someone, it is all legal and above board but when others do it is corruption!

    All these Youth Interface rallies President Mugabe is holding there are nothing but a continuation of Grace Mugabe’s Meet the People rallies which started to ouster Joice Mujuru. Whilst G40 is campaigning the Lacoste faction is being forced to stay home or else will be accused of factionalism.

    President Mugabe is a control freak.

    He can continue to toy around his Zanu PF goons what we must now allow him to do is do the same with the nation. We must insist of the implementation of all the democratic reforms and break his corrupting influence of state institutions such as ZEC, the Police, Judiciary, etc. Implement the reforms and Mugabe’s tyrannical control of the nation will end.

  4. ZEC abolish special vote for security sector.

    PDP spokesman Jacob Mafume said scrapping special votes “removes the element of intimidation”.

    “And it reduces the identification of a class of voters, voting depends on the secrecy of the vote and the more secret it is the better.”

    The trouble with our opposition politicians is that they are like hungry hyenas that are easily fooled. Throw at them fossil bone soaked in blood and they will fight over it! There is nothing wrong with the special vote, it is just a variation of the postal vote or vote for those in foreign countries. With the political will, there is no reason why the special vote should not be secret and above board.

    It is ZEC itself as it is presently constituted that needs scrapping as long as the commission is stuffed full of Zanu PF operatives there to ensure no-regime-change the elections will never be free, fair and credible. The opposition should be concerned about reforming ZEC and all the other state institutions and not waste time on trivial matters that change nothing.

    Jacob Mafume should tell us how all those deployed to man the elections are going to vote in their respective constitution and still be at their respective post somewhere else! He is just talking nonsense, as usual!

  5. Zanu PF is repossessing farms giving to party loyalists who failed to put the farm into productive use so why not give the youths these farms instead of taking even more white owned farms? This is just greed gone mad!

    Chipanga would know all about "leafy Borrowdale" no doubt he has a house there all paid for by the party! Zanu PF is very good at rewarding the rabble rousers, njambanja, and does not care how much the lawlessness cost the nation at large.

  6. Contesting next year's elections with no reforms in place would be one of the dumbest things we have ever done - we have done many dumb things these last 37 years!

  7. Tsvangirai has already proven beyond doubt that he is corrupt and incompetent why anyone continues to follow such a man only goes to show how politically immature they are. A health and vibrant democracy demands a diligent and alert electorate who pay attention to detail.

    Tsvangirai was elected on a ticket to deliver democratic change and has been on the forefront of opposition politics for the last 17 years and yet he failed to deliver even one change. He has had many opportunities to deliver change but wasted them all. He is about to drag the nation into a totally meaningless election on the basis of the most stupid argument. BVR system will never stop Zanu Pf rigging the vote, that is a fact. Only a naïve and gullible electorate would believe the nonsense that it will!

    After the serious economic and political mess the country is in, one would expect the people of Zimbabwe to be paying a lot closer attention to what is happening to the country. If they are paying attention and are so easily fooled by this Tsvangirai nonsense then it is little wonder the country is in a mess!

  8. Mugabe is an expert at giving with one hand and make a big song and dance about it whilst stealing even more with the other! “Kurova imbwa akavinga mupini!” as one would say in Shona. After 37 years of being cheated and bamboozled one would think the likes of Mnangagwa and the rest of the Zanu PF subservient concubines would be wise enough to put an end to all this charade. But alas the goons as still being mesmerised and baffled like rabbits caught in the flood lights!

    Mugabe is calling to the end of factionalism in the party although what he really means is he wants the Mnangagwa faction to be dismantled and disbanded whilst it is full steam ahead with his G40 project. What everyone else wants to see happen in the party is of no consequence to him the only thing he cares about is what he and his wife Grace wants!

    After years of using the war veterans and making them feel they were very important in the country, when they did his dirty bidding. Now they have dare express an opinion contrary to his selfish plan, he is shuffling them to one side in favour of the youths who have shown an equally blind zeal to do his dirty bidding.

    It is one thing Mugabe imposing his tyrannical will on his party, it is quite another to let him do the same with the nation. We must continue demanding the implementation of democratic reforms and never tire!